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Sir Rupert, the Gay Knight

A new generation of fairytale about princess and knight has been devised. Check this out:

We should face all types of people in our world positively and equally. No discrimination in any areas please. 🙂

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This story has toid us a very important linformation.
We should repact every one include the people who are GAY!!
People who are gay can help us too.
Just like this film,a man who is gay fight with a dragon.But the people in the village knew that he was gay so they did not like him.
They have feeling too!!
They just like a common people.
We can do every things with them=]”

Comment by Ricky Lam(2c_21)

What a intreseting and maeningful story! 😉
The pictures are so sunny, just like the one I drew when I was young. XD

Comment by Kristy2a34

This is a story about a boy want to become a hero.Once upon a time a thief went to their home and this boy saved them.But the people did not like him.At last he saved a lot of people.

I have learned that we should care each other in many ways.Don’t care about the thanks.We should help every one in life.

Comment by Alan Cheng(2a3)

It’s okay to be gay.
I appreciate that dude who created this video, and he was trying to help spreading the message of peace and respect to homo sexual people through such a ‘special’ video.

Comment by MiKE

Gay isn’t a crime.
The men who are gay also have feelings.
They can help us.
They can work in the city.
They are human and we also. They should have the same vale with us.

Comment by Lui Kai Yiu 2A(21)

Although gay against the moral, we should respect them. Everyone has freedom. They can do anything what they like. Gay is no exception.

In fact, they will not disturb you and they only play with their own “lover”. Besides, they may help you when you need help.

Therefore, we must not prejudice anyone.

Comment by Tang Nok Lam,Tracy 2A(33)

After watch this moive,i think it’s very cute and creative form that we shouldn’t cast out man or woman because of their sexual orientation. Also some props are make me smile, very funny how a message about gays.
Is it a little bit about religion or maybe human rights? I am not make sure. But i think the god will not like that.
On my way, i don’t know why them be gay.Just like the Tom Boys.I think their smears themsevles.Why you need to …..
Maybe i must not depreciate them. /[]\
Human Rights? yea!!
Because God told us should pathetic human limitations to love a human being whether they are gay and straight.
But i just said god will not like that. haha!!

Comment by Florence Tsang 2c ,34

Although I think gay is very bad. And I don’t like the people who is gay especially man. But we need to respect them also. In fact, there are many people hate them inclusing me. But every people have their right. They do the same think as us. So, why don’t we accept them?

Comment by Thomas 2A 15

This story is talking about a man who is gay, so the people do not like him. Finally, he frights with the dinosaur, saves many people life. Therefore, they do not discriminate against him any more.
I think the message of this story is we cannot discriminate against any people in the world. Although they are gay or have aids, we need to accept them and give them love and care. Then the world will become more agreeable and harmonious.

Comment by Chan Ka Ling .Bobo 2A 01

I think the pictures were drawn by the child. Maybe his/her mother told the story. That was fun! I had watched some animations about BL(boy’s love), the story were amazing what we could not think about. However, that were only animations.Some people are really gay, but I think they are not unusal. They only want to be happy, maybe…I don’t know.:)

Comment by JANO

i think that this cartoon(comic) is very interesting.although the drawing is quite childish,it has a big message behind.i think the director of this video try to be different from the others because in the society nowadays, people still can not accept people to be gay.they will discriminate against those gay and do not give chance to them.

i think that gay is not a fault, we should treat them as same as the normal people.also, we should respect their choices.i like this video very much. the comic is really funny and cutey.

Comment by victoria, chan tsz kei

This movie is novel. It used some pictures to represent the story, its contents.

I think it is very funny. This story’s ending is unlike the other story that about prince and princess. It is about the prince didn’t like women and loved another thing!( Was he gay???)

This cartoon was really fun and made me happy!

Comment by becky

HE does not like WOMEN!
Hahahahaha… What a pity!
A funny snd creative story but, anyway, I do not like cartoons much. God knows, I am neither interested in comics nor cartoons, included TV, radio…

The drawings are lovely and funny. Although it isn’t like the paintings from famous painter but they are colourful and, the main point, they are my cup of tea. ~~~

Comment by YauWaiMei-WINDY2a37

Is that… we should be a discriminator when there is a peopel we are not exactly obey? No one likes that feeling, of course you are included. Sir Rubert was really poor because of the mockery. Although the people all know he was a brave and super guy, they discriminated him because he loved men! Luckily, they obeyed him and got a peace life.

Comment by Kan Wai Chi, Gigi 2c 15

Interesting!The knight love men!I guess the author of this video may be also a gay.

I think the author want to tell us that gay is not innocent,don’t discrimination them.I think the gays no need to afraid that let the others know you are gay,this is your sex orientation!
You are you!

Comment by Chou ho yee 2a 04

This is an interesting story.I love it. The pictures are very cute and the story are meaningful.But I want to say the GAY guys do not have chance to go in love, what a pity! I don’t understand why the people discriminate against them?But I will not discriminate them.I hope everyone can admit them together also.

Comment by Calla in 2A (5)

This film is talk about a man who is very good at fighting and he is hand some too!But he is a GAY!!!At first,Many people don’t like him or even HATE him!But finally,the citizens in this village learn how to respect others.
It is very FUNNY!!!The knight love man!The author is very creative.The film is also meaningful.It not just only for fun,it tell us we should respect everyone!

