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Singing in the rain

I love Jonas’ choice of music. It’s so romantic. Check it out:

Can you dance like him in the rain?

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I have watched this film in primary six English lessons. In past, we always watch English film in lessons. This film is old, but the song in film is good. I love this song most in this film. I love dance .But I don’t like dance in the rain, because I will get flu.

Comment by ng woon ting.wendy2c30

I think this song is very good.The lyrics said rain make him happy.This changed people think rain is bad in past.This man’s dance also is very good.And I like his voice.I think this video is taken from some singing performance.I like this video.

Comment by Ng Wing Him,Ryan(1D 27)

I think this man is good.The people in
the past said rainning is bad,but the
lyrics of this song changed this mind
it said rainning is happy,also I think the voice of the singer is very romantic.I think
this song is taken from the performance of some music drama.

Comment by Ng Wing Him,Ryan

In rainy day most of the people staied at home or indoor, but this man sang and danced in street. If I danced like him I will fall down.His voice was so great.When I listened this song I felt relax.I thought he like rain.When it was rain he felt happy and his life will change.

Comment by Jackie Huen-1D

I think he sing well.This is a rhythmical song.And he sound of the rain make me feel relax.
I want to play or sing in the rain also.
In the song,he said he was happy because of rain.
I also like therhythmical song very much.
And he also sing in a canzonet way.

Comment by agatha chan

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