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Central Hong Kong Waterfront – ‘Emerald Necklace’
December 7, 2008, 8:45 pm
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Would you like to take a 8-minute break to review the Central Waterfront in the future? Check this out:

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Nowadays technology improve faster and faster.Human build facilities more faster and efficient.Because of urban decay,people want to make their old home becomes better and more beautiful,this video tell us waht is it looks like in the future,this video shows us how creative human are,they make HongKong more and more beautiful,give thanks to them!

Comment by Danny in 2A

After I watch this video, I think I know more about the new Central Waterfront in the future. Nowadays, the technology grows very fast. Many and many beautiful buildings or thing are built or product very fast, we have the information very quickly. Though this video I think the idea is very good and the drawing is very beauty. I muet go there after it have built.

Comment by Christie (2A19) =]

The new Central Hong Kong Waterfront will have a public open area and more green space. I like green more than buildings. New Central Hong Kong Waterfront can raise the reputation in the world but the width of sea will become smaller and smaller because of the development. That’s a serious problem.

Comment by yeung 2C33

Ya, of course I would like to take a 8-minute break to review the Central Waterfront. This is a plan, or something that is happening?

If it is happening, the sea will become smaller and smaller again. Although Hong Kong citizens are not fish-farmers anymore but this cannot represent that we no need to care about the sea.

Hmmmm… Hong Kong, a problem again.

Comment by YauWaiMei-WINDY2a37

How a perfect plan of the Central Waterfront! Nowadays advance in technology is very fast.Any kind of thing is made by the high tech.Thus we can see humanity’s brains are nimble.But ,we don’t konw whether such a development that people like or not.In my mind,I like a quite, peaceful amd simple place.I think it’s good for studying and working.Anyway,human want the society becomes more beautiful.

Comment by winnie 2a 9

The Central Waterfront in the future, wow!! The Central Waterfront in the future is so amazing and beautiful. However, there will more tall buildings in Hong Kong. Air pollution in Hong Kong will become more serious. In addition, it will make us always sick. Therefore, I think it is not good to have a new Central Waterfront. Nevertheless, there are some advantages. If we have a new Central Waterfront in the future, Hong Kong will become more crowded and finance of HK will become more and more.
So there are advantages and disadvantages if HK has a Central Waterfront in the future.

Comment by yeungyuenting alice 2a39

The Central Waterfront will become a new recreational landuse in the future. i think that’s one of important development for Hong Kong. Nowaday, the green area is very important. In Central, the density of building is like the tree in forest. If more land is provided, our space will be more. As a result, the pressure of the employers will be lower so they will use their heart to work.

Comment by Jacky 2C01

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