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Dance with me by Nouvelle Vague

Shall we dance? 🙂

Read the Lyrics of Dance with me by Nouvelle Vague before and when you listen to the song!

Nouvelle Vague is one of my favourite French group. They sing softly and gently. This is what I love about French best. It’s romantic, isn’t it? Can you feel the aura of French culture?

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I like this song.The people in the movie dance very well.I think the singer like dancing very much because in the song I can hear many word “dance”.I like dancing to.

Comment by 1D 04 Marco

Yes.I also think this song is romantic because the singer sings very softly and nearly make me sleep.I can feel the aura of French because all the people in the song wears black shirt and feel very enjoy.

Comment by Alan Cheng(2a3)

This melody is so softly and I am really relax.Is it the song of jazz music?

The singer is singing to the boy who she loved.

‘little stranger’ I think it refers to the one you want to know more about and care about.

‘Love can be like bondage’.Love is a main part of human-life.It is mighty and you will do everything for the one you love, it maybe your family or friends.

‘Soon the music’s over, let’s give it one more chance’ it refer to chances are reached by yourselves.

It is a romantic song. In my imagine, French is a relaxation country, lots of songs from it is light music and I would like to listen to it.

Comment by Mo Sin Ying , Sandy (2A 23)

In the video, the three people were dance well. I thought the song was softly and lovely. It was romance. I thought the girl liked to dance most because she still danced when the other two men got out.

Comment by law hung sing 1D18

Let me guess, is this a film from the 50s? or the 60s? however, this song is full of the taste of French-style-old school lol. very special.
Agreed, France is such a romantic place, the night views, the streets and not to mention, its lovely culture. I’m totally impressed by the beauty and the great charm from this unique country.
I do watch lots of France movies, especially the love/romantic movies, though I don’t understand much French lol, I do enjoy watching the movies which is filled with so much passion and romanticism.
I hope one day I can go to Frence and experience the taste of ‘romantic’ by myself=]

Comment by MiKE 2C28

i think this is romantic because of the voice is so soft,, and the singer’s voice such as talking with boyfriend. and i think French ‘s movement may so slow,, and their culture may so relax and romance because this song’s feel likes ”high-class”

Comment by PearlyKwong (2c19)

I think this song is romantic and happy beacuse the song is relax and the singer sing very well her voice is like an angel make me enjoy.So I like this song.

Comment by Chang Hiu Yan(Renee)1D05

I think the song is very special.Because the melody of the song is so slowly and sofely.I was very admire the girl.She was a brave girl.She would not care about people who would laugh her.Although two men were leave.The girl was dance in her daydream.

This is a wonderful song!I will sell this song to my friends and parents.

Comment by Cheuk Tsz Yan(MIKA) 1D`8

The singer sing softly and it’s really good.

I like it,but the I think the video is old,because of the white and black screen and
now a day that kind of dancing may be a bit strange.

Anyway, it is still good and romantic.

Comment by Rico

yes,and the singer and also dancers are good~
it is also romance.but actually,dont mrs bouteiller you feel that some part is not very well…espacially nowaday how come we will dance like this.everything has good and not~but the song really well!

Comment by 1D 26 charlie mong

Yes they sing softly and gently but a little boring. And don’t feel any romantic because the men had finally gone although the girl wanted to dance more in her fantasy world. They made her felt lonely at last. That’s not good.='(

Comment by Kan Wai Chi 2c 15

The singer sang very softly and it is very romance.This song was about a girl danced with two men and dance very happy.This song made me really want to dance!!!!I thought the girl like singing and dancing very much because whenever the two men went out but she still dancing.I want to listen this song again and again!!!!!!!!

Comment by liao kong lap (1D)(24)

After I saw this video,I think this video is very special and insteresting.It is funny too.The singer sing this song softly and slowly,but it quite good to listen to it.I think the girl like to dance because she dance for a long time and after that two man gone away,she still dance alone,she is not shy to let people talk about her.She is brave.It is beauiful song to listen to it.If I am free, I will listen to it once again!

Comment by Lam Hoi Kiu,Amy(1D16)

It’s a fanastic and romantic song.When I first time listen to this song,I felt vital and hopful.It made me relax and has the rhythm.

Regarding the French and the Brazilian are Bossa Nova. All classical programs have been separated from the 80’s specific linguistic environments, was separated from drearily retained the happiest melody, in future is led by the Nouvelle Vague female voice the 21st century the leisures to lead a life of comfort situation it.

