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Hazardous Runways
November 18, 2008, 12:13 am
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What is catwalk in your mind?

Are you sure that you want to be a model now? (I think it’s better for men. :-P)

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So interesting!^_^

Comment by winnie 2a 9

Before I have watched this video, I thought that a model should not have any error on the stage because they must show the beauty of the clothes and themselves to all the people.But after I have watch this video I know that everyone must have error,like the model on the stage, they don’t know when they will fall down on the stage.So when they fall down on the stage we must give them support.
But this video is really very interesting!=]

Comment by Fu Man Yu (Amy)

I have watched this movie yesterday.This movie is very interesting.The model always slip down.It is very interesting and funny.The model always slip down,so i thought ther are some bad model.And some one is really slip down but she want to balance her body,but finally, she still slip down.

Comment by ngan hiu fung2c(31)

WoW…what a interesting video!!Before I watch this video, i think that being model is really a good job…Just walk on the runway and can have many money$$.But this movie shows the how hard to do a model.It is veryyyy dangerious to fall on the runway,but i just keep laughing loudly when i was watching… really funny[[[HA.XD I think i won’t not dream to be a model forever…really crazy^^

Comment by Susana Chin

The video has been shown yesterday in the lesson and now I watch it again but I have different feeling.
Yesterday, when I was watching the movie, I felt they’re interesting and funny. Models slip down and continue to smile, or laugh of her mistakes.
But now, I think that’s just their problem. I think they do not train enough and cause the result. I think they’re not professional. In these famous catwalk show, mistakes can’t be shown or just being laughed by the customers. And become shy. If models don’t have confident, they can’t stand onto the runway.
By now, I learnt confident is the most important for stand in front the classmates.

Comment by yeung 2C33

Oh,My dearest God!
i think the model were very brave.When i watched this video,i don’t find any interesting . it’s a bad things. How the shoe for men to wear?
i think they are more stronger.haha!
Maybe if really want to show the shoe, use some moving thing for the models.

Comment by Florence Tsang 2c ,34

the models are brave and poised! some of the shots make me laugh><(fell down in peculiar ways`)
i think there’re lots of danger on runway, models wear high-heel should be very careful. and also the company in charge should find shorter models to wear that kind of shoes.
what a pity if this accidents happen in the show.

Comment by Chloe

before i watch this video , i think that models have already being trained before they become a professional model, at least they know what to do if they fall. in the video,i see some of them will feel shy and nervious but some of them are confident to stand again and finish their job.

i think that we should not laugh at them because they have try their best to do their job well.they fall down are just accidents. we should learn their attitude- stand again if we fall.we can’t give up so easily. if you try, you can do better than before. it just depends on your mind!

Comment by victoria, chan tsz kei

I think this video isn’t for models to take care,but for us to laugh,just like a gag.

Comment by 2C01 Jacky

Oh my god!!This video is extremely funny.
But,I still think being a model is a good job. Because I think if you have enough training ,this kind of “accidents” will not happened.
Besides, I think I am not suitable for model. Because I am not tall enough!!! Am I right? XD’

Comment by Kelly 2C 3

That’s suprice me because there are about five or six times per day about the fall of models on the runway. I think the slippery runway have the responsability of the fall. They could be the dangerous point. They should add some thing that is frictional then maybe they can be more safe.

Comment by Kan Wai Chi, Gigi 2C(15)

The model job was very easy because only need to walk along the runway ,so they can get many many money but it is very dangerous because they need to wear high-heel shoes and then wear some long dress ,if you step on the dress then you will fall down and hurt your feet . I think they need to do more pratice and take care themsevles.

Comment by Gigi

It is a interesting video! Usually, when we talked models ,we think that model is a good job. After I watched this video ,I change the appearance of this job. Model is a hard job. They always need to walk on slippery with high-heel shoes. It is not surprising of these accidents. Is there any accident of men?

Comment by jeffrey(2c11)

I think this video is very interesting,it makes me laugh for a long time.
And I didn’t see a catwalk’s people fall down before.Before that, I think a model is beautiful and greatful.
I am very admire them because when they fall down they still stand up to walk continue.Although they fill embarrassing or want to laugh,but they still walk,this is also a point that make me admire them.
And I think they may need to take care themselves and have improvement don’t let this things happen again.

Comment by agatha chan

I think catwalk is just walk through the runway, and I think that it is very easy at first.
However, I do not think now. I think that be a model is quite hard! All girls need to wear a high heel shoes, and walk on the runway. It is very hard! The models in the video always fall down, but they never abandon. They stand again and walk. Although the this job was very hard, but they try their best~~

Therefore, we need try our best to do everything~ No matter the things is hard or not.

Comment by yeungyuenting alice 2a39

It is really funny!Haha,but I won’t change my mind.If I can be a model I will not give up.Maybe they do not wear to long dresses and high-heel shoes.Bofore I do the catwalk,I will practice and practic.Beside I will pray for I will not fall in the catwalk show.But I think sometimes it happen not bad because it can give more fun in the show,haha!

Comment by Angela 2A(10)

I think the models are poor! I think they will feel tired after they walk catwalk every time.

The high-heeled shoes that they wore were very high. Their feet should very tired when they were wore it. But I think they should be very professional… They shouldn’t fall on the runway.
I will support them continue to do their jobs. Hope they can do better and better!!!

Comment by becky(2a25)

I have watched a similar TV programme before. The main problem for models is that the heels are too tall and thin. They cannot uphold the weight of a model.
On my view, fashion of clothes should suit people but not for beauty only. I think no one will wear the high-heeled shoes shown in the video. In other words, they are useless.
I have never thought to be a model as it is too hard for me. I am shy and seldom care about dressing (it is troublesome). It is risky as well!
Anyway, the ones who enjoy this career must continue to do so since the confidence and courage from their dream support them.

Comment by Shadow 2A 38

I think the models are very poor. They need to wear a very high shoe to walk on the runway. In the past I think it is a very easy job to all the people but now this kind of thinking will delete immediately.

On the other hand, I can know more about model this job.

Comment by Christie (2A19) =]

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