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Ninja VS Matrix
November 19, 2008, 5:40 pm
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This is the bear I was talking about:

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This time Ninja again~
The Ninja in the video is very cute. I think what the Ninja talked about is quite a little bit stupid, but the way that he talks is quite interesting. Every time when we watch this in class, all people will laugh at it. Yes, it’s quite interesting. The Ninja always talk about they can move very fast. I really want to know is that true or not! Let me find another video to see is there more interesting videos about Ninja.

Comment by Christy(2C_16)

The Ninja is funny.He watch anything faster than others.It’s interesting.I think how can it be so fast.It is amazing!!
I love Ninja’s story so much.I think that is the most funny movie.Every times I watch the movie,I laugh a lot.

Comment by Cathy~2c_22

I think Ninja becomes more interesting and funny this time.
I really love his great explanation about the super abilities of Ninja. He often use some emblems to describe crazy ideas, such as ‘a brick trying to be Jupiter’ is represent unreasonable. I also love the cartoon because it gives clear explanation, My favorite part is there are two master fighting at the speed of four hundreds times of slow motion on television! I saw the master on the television keep turning somersaults and fly to anywhere continuously, it made me laugh. I don’t like Ninja but I think this cartoon is a crazy gag.

Comment by Johnny

Oh!I like Ninja very much.This time I thing it was unbelievetable and amazing.Last time it was about the website 4.5 but this time is about the Ninja’s speed of moving. It was about 84000 fps(how can he do it?). The Ninja becomes more amazing and interesting.I hope I am looking forward to watch these movie.

Comment by Chipan (2c 04)

I think that the video of Ninja is very interesting and I enjoyed the video very much. It is terrible because my computer shut down in the middle of my work. I have to type it again. I don’t trust the Ninja of their speed. I think it is like the advertisement and it is not trustable. The video of Ninja always say that how good they are. Although, I don’t believe it, I will watch it because it is quite funny and silly. I think that the Ninja is as my brother. He always try to pulling my legs because he wanted to have others attention.

Comment by Elaine 2c35

This video is funny.The Ninja is cute and quite silly.He only tells about his thinking and says his advantage,but the actions haven’t taken.Although his thinking is quite a good suggestion,but he only think it,so it is useless.This video related to our life,some people who want to show their advantages must bring out with some lies,so the Ninja of this video is this type of poeple.

Comment by 2C01 Jacky

Mrs. Bouteiller,
the following ‘cm’ was done by Taurus (2c 39).

Haha!! The cute ninja is taken to the threshing ground once again?! This time the ninja just fight with a matrix! The ninja said a camcorder is equal to 24fps,but a ninja is equal to 84000fps!the different rather so big…I also like this cute ninja. After look last time “Ninja Knowledge”, originally it has the sequel! Very anticipation if it has the third one.

Comment by Janice Wong 2C 38

I think ninja can notdo this thing,because ninja is a human but he can do many many times it is impossible.Although nanja have many trainning but it can not do it also.

Comment by jeremy1d(36)

I think the ninja’s voice is funny. He is cute. He always has some crazy idea. The ninja talk about how fast they can move,”84000 fps per second”. He told his idea to us by some crazy,funny method.I love the part of changing the speed of the ninja in the television.

Comment by jeffrey(2c11)

Ninja speak very fast,he can move about 84,000fbs,oh!my god!How can he run so fast,but is he joking,I don’t think the ninja can be so strong,I hope I can like him.

Comment by Owen 1D01

I was deeply thinking about can a ninja move so fast like that! That is 84,000 frames per second! How could they do it! Or maybe nonja are always around us but they are too fast to see. I would like to learn how to move so fast like them but I think it would be a hard job for me to do it. So, work hard in my homework first!

Comment by Kan Wai Chi, Gigi 2C(15)

It’s entertainng. But I think ninja can’t be that fast. I heard about ninja before and heard of them became invisible, but never heard of their running speed( ninja speed.)

Comment by Jeff Yu(1D)(37)

This video is very interesting and funny.Specially the Ninja.He idea is very fun.For example,’How many fps of per second can moved?’He unexpectedly said this is 84000.’He answer make me very cannot help it.But I like this video.If I have free time,I will wahch this video again.

Comment by Wong Ka Man(Karen)1D35

I think this video is intersting because Ninja is funny and the bear is cute. The time of Ninja fps is 84000 per second. It is impossible! But this is a video, so this is a gag.

Comment by Jonas Wong 1D 34

Ninja is very funny!His thinking is quiet specially and crazy,I think no people will think like this who are in the world,no,no,no.Maybe it have,I don’t know.It make me laugh a lot.I want to watch this funny video again!

Comment by Hui Tung Lam(Kammy)1D.15

I think Ninja is a humorous person.How can he get
84000 fps per second?It was so funny!

Comment by Emily Chiu(1D)(12)

The person of this video is a Ninja. He is very funny, humorous. The bear is very cute. But his speaking is very fast. He should slowly of his speaking.

Comment by Emily Tsang(1D32)

Sorry Mrs Bouteiller, this is the correct one.
This video is very fun, interesting and exciting .The person of this video is a Ninja. He is very funny, humorous. The bear that in this video is very cute. But his speaking is very fast. He should slowly of his speaking.

Comment by Emily Tsang(1D32)

I think Ninja is very intresting.His talking voice is very funny><“And his theory is very funny too-0-I like this kind of funny video—v—

Comment by Rocky Chan 1D(3)

I think Ninja speak is very fast and his voice is funny!I think he should speak slowly!Because I can’t hear what he said clearly.He is very funny.

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle(1D)(2)

I like this video very much because the ninja is very funny! I think the ninja is much exaggerated too, he said the speed of the ninja is 84,000 f.p.s per second and when he drunk the speed of him can also 60,000 f.p.s per second but I don’t think a ninja can be that fast.
I like this GAG! XD

Comment by Selena 1D 38

I like this video much because the ninja is very funny.But I think the ninja is saying very fast.He should say slowly. And I think the ninja can not be that fast.

Comment by law hung sing 1D18

HA!HA!HA!The ninja is very fuuny.I think he’s taliking is crazy and funny.This movie is also fuuny.The bear is cute so I want to kiss it.I think it is very good for us to laugh when we are sad.So i would like to share this video to another classmates.

Comment by Mika

This vidoe is very fun. I have watched a cartoon about ninja, called Naruto.It is a little bit differen with it.This video is talking about the speed of ninja.I think it is very amazing and I have laughed it for a few minutes.Howcome a ninja can move so fast, they just the human.HAHAHA~

Comment by Pang Wing Yi 1D 28

This video is about ninija’s talking speed.I think ninija is funny.I didn’t understand all of what he say but I understand some of them.When he is talking,he didn’t care if people can hear what the contact are.He should improve his communication.This video can also show us the wrong example of talking such fast.

Comment by Lee Sze Wing,Cindy(S1D 22)

It was very funny! That guy in the video was very stupid, I hope he will get better in next time when I see him!

Comment by Brian Kwong

this is my first time to watch Ninija.
I think his look very funny,he can see things very fast!This is a America comic,I love American to make comic!It always have many lovely action and face!

Comment by sara lee1D (21)

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