You may momentarily dance in each place any time that you like.Just like this song , even you don not know the person,you may dance with him or her together. It may raise the sentiment and have a happy time…

Comment by winnie 2a 9

Wow…the melody of the song is so sweet and romantic. I like the singer’s voice. Use this voice to sing is so appropriate. The dancing is so typical. =)

Comment by kwokjoey

When I have not listen to this fantastic song, I think it is a pop song, will make me feels exciting. However, it does not, but this song is really soft and relax. Moreover, I have some odd idea. I think this song liked a children’s song. It is quite interesting. We can put down our tired and depressed, while we are listening to this music.

Comment by Kwok Ho Yiu Yoyo 2c 17

at the first,the two people is very funny,als they dance very well.this song’s melody brisk,i think this is a romantic song.but it is not like other sad love song,this song is tell us the two people is very sweeet and very love each other, it can make people happy.

Comment by yue suet ying(1D)39

This song is very soft.It let us very relax.I think a lot of people will like it.But the screen is colourness.Only have black and white.It gave us a old years feel.

Comment by Taururs Wong2C39

Yes,i think they sing very softly and gently.I think this song is romantic too.I think the singer sing so softly so it let me feel it is romantic.When i have listened to this song.Ifeel the aura of French culture is relaxing and free too.

Comment by Chow Kin Fung 2C07

The music video of this song has a little bit boring.But I love this song when I listen at first time.Because the singer sing this song very softly.

Comment by ng wing him (ryan)1D 27

Well, it’s quite romantic. The singer sang very softly, not same as the pop singer. Nowadays, many songs’ melody were very loud, include the love songs. Now, this song is really different. The first time I heard the first sentence of this song, I felt so quite. So good!!
(hey, good to listen it when we are angry too.)^^

Comment by Christy (2c 16)

It’s very relax to listen to this song and watching their dancing.
The sound of the singer is very soft and lovely.><
It’s so comfortable to listen to her singing. XD
I think it will be great for listening to this song when we are very tired. It may feel better after listening to it. x]

Comment by Kristy2a34

I think the singer is singing to someone who she loves.

There are some metaphors in the songs, for examples,
-“Love can be like bondage” It refers to love can makes you feel hard and worried.

-“I’ve seen you in a thousand minds” It refers to the singer meet her lover very much.

This songs is very softly and gently, let me feel relax.

Comment by Chan Ka Ling,Bobo 2A (1)

Déjà Vu~
It seems i’ve been listened to this song long times ago!xD

I think this song’s melody is soft.Great!- v –

I think the singer is singing to her friends and the people who she loved.The “love” in the lyrics,maybe means the love of friends,the love of her parents,or the love between her lover.I’m not sure about this because the lyrics doesn’t express it clearly.xD

There is a metaphor in this sing.”Love can be like bondage.Seduce me once again”.The sentence means when you love a person,you can do anything for him/her.

This song is romantic.- v –
I like this song.It is because the music video of this song are funny.The singer danced unstoppable.xD
And the melody of this song is soft!
It is a great song.- v –

Comment by Shum Ka Kiu,Erica 2a(29)

It is a slow song with relax melody.And also it is very romantic too.The sound of the singer was very soft and quiet.After I listen to this song,I think that French people may like dancing very much.

Comment by Fu Man Yu (Amy)

I also think this song romance and funny.I think think the french give my first felling is very relaxing and peace. The people in there are like a family.No fight and no war, a quite country.Everypeople are smiling all the time.The melody of the song is joyous. I think if someone listen to the song will say’Oh, so comfortable.’I trust that everyone will like the song.

Comment by Jack Chiang(1D)(10)

This song is warm and romantic.
The people who dance in the song, they need to be collaborating to another.
If they haven’t collaborated to another, their dance is not good.

Comment by Emily Tsang(1D32)

i think is a soft and gently song,they dance freely,and they enjoy theirselves,but i don’t agree taht it’s romantic,i think that dancing in a fast food shop is embrassing.However,we can listen this song for relaxing

Comment by matthew

Yes, this song is very relex, after you listen it.
I think the singer is very enjoy in this pretty melody. Haha!!
I can feel it! Because it is represent how romantic is in French.:-)

Comment by Koey 2a 11

i think this is a really softly song.i can feel the aura of French culture.

Comment by ngan hiu fung

I feel relax during this song.
This song is very softly.
I sae a man touch the woman twice.
The singers are very funny=]”
Make me laugh!HA
I think French people like dancing very much.
Am I right?

Comment by Ricky Lam(2c_21)

It’s just too obvious to us who have refered to the lyrics and who haven’t.

Try to compare your work(CM) with other schoolmates. Are you producing as much meaningful work as how an HTYC student should be?

