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So what by Pink
November 19, 2008, 5:01 pm
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No one cares. So what? (The cartoon is very funny though.)

Do what we believe is right to do. Who cares if there is no one cares? So what?

(There is a typo (spelling mistake) in the video. Who can find it?)

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The video is quite interesting~^v^
I find spelling mistake…haha~
The time: 2:32…”and I don’t nedd you”
It should spell as “and i don’t need you”
Is it right??

The melody of this song is so good !!!!!!!!!

Comment by Christy(2C_16)

Hurray Christy!

How about another overgeneralization in grammar in the video? :-p

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

This sing is very interesting.
I love it!!
The picture of this song is funny and cute.
I know the charators of the song can find in a online game.
The melody of the song is good.
Is it a rock song?
I love rock song.So what? X]”
I find a spelling mistake.
The maker of this song is so careless.
Do you think so?

Comment by Ricky_Lam(2c_21)

I love this song! Pink sang lovely~!
… who drew the cartoons?
Anyway, I don’t like it. =___=

Comment by YauWaiMei-WINDY2a37

This song is nice and the video is intresting. However, there is a mistake in the words. After I listened this song, I think we should believe ourselves, family and friends. God cares if there is no one cares. So, we must trust him. Also, we may have some self-confidence. Do not be so passive! I trust 2C will be active one day!

Comment by JANO

yo man! i love this song so much xP because i like the beat of this song.
the music video of this song is quite interesting and i like the guitar in this mv because i love rockers very much( it is because of most of the rockers are so handsome;) ).

Comment by PearlyKwong (2c19)

I guess the mistake ‘I got a brand new attitude, and I’m gonna where (wear) it tonight’, change ‘where’ to ‘wear’.
Actually, this video is quite cute but it’s a little bit childish lol
Anyways, this song is really something, and I think it’s a great stuff of the new era of rock, it shows the emotions and the anger from the lyrics and the voice of the singer, pretty good job. I found out that rock singers need a particular voice to perform/sing a song, which is quite noisy and wild.

Comment by MiKE 2C28

The melody of this song is fantastic.And neither exciting nor love song.The cartoons are cute and the face turning of them is clear enough.Its melody just like some pop-music.

Comment by 2C01 Jacky

Haha!! The music is really funny!! The beat of this music is really fit the theme of this song. ‘ Do what we believe is right.’ Go on to do what you like and don’t care about others, I don’t think it is easy. Anyway, just try my best to reach this target!! ><

Comment by Janice Wong 2C 38

It is a funny video .But there is a typo in the video .The message of the song is very good( I think)It told us not to rely on people and do the things what we think. The cartoon of the song is very fit the song .I love the lyric very much as well as the song.

Comment by jeffrey(2c11)

Lovely strong beat! It lets the song goes really good! The girl in the song was cool. Her hace changes all the time and she was very violent because she always starts her fight. Normally, she would get in trouble. They were because of the boy who left her. That’s not health for us.

Comment by Kan Wai Chi, Gigi 2C(15)

This video make me so high!She is a rockstar so she don’t need her boyfriend,why?The MV is very funny too!I don’t know it is come from what online game.Who make this MV?I think the people who make it is very funny too!

Comment by Hui Tung Lam(Kammy)1D.15

I like this song very much because I like rock songs too.
I think the person who made this video is very clever because he/she can make the cartoons’ movement to match the lyrics.

“Your watching a oOAzulFoxOo vid”, it should be “you’re watching an oOAzulFoxOo vid” (but I don’t know what is oOAzulFoxOo vid).
“And I don’t nedd you”, it should be “and I don’t need you”.
“I’m havin more fun”, it should be “I’m having more fun”.
It’s that right? ?~?

Comment by Selena 1D 38

I think this video is very interesting and funny. The melody of the song was very strong .I think the singer who sing this song was very flushed . The cartoons of this song were very cute but I won’t watch this video again because I don’t like the high bit of the song .

Comment by Leung Ka Man,Carmen

This video make me very high!she said she is a rockstar so she no need her boyfriend.I think the person who make this MV is very funny because this video is interesting and the cartoons are cute.She changes her face and action all the time.I think this video is nice.

Comment by Lam Hoi Kiu,Amy(1D)(16)

I love this song very much.The beat was very strong !!!!
I love rock music very much .It was very fantastic!!!!!!
She said that she don’t need her boyfriend and she went to sing rock song. Ithought it was very funny and I love this song very much!!

Comment by liao kong lap (1D)(24)

Wow~!It is my favorite type of song - rock. The beat is strong, but the song which I like is stronger than this. The cartoons are funny. The meaning of this song is tell us that we must advance bravely and don’t let someone influence your decision if you think you are right.

Comment by 1D19 Cherry

wa!this sng is very interesting!i love this song very much><it is very rock and pop,very cute-0-also the cartoon is very funny. the girl in the song is very lovely, i love her very much!her facial expressionchange a lot, sometimes are angry, sometimes are very kinds, it is very funny!

Comment by YUE SUET YING 1D(39)

ROCK!!i great song.the drawing is very cute~and lalalala…i laugh at there.thats amazing one .
where did they foung the picture..made by themselves…anyway~SO WHAT!they angry.happy,angry,happy..Goodness..SO WHAT?

Comment by charlie mong

I don not think it is cute.I mean the girl. But I think it is rock. I like it because it is a rock’s sing. I still cannot find any spelling mistake. I want everyone can watch it once or more. Because it is very very very goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood song.

Comment by Ryan Ng Wing Him 1D(27)

I do not think it is cute.I mean the girl. But I think it is rock. I like it because it is a rock’s sing. I still cannot find any spelling mistake. I want everyone can watch it once or more. Because it is very very very goooooood song.

Comment by Tommy CHeng 1D(6)

OH!!! I think this video is very perfect. Because the lyrics and the people thinking can harmony with the song. It is very perfect that the best video! GOOD! GOOD! GOOD!

Christy Sham 1D29

Comment by Christy Sham

Sorry Mrs Bouteiller. I have used the wrong name(Ryan Ng Wing Him 1D(27)) to do my CM. Because I help him to try to CM. But the CM is mine. I forgot to change the name. I am not copy him. Sorry Mrs Bouteiller.

Comment by Tommy CHeng 1D(6)

I think this video is interesting because it use a anime to show the lyrics of a song and the picture is beautiful and funny.And the one who sing the song is singing well too.
But I think is may be too long,it can cut down some repeated part.It may be better.

Comment by agatha chan

This song is so great and I like it so much. Also ,the cartoon is cuteI like them too.

Comment by Rico

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