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Go McCain, Go McCain, Go, Go, Go… ;-P

Monsieur Bouteiller shares this with us.

McCain’s rap is over?! Check this out:

What do you think?!

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funny stuff lol
MC Cain, Cain the MC lol

Comment by MiKE 2C28

So crazy! This rap is over.

Comment by Tommy CHeng 1D(6)

Oh no,
MC Cain,
it is rap?
The gag is so Owen,
the video always say John MC Cain,John MC Cain, it is very terrible.
This video help Obama or MCCAIN?
I hope this video help Obama,
but Obama is a President now.
I hear that Obama become a President,
means the world is coming to the end.

Comment by Owen Chan Cheuk Yin(1D)

It is McCain and Obama’s rap. This is about the election in U.S.A. I like it because McCain always say ‘go McCain, go McCain, Go Go Go’. I think it is very crazy! I laugh and laugh all the time. If I can choose, I would choose Obama. I think he better than McCain! They are very cute in the rap. This rap is over.

Comment by Tommy Chneg 1D(6)

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