After we’ve been covering so much of song appreciation, are you sure this is how you should write your ‘CM’?

Trash or Treasure, it’s all up to you to decide. You know who you are. Don’t forget that you all can produce ‘amazing’ work.


Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

I think it is very old,
but the song is quiet fast,
they danced very special,
but i don’t know why the man left away suddenly.
and is it are lovely song

Comment by Owen Chan Cheuk Yin(1D)

After I see and listen the song,I think this song is a romantic and romance song.Because the melody is so slowly and sofely.Also the song is too funny.I like this song very much.And I would dance.If I have time,I would listen this song again.

Comment by Wong Ka Man,Karen(1D 35)

I think this is a song related to the Christian. The lyrics ‘Burning like an angel, who has heaven in reprieve, Burning like the voodoo man, with devils on his sleeve’ can support my guess. In the lyrics, I think ‘burning’ is means that ‘living in this world’, and the whole sentence is means as ‘ We do good things, and we may go to heaven and our sins are reprieve, but if we do some bad things like a voodoo, we may stay at devil.’ If you ask me that ‘ Shall we dance?’ I will think that you are asking me ‘ Shall we believe in god, and dance with him?’
Finally, I would like to say the melody of the song is warm and soft, I feel relax when I listen to it.

Comment by Janice WOng

I think the melody of this song is very graceful.

I think the people danced in a very slow and dreary motion in this song. It don’t like the motion in Hong Kong.Hong Kong’s motion is very quick and fun.

I think the French love to dance very much and all of them are romanticist.

Comment by Sammi (1) 2A (12)

I don’t like this song very much because the melody of this song is nearly th same as well as the dance.However,it’s a romantic song in French.But I don’t have much feeling of that.-0-

Comment by Thomas 2A 15

I like this song really much. This song makes me fell comfortable. The melody of this song is really good. I don’t know how to say. ( I don’t like music at all.) And the people in the song dance very strange. It is very funny and I laught at them. It should be romantic, I don’t sure. Do the French people like to dance so much? It seems they like to dance much than I. Do they used to wear a hat during they dance?

Comment by Elaine 2c35

The song makes me feel little bit relax. But i think this song is old.When I know how to dance such as this dancing.I maybe enjoy.This is the first time I heard this song. It makes me feel suprised.Because of the music video.It very special MV.

Comment by ng woon ting.wendy2c30

I think this song is a love song. It is because the girl sings the song very softly and slowly.Also, I can find this in the lyrics.This song can make me feel very romantic. I think she is also very happy too. But in the video ,when the girl is dancing, the two man left her. I think she may feel very sad. However, the girl is also dance along. She is very brave.

Comment by Lee Hoi Ting,Jessica1D(20)

I thing the music is quite good{^#^}.The singer and the melody is soft and the music make us relax(~.~).It make people want to dance(^.^),sing(>o<) and sleep[-_-].

Comment by jeremy1d(36)

I like this song. The integer of the song includes the melody and the layer of the MV of the song is quite good. It is why Mrs. Bouteiller loves this song and loves the group. The singer sings the song softly. It is a romantic song. I think this song has a span right? I can feel the aura of French culture. The singer is enjoying in dance.

Comment by Yoyo 2A

This song’s melody is very soft slow!The singer’s sound is very sweets too!@V@
They are dancing in the song,is the girl learning to dance?But she dance very well!
The MV is only dance?I never see a song’s MV is like this.Too interesting! =]
If I listen it again,I think I will dance like them. ^W^

Comment by Hui Tung Lam(Kammy)1D.15

I think this song melody is very soft and the people who are dancing in the MV dance very well.
But I have one question is why two men leave suddenly? But never mind it is very comfortable when I am hearing the song.

Comment by Jonas Wong 1D 34

The singer sing nicely and I like this song. I think they dance so strange, well, perhaps I don’t know dancing. Usually, there are two people or a group of people dance, I haven’t seen three people dance before!!=]

Comment by Phoebe Tam ( 2A 32 )

Dance with me have a hot mean, I always think danceing is a hot action. But in this song, the singer sang very softly, I imagine, a lady and a man they are couple, and they dance and dance,they love each other very much.
But when I look for the lyrics,this is another feel, the lyrics is sad, the girl wants her friend dance with him,don’t leave him.
But I also think that,this is a happy song,and a special thing is, why french people can sang song so beautiful!haha,xD`I like this song, the melody and the lyrics!

Comment by sara lee1D21

This song at the beginning,I think it is very funny:-),because the boy said”Shall we dance?” And then the girl said”Sure,what?” Then they use their fingers to do something footwork to each other.This singer’s voice is very softly and clear.This song is all about dance,so the actist danced too.

