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May shares the beautiful voices with us!
October 20, 2008, 6:42 pm
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All the thanks to May, we can share this lovely video. I was pretty upset by the AmazonKindle homework earlier, but I feel better now. Thanks!

Let’s check it out:

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I dowmloaded this song a year ago. But once, that my computer had somthing wrong, I had to wash all my memories and I have not downloaded this song again. (Because I forgat it :P)

I just want to know what it is and surprisingly, I met it — the song again!
HaHa~ This recall my memory.

Comment by YauWaiMei-WINDY2a37

CORRECT : download
what’s wrong wlth me.. xDD

Comment by YauWaiMei-WINDY2a37

When I heared the anchorwoman voice.This is the beautiful voice??I can’t believe that!(I don’t know the meaning what the anchorwoman said too.= =)
I love the little boy voice!very clear,like a river,(ding,ding,dong,dong)When he sing with the girl,it like two little bird,very delightful,the voice like if you heard the song,you think it is lightful like a bird,if you touch it,it will broke.
only the melody,no lyrics.Only melody,I can think many many lyrics,sometimes happy,sometimes sad.telling us,a song sing to everyone,everything.
A song,like a bird,bring you to fly and fly,more higher and higher.

Comment by sara lee1D21

This song is quiet good.The boy and the girl sang a treble song.Though the song does not has any words only the voice, Their face just like tell us they sometimes happy, sometimes upset. I will very realexed for the some is a little bit entertaining.If you have a lot of pressure, you can try to listen to it. I think it can reduce some pressure.Don’t be missed!

Comment by Jack Chiang(1D)(10)

They sing very well!

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle1D02

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