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Labels or Love by Fergie
November 18, 2008, 2:15 pm
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I chose this song and video only for the content of fashion. See if you like the song:

What do you think?

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I love her very much! I bought a CD named “The Dutchess”. Have you ever heard it before? It’s Fergi’s CD. Her songs are extremely nice, good, lovely, cool! Although they aren’t easy to sing.

The clothes or dress are beautiful. But I don’t want to wear it. But I think it would be nicer, if my mama dress them.

Comment by YauWaiMei-WINDY2a37

wow I like this song because I think the melody are cool. Also, the voice and sound of the singer are nice. The lyrics are interesting and I have learned some brand names in the song. In fact, it reflects our problems in daily life. Which one should we choose, labels or love? It is so funny.

Comment by Kwok Ho Yiu Yoyo 2c 17

I like this song very much because the melody of this song is very cool.The sound of the singer is very good too.The clothes of the people wearing in this song are very beauty and special.I like it very much!I know that many people like this song very much so this song is very famous.

Comment by Chow Kin Fung2c07

Fergie, is a good hip hop singer for example Get your hands up,Finally and Glamorous.The lyrics are quite special and the brand are so famous.We all know that brands;) The beat of this song is so strong and I have danced this song in July.

If I have those dress, I will so excited!! x)

Comment by kwokjoey

The people who write the lyrics is really great and wit.Add some many brands names in the lyrics just like Gucci,Fendi,Parda,Chanel,etc.But it is a bit difficult to listen the lyrics clearly.I think some of the ladies is a fanatic of the brands which is told in the song.Are you a fanatic of those brands?

Comment by Grace(2c08)

Although I am seldom listening to pop song, I love this pop song very much. The melody of this song is quite fast but it does not let me feel bother. I think the lyrics of the song are quite special and interesting.The composer of this song is creativity because he writes the lyrics with the brands name, it is fresh. This song is about shopping, shopping for labels,brands,and love. It is an interesting song for us; we can know and find more famous brands in this song.

Comment by Sharon 2c 12(-u-)

i thought this song is quite quick and hip hop? i am not very clean in identify the music’s type.
i like the quick song very much although sometime i can’t hear the lyrics red cross teacher, dennis ,is using this song for his mobile’s ringtones. i think this song’s melody is good and the lyrics is meaningful too..

Comment by KAREN LIU 2c 27

I like this song very much!!!!!!!!!!!It is great!
How come it is a great song?!Hey, I like the lyrics of this song is meaningful:) I like it! I will share this song with my family and friends!

Comment by Nicole2C24:)

Althought the lyris is not very meaningful, I love it very much!! @v@’ In the video, the dress up of the women is very beautiful.I like their style!! If I have a lot fo money ,I would like to buy them all!!!!!
Of course, I don’t have so much money=3=’

Comment by Kelly 2C 3

The lyric of the song is not meaningful. It talks about many brands. It says that shopping is just like love .But I don’t argee ,it is because we can get merchandise by paying money but we can get love.

Comment by jeffrey(2c11)

It was vehement but for nowadays, all females are ‘Super women’! They no need to depend on men but theirselves. That cause the women vent on shopping for labels or brands when their boyfrieds left them. You or me maybe have some problems about it. So,don’t be so stupid about the men around us.

Comment by Kan Wai Chi, Gigi 2C(15)


Comment by Chloe

I love this song very much because the melody is quite fast.At two mins and thirty seconds is change to a hip pop way to sing is it?
Is it comes from the moive – sex and the city.
The singers sing well.It is a bit difficult to listen clearly of the lyrics may be the background music is too loud.

Comment by agatha chan

I love this song very much, every time I surf your website, I will listening this song once, as I love this melody. In the picture, the dresses women are beautiful. Also,I agree with the lyric, because I think all women love shopping, including me =]

Comment by Chan Ka Ling.Bobo 2A 01

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