Comment by Sham Ching Yee(Christy)1D29

I think this song is in long long time ago.Although I do not think they dance so well,I think the singer of this song sing quite good.The singer sings softly.I also think it is romance.

Comment by Jimmy 2C40

I think this three people dacing very well.The time is very old.I think the singer sing is softly.I like her voice very much.

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle(1D)(2)

I love this song. The melody is very soft and the singer has a tender voice. It makes the song full of romantic. In my imagines, French is a nation which with romantic aura. In the desire of clothes or the buildings, we also can find romantic aura. Besides, the French lives their life in an enjoyable style, not like us, in a hurry speed.

Comment by Katie Ho(2A08)

The melody of the song is very softly and it seems that the song is old.
It is a romantic song and make me think that the French people are also remantic.
the songs refer the girl want the boy dance in her life and make it become fantastic.

Comment by yuk 2A(18)

I think that this song is softly and gently. I felt very relaxed, because I have just finished my homework, and then listen to a softly song. I felt asleep too~ >w< It romantic a very romantic song, and I feel that the French is a romantic place. In addition, I think French love dancing very much too!

Comment by yeung yuen ting 2a39 alice

The voice of the girl is so soft. Like a bird flying in the sky freely. Fly and dance mix together. No thinking, no trouble. I like it.
That’s different between the song I always listen to. It can makes me sleeping but this not. Oh, I need to read more books about other culture. The culture in mine just a mystery.

Comment by yeung 2C33

The song is really soft and the three people are dancing very well!Although it is a romantic song,I feel so free.I want to dance with them!I think they want to use a song and dance to represent their mood.It is a good song!

Comment by Tommy Cheng1D(6)

Nouvelle Vague is one of my favourite French group. They sing softly and gently. This is what I love about French best. It’s romantic, isn’t it? Can you feel the aura of French culture?

I think this song is softly and gently too. When I listen to this song, I can feel the aura of French culture, the singers dance, they are relaxed and free. Paris (French) is a romantic place. Many lovers will visit there for their honeymoon so the aura of French culture is romantic. The melody of the French song is softly. Softly song is similar to the romantic song.

Comment by Law Ching(Nicole)-2C24

I thing this song is about a girl who thinks love is an exciting thing because she said, “Burning like an angel,Who has heaven in reprieve. Burning like the voodoo man, With devils on his sleeve.”
The girl loves the boy very much and wants to be the boy’s girlfriend because she said,”The way I want to love you,Well it could be against the law. I’ve seen you in a thousand minds,You’ve made the angels fall.”

Comment by Pang Wing Yi 1D 28

haha,before i say something about to the song,i want to say, the man who wear a business suit is very funny, i laugh his action.^^
I agree with you, i think French is romantic.
After i listened the song i feel relax and i want to dance also.
I think the Frenchman should be very nice , also i think French is very peaceful.

Comment by Florence Tsang 2c ,34

The melody is soft and relax so it make me interested in to listen this music. I want to say something is amazing. They are dancing very boring and they only dancing in one way.That way is walk forward and walk backward. =3=||| Although it is a little bit boring, I quite like this song! -V-

Comment by Brian 2A26

I like the melody of this songs,it is very soft and slow.And the singer’s voice is really sweet.I feel relax when i was listening to it.I think the music is romantic,it makes people feel happiness.And everyone say that French is a romantic place, i am curious and want to go there for a trip.XD

Comment by Susana Chin

In the video, the three people were dance well. I thought the song was softly and lovely. It was romance. I thought the girl liked to dance most because she still danced when the other two men got out.

Comment by Lo Yik Hin 1D(25)

When I watch the MV (or s0me part of a movie)?
However, when I watch it I think their dancing step is s0…FUNNY!!!!=] That made me want to dance with them.:D
Besides, the voice of the singer is so special!!Can I use the word ”mystery” to discerb that voice @v@?
((I am imagining…when Mrs.Bouteiller dance with her husband like that,I must be very …..xP”)
Am I right? haha”

Comment by Kelly 2C 3

This kind of song makes me remember back the “Abba.”The melody of this song is quite brisk and soft.

I think this song has a little bit goblins feeling because they sang it very charm.But I think that this song is not suitable for our age because it is too slow……

Comment by JackyLaw 2a14

the dance is like seventy decade,the sound of the singer,the lyrics…It was very old and make me feel nostalgia.The song relaxed and comfortable.
I like this!!

Comment by Gigi

This song melody is very slowlt and softly.The singer voice is so gently.She is suitable to sing a roman song.And the MV add some dance action.It is a excellent MV.
When we learn to dance first time , it is so difficult. But the woman dance first time ,she dance not like first time to dance.>o<
Finally, I hope I can hear more music with a great voice!!!

