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Vivienne Tam – Fashion Designer
November 26, 2008, 11:11 am
Filed under: 2008-09 S2AC, Elect 2 - Fashion


1. Where does she live?

2. Is that a dress of Vivienne Tam?

3. What shoes is she wearing?

4. How long has she been wearing that?

5. What makeup is she wearing?

6. Who made her hair?

7. Which is her favourite shampoo?

8. What food and drink does she prefer?

9. What does her friend John like to offer her?

10. What is village yogurt?

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She lives in New York city.Yes,that is a dress of Vivienne Tam.She is wearing boots.She been wearing that 12 years.Dennis Lanni make her hair.Her favourite shampoo is moppructs.Her favourite food are organic foods and water.her friend John like to offer organic cookis to her.Village yogurt is a restaurant where sell oranic food and vegetalian food.

Comment by Owen Chan

I think Vivienne Tam is very competent because not so many chinese woman in fashion designing can be very popular. Although she was rich(I think), she doesn’t wasteful, she wear her own shoes for a whole winter, about 3 months.
I am not know her well but I admire her very much.=]

Comment by Phoebe(2A 32)

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