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I’m like a bird by Nelly Furtado
November 18, 2008, 5:35 pm
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I like this one because she can do everything without any resists. However, if we have this preferential, we will be lonely because we don’t have any other friends. We cannot find someone to talk with.
So, this preferential has advantages and disadvantages. If I have this preferential for a short time, this will be very good.

Comment by Jimmy 2C40

i think the girl in this song were very free. She could do any thing her want go anywhere her want. But she will feel scread . Because she lost the direction. So i think sometime people need to have freedom. But don’t need to too much. That we won’t be lost ours direction.

Comment by Katrina (2C 25)

The song is free and makes people relax. When I have some unhappy feeling, I will lose my pressure and became happier when I listen to this song. On the other hand, I think the singer feels lonely and unhappy because he doesn’t have his home. He doesn’t know where could he go and he even lose his spirit. When I have a big pressure, this song will let me relax a lot.

Comment by Roger

This song is happy and it is interesting. This song tells about the bird is free and it can fly to anywhere it like. The bird can also make friends and the singers want to be a bird that can have free and fly away her hate place.Therefore,the singer imagined she is like a bird.

Comment by Lee Wun Yin 2C (26)

The melody of this song is very soft.I love listening this song when I am tried.This song is about the singer feels that she is like a bird and she has freedom.She does not know where her soul and home are.I like this song very much so I listen it every night.Then,I will have a good dream every day and I will have more energy to study in school.

Comment by Kelly Dai_2c09;]

The song make me feel very relax .In the song ,the singer say that she is like a bird and do not know where her soul is ,she feel very free and happy. But at last she feel very scared because of having too much freedom. The melody of the song is very soft.

Comment by jeffrey(2c11)

The singer’s voice was very special and that is great. I felt really comfortable and relax while I am listening to this song. The beat was strong. I think it can tell the feeling of the people who fell upset. It is because I felt a little bit saddess in the song and I think it could encourage the people who have no direction to go.

Comment by Kan Wai Chi, Gigi 2C(15)

the backgroung of the mv is the nature. I love nature very much because make me fell relax and happy.The singer feel very free but she feels scare and lonely,she don’t know where her home is.We should have a limited freedom,otherwise we will be very scared but after I listen to this song,I feel vere comfortable.

Comment by Lo Pui Sum

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