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Trapped in the Drive-thru by “Weird Al” Yankovic
November 21, 2008, 4:22 pm
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The guy in the video is pretty helpless… 😛 It’s funny. It’s a long story though. 😛

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It is about a man and a woman is hungry,but there is no food at home and there have not too many money so that they can only go to the fast food shop.But they stell have less a little money,finally they found some money in the car and can eat the things they buy.I think they must buy enough food to eat, if not they will be also this time.

Comment by jeremy1d(36)

The video is really funny. It was about a man and a women felt hungry and they drove the car and went to the fast food shop.At last, they found some money in the car so they could buy the food.
The I think the cartoon is very funny and their conversation make me keep on laughing. :P.

Comment by Kelly 2C 3

i think the music is boring. but the video plot is quite funny. the most interesting part is the couple were sitting in the car . suddenly the music changed so their hair went upwards. finally, the men ate his burger then cried because he counld eat it after a lot of difficulties… the video lasts for a long time.

Comment by Chloe

The rhythm is really perfect. And the singer could sing very high.It is also really a helpless song,but really interesting.The funniest part is the 16 year old guy looked into the eyes of the driver. It rhymes a lot and I LIKE THE SONG.

Comment by Jeff Yu(1D)(37)

This video is very funny.May be this is a cartoon.In this video,I think the fun part is the some of Chloe.They hair was fly up and they are one movement can be make the hair tidy.This movement make me laughing a lotsof.I see this video with my primary friends.They are laughing this movement,too.I like this video very much.If I have free time,I will see this movement again.

Comment by Wong Ka Man(Karen)1D35

this video is very funny and entertaining for it is a cartoon.It is about two people went to buy.When they drove to buy food.Along the way the got into a lot of trouble.Finally, they bought a hamburger and eat it.This cartoon can make people laugh so I will share it with my friends and family. Dont miss it.

Comment by Jack Chiang(1D)(10)

This video quiet funny because they talk with singing but I think it is too long.This two people feel hungry so they go out with their car to have something to eat.Finally they buy a hamburger.

Comment by Jonas Wong 1D 34

This video is really funny.It is aboot a man and his wife felt hungry so they went to buy food for their dinner.

I think the most of the funny part is in the man’s car.Because after the man turn on the radio,their hair became very messy!

Comment by Emily Chiu(1D)(12)

This video is very funny.I watch it by myself. I think it maybe is a cartoon.It think most of the fun part is the man turn on the radio their hair became very messy and after a monent,their hair became very tidy.It make me laugh.When this video said they go to buy food for dinner and they have no enough money,it is a bit boring.If I have free time I will watch it again.

Comment by Lam Hoi Kiu,Amy(1D)(16)

This video was very funny. I thought it was talk about the man’s life.They felt hungry and they went to eat fastfood.The man wanted to use card to pay for the food but the woman said that it could not use the card and it could only use cash .The man haven’t cash and found some money in the car.So,they could buy the food.

Comment by liao kong lap (1D)(24)

This video is very funny and makes me laugh many times. When I saw they didn’t have food at home. I am afraid they will die or have a happy end. Finally, they have gone to fast food shop and gone to buy hamburger.

Comment by Emily Tsang(1D32)


Comment by YUE SUET YING 1D(39)

I think this video is very funny!When I watch this video,I always laugh.Ha!Ha!Ha!It is talk about a woman and a man are hungry.They haven’t food at home.

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle(1D)(2)

This video is about a man and his wife.This video is using a song to insead talking what the beginning, they argued because of no food to eat.They argue for a long last,they went to a fast food shop.They argued again with what to eat.This video is funny!^^

Comment by Lee Sze Wing,Cindy(S1D 22)

This video is about a man and a woman are hungry but no food at home. Then they go to eat fast food. But they do not have enough money. The man is lucky. He find some money in the car. Finally, they eat the hamburger and the man is cry. This video is very funny. I like it so much.

Comment by law hung sing 1D18

haha!!so funny.i think this movie is abour to man and woman..somethings not good was argued to…no food..omg.luckily,the man found $$in his car..but y the man so happy and touch and i question..the waiter of the fast food shop..the voice is men’s…cmon..i GAG movie?

Comment by charlie mong

HAHAHAHA…The man and his wife are singing a funny song. It is over. They are very hungry. They go to the fast food shop. Because thier have not money!!I think it is very very fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuny!!But it is very long. I have watched this video twice already.

Comment by Tommy CHeng 1D(6)

This video is about a man and his wife. At first, they quarreled about what things to eat for dinner. The wife wasn’t very hungry but the man was very hungry. There was no food at home so they go out to have dinner. There were many people outside the food shop. They waited for a long time and the man became hungrier. Unluckily, he found that he had forgotten to carry his wallet. But luckily, his wife had some cash. Finally, he ate the hamburger quickly, but he that there was some onion inside.
This video is very funny.

Comment by Pang Wing Yi 1D 28

This video funny. They sing a funny song.And then they eat a hamburger.Lukily,the money is enough to pay the food.The song make me very happy and relax.

Comment by carry 1d(7)

This is very funny. But I think is little silly. The whole video is about two guys sing something they thinking. They sing the song is no meter. Let me think they are in here are playing. So, I think this video is “the gag is so over”!!!=]

Christy Sham 1D29

Comment by Christy Sham

This video is funny and interesting.It is about the man and the woman.Their home do not have food so that they go to buy the food.Unluckily,the man losts his wallet.but lickily,the woman has cash and they buy the hamburger to eat.I think that it is very funny.Although it is very long,but I feel that it is interesting.

Comment by Ricky Shek (1D)(30)

This video is very funny. This video is about a man and a woman is hungry but they have no food at home. I have watched this video again and again. Because it is really funny and the characters is silly. I want to share with my friends and my family members.

Comment by Pnky Tang,1D31

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