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Whatever you like by T.I.

How many rich and available guys like him in the market do you think?

Stop daydreaming! Get back to work! ;-P

(This song hits top 1 of the Yahoo! Pop Music Chart. The music producer is trying to trap us to buy the CD again, by fooling native girls dreaming for their prince charming. In the real/this materialistic world, everything is about money, isn’t it? Still can’t figure out the message of the song… ><)

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The girl has thought too much. She’s a day dreamer, how could she be … so thoughtful? She just saw the face of the man and received a telephone from him, then thought that he had a crush onto her, but why is the man singing but not the woman?

Comment by Jeff Yu(1D)(37)

At first i thought that the girl realy meet a rich man.I am in the daydreaming too!!!HAHAHA
She saw a man adn think that he is a rich man.
And finally she got up and she only saw a ugly man. It is very funny !!!! And the song is so ‘hip hop’.I wanted to play hip hop too!!!

Comment by liao kong lap (1D)(24)

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