Comment by Trini or 2A (27)

Well, honestly, I was not very understood of this story. I only know about Rupert is a gay boy.
In the beginning of this story, there are some rhyme words. Such as boys and toys, seas and trees, ect. This is just like a poem!
The present of this story is very interesting. It uses some interesting pictures that drew by human instead of using a book. When the presenter talks about the story, he/she change the picture continuously. This is just like a video.
I like this present method so much. I think we should learn from the presenter. The tone of the presenter is very good. It makes the story becomes more interesting.

Comment by Christy (2c_16)

Wow…what a interesting story??It is a simple story, but the message behind is very important.

The prince doesn’t like woman and everyone don’t like him…but after he fights with the dinosaur and win,everyone become like him.

This just like our daily life, we always exclude the people who is gay. I also don’t like gays, but i would not exclude them because i think they are same with us.They only want to be happy, why don’t we accept them?

Gays may not fight the dinosaur for us in the real life,,but they also can be the one who help us.So,,,WE SHOULD ACCEPT THEM.!!

Comment by Susana Chin

Although I don’t like to read story(because I think it’s a little bit childish),I think this story is meaningful!
The knight in the story was brave,but he liked guys!So the people discriminated him.
I think it is unfair to them.Why the people discriminate them?Homosexuals are human too!They have their freedom to choose their partners.
We shouldn’t discriminate them by doing some unfair things.
By the way,this story is instructive!

Comment by Erica,2a(29) - v -

After looking this video. my first feeling was the pictures were so funny.
i know that there may have someone doesn’t like gay. i don’t know why that the people will think like that. They just have some different love with somebody. we shouldn’t accept them. we can make friend with them ,too. They are same as us.

Comment by Katrina (2C 25)

XD This video is so funny!
This story is about Rupert, who is the one could make the dragon out to their city. But he said he didn’t like woman, everybody thought he was gay!
After he left the city, the dragon came back and the citizens want Rupert came back.
After that, he explianed to them he was not a gay guy!XD
Although some of the words I cannot hear clearly, I thought it was a poem, because there are many rhyhm.
This story tell us, not to discriminate gay guy or lesbian, otherwise, you may get into trouble!!XP

Comment by Koey 2a 11

HAHA!What a funny story!!The pictures should be written by some children because they look like cartoon style.
This story is about a boy who was a gay guy!He likes man although he is a man.He killed some monsters in the castle and the ladies there loved him,but he said”I live mans!”,it made the ladies really suprised!
I think this story is to tell us love is freedom!Whatever you are a boy or girl,you can choose to love any kind of human.

Comment by Jacky Law Tsz Kit 2A (14)

This story is very good. The main character in the story is beautiful. Is he GAY? We should respect to someone who is not good. The main character is gay but he is good. I think he is kind and helpful.

Comment by Lee Wun Yin 2C (26)

In this story,I know one important thing.That is ‘We should respect for all kinds of people.’We should also not to wear the ‘colour glasses’ to see those people.

Comment by Jimmy 2C40

I don’t think that there are any problems to become a gay. Although a gay is a bit different from others, they are also people, they have feelings and rights too. It is not good for us to discriminate to the gays. We should accept them with no conditions. Or you may think that when you are a gay and people are discriminating you, what’s are your feelings? It must be not good, right?

Comment by Janice Wong 2C 38

this movie is verry funny. the pictures in the movie are very cute too. when i watch this, i want to laught! i tjink this movie is a gag, right? but this movie is very great. i love it very much!XDD

Comment by ashley yue suet ying 1d(39)

This is a meaningful story that I have never seen. It is talking about GAY (BL)!
I think there is NO reason that we can discriminate against them. They also are the humans, they have their thought. Although it is not good for the Christians, we can’t control them. However, we have to regards them and let they know there are many people caring them.

Comment by Pang Wing Yi 1D 28

I think this story is interesting and meaningful. The story show that a boy called Rupert. He can fight monsters. Many princesses like him. However, he like boy! This story tells us that although someone is gay, we should respect them. There is no reason for us to discriminate against people who is gay. If the person is you, what is your feeling if people discriminate you?? As a result, we should feel for others.

Comment by Leung Ka Man,Carmen

What a interesting story!Although the god would think that gay is crime. However, I do not think gay is very bad. We should not discriminate gay. They became gay is because of LOVE. We should not hate them just because they are gay. We must esteen them. I have seen some animations about BL(Boy’s love).They are very touching. Although they are not real, I think gay person are also full of love. We should care for ohters. The pictures are cute. I like it.

Comment by 1D19 Cherry

In think this youtube video use the picture to tell us the story is a good try although the drawing and painting is not so good.
I think the story is a fairy tales (fairy tales always has a hero save countries),but this fairy tales cheat children more,such as how can a human fly away a dragon that the human 1.5 size with punch?It is impossibale!
I think this video can be improve these point:

Comment by jeremy1d(36)

I think this video teach accept them.We
should not discriminate
them.They have freedom to have their love.We have no resond to discriminate them .In Canada ,they can get married.But Hong Kong don’t has this low.I think Hong Kong should accept them to get marry .I think Hong Kong government are discriminating them!

Comment by Pinky Tang,1D(31)

In think this youtube video use the picture to tell us the story is a good try although the drawing and painting is not so good(-_-).
I think the story is a fairy tales (fairy tales always has a hero save countries),but this fairy tales cheat children more,such as how can a human fly away a dragon that the human 1.5 size with punch?It is impossibale(<_<0)!
I think this video can be improve these point(^^):
①Don’t be so impossibale
②The picture’s drawing and painting can be better
③It can use PowerPoint
PS:It sent away this before I finish it(0-.-).

Comment by jeremy1d(36)

The gay people also have there feel.
We cannot prejudice them.
Sometimes we can help them.

Comment by carry 1d(7)

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