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Fashion Rocks 2007 with Maroon 5
November 21, 2008, 4:20 pm
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I think this is a speical catwalk because the catwalk was accompaniment with music.And the music was suitable for the catwalk.The show was great because it is a creative thinging for a catwalk.The clothes was colourful also.I like it very much.Hope I have a chance to wear them one day.

Comment by agatha chan

This is a movie about a fashion show. The model do the catwalk with the rock music. We can have enjoyment of eyes and ears. The beautiful clothes and appealing music. What a big enjoyment! The difference from the normal fashion show and this fashion show are we can join in more and more attract from the normal fashion show.
The clothes are very beautiful. I like black in colour very much.

Comment by Yoyo 2A

I thought that this fashion show was very especial and fascinating.The model were walking on the runway while the singer was singing.I had never seen this type of fashion show.I thought this fashion show was very special because there was a big contrast between the clothing of the models and the singer’s song.

Comment by Sam 2a(02)

I think they can take a catwalk on the runway is really great and bold beacause they should have many encouragement.Some people said that all the clothes are very beautiful(haha),but i don’t think so.Maybe some.=]I very enjoy the background music because i love rock music very much!!Do you like?!And i think watch the fashion show can know more brand name!!=]

Comment by Lo Pui Sum 2A(20)

It is so great to watch a catwalk show with wonderful music, especially in this clip, there is a live band show. I feel comfortable to enjoy the music while I was watching it. I guess it was the collection of Spring, the clothes are casual and their main colour is black, it is cool to match the rock show with balck fashion. I want to have one too!

Comment by Mo Sin Ying (Sandy)

There are differences between ‘Best of Paris’ and ‘Best of Milan’. There is spot music, not just play the music. Besides, the music is rock. The clothes display from black to brown and then blue and red, from dark color to brighter color. I also enjoy the video so much.

Comment by Emily 2A (7)

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