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New York Girls by Morningwood
November 25, 2008, 9:50 pm
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These New York’s girls are really beautiful!They

are high and stature slender very attractive!The

clothes which they put on are very fashionable

and special.

I am attracted by one of the dress which is a

soaks skirt in pink color.It’s so quite and

beautiful,like a princess.I like this type of

skirts.When girls put it on, she will become more


Comment by winnie 2a 9

After I have watched this video,I think it is not as well as the song that I have listen in this moive.I think it is bad because the lyrics is so little and the person didn’t sing well.A lot of the lyrics is repeated,so I think there should be more lyrics.

Comment by agatha

The song is very fast and I think it will make people happy.
Their clothes are really fashionable.
This song’s lyrics are also very funny too!
I heard many countries’s name,such as China,Korea,Japan.
The singer of this song has a lovely voice

Comment by Trini or 2A (27)

This song is rock!I like this style!:P
The video shows lots of the photo of “Sex and The City”.The women in this video are fashionable.They are wearing a lot of clothes that are special!
I think the woman in 0:41 is funny because I think she looks like a housewife.xD
The clothes that i like most is in the 1:30.
That four women are wearing some colourful clothes.And i think their handbags are fashionable.

Comment by Shum Ka Kiu,Erica 2a(29)

This song speed is so fast that I almost can’t listen clearly. Woman in this video is fashion and fresh style. They are like rich woman and wearing a lot of beautiful clothes.
It is about how woman wear the most beautiful clothes of them.
I like this song, because it seems use the mysterious voice.

Comment by Koey 2a 11

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