Comment by Huen Ka Lun1D-14 Jacky

The girl’s voice very soft,like a bird fly in the sky freely.It makes me sleepy.It is a mystery song for me.

Comment by Lui Kai Yiu 2A(21)

I think this song melody is good.I can feel the the aura of French culture.It is romatic.The singer sings softly ,her voice was good.And this song is an old song.

Comment by Lee Sze Wing,Cindy(S1D 22)

This is comfortable when I am listening to the song.

‘Love can be like bondage’ means love makes you not feel.
‘The way I want to love you
Well it could be against the law’ means I love you so much.
‘I’ve seen you in a thousand minds’ means I have thought you for a long time.

I think the French like the free and romantic life.

Comment by Tang Nok Lam,Tracy 2A(33)

I like this song very much .The melody of this song is soft. I felt really relax. The people in the video dance very well and the singer sing really well. I think the singer is singing to the boy she loved. She wants him to dance with her. Also, the video maybe is produced in 50s-60s because the screen is black and white.

Comment by leung ka man Carmen

I guess the singer and a man fell in love and she could do any thing for him.
I think the following word phrases have different meaning:
stranger – the singer wanted to know more about him
You’ve made the angels fall – he was captivating.
I’ve seen you in a thousand minds – she missed him
On my view, the aura of French culture is romantic. Everyone is loyal to his (/her) feeling and loves others boldly. He can dedicate his whole life to his lover.

Comment by Shadow 2A 38

The singer sing softly and the voice is so smooth just like runny honey.I think the song is softly becaus of the romamce culture of French.It made me feel relax and airy.And the dressing of the people in the movie like from 50’s or 60’s.I think the singer want her lover dance with her but the lover do’t want to dance because he don’t know how to dance.

Comment by Grace2c08

The song’s melody is very good.It’s very soft and romatic and make me comfortable.And I think I am flying in the sky and I feel I am very free like a bird.I like the song very well.

Comment by Tsui Chin Pang,Alex1D(33)

This song makes me remember back the “Abba.”The melody of this song is quite brisk and soft.It is a romance.
I guess the singer and a man fell in love and she could do any thing for him.

Comment by Cheng Chi Pan (2c 04)

The melody of this song is very soft and let me feel relax It is a love song so that it is romatic.The MV and the music are very special. They are different from nowadays MV,because of this MV is very old.

Comment by Jeffrey(2c 11)

I think the song is to tell us love is the important thing to our life. No matter it is you friends or family. It can be against the law because it is so much love of them. “There’s only one last dance, soon the music’s over.” I think this tells us we need to cherish all the people around us. We should cherish the time that we studying with our friends and the time we live with our family together. “Let’s dance little stranger.” I think we need to meet more friends in our life. Then we will be a happy person.

Comment by Roger

This song is about dancing.When I look into the mv,and I feel that it is fun.I also feel that it is very soft.We can listen it before we sleep or after finish the homework.I like this song very much;)Because it makes me feel happier.

Comment by 2c09 Dai Ching Man.Kelly

Yes.This song is romantic. The melody of this song is beautiful.This song is old because it is black and dark and it is light and colourful today.I like this song very much.

Comment by Lee Wun Yin 2C (26)

Yes, the singer sang this song was very gently and softy. But I think this song is boring because the singer sang no feel. I think the two man ran away because they felt very boring, they wanted to dance with the woman but the woman didn;t comprehand them.

Comment by Wong Hiu Fu 2c (36)

This has a much old acquaintance feel.The black and white tableau really make me think about the 60s and 70s.

The singer dance just like a robort,very rusty=].
i really the aura of French after listen this song.The melody is softly and made my our cadence slow down.

Comment by Chou Ho Yee 2a(4)

I finished tons of my homework than I listen to this song and watch this MV.
I’m very tired now and this is no wonder why I feel… sleepy after I’ve listened this song.
I don’t think this song is romantic. Maybe their dance wasn’t romantic. They clapped hand and repeated the step about, more than 3 times. It’s too boring!
The singer sang softly and repeated the phares also. This make me, the sleepy Windy, more tired, although this is the song makes people relax.
For me, I would not like this song. HaHa, Sorry, Mrs Boutiller. But, is this really French cultures? Very romantic, relax and… repeat the dancing steps all the time when the French dance >3<?

Comment by YauWaiMei-WINDY2a37

I think this song is very soft, relax and romantic so I feel very relax when I listen to this song. I think the people in the video dance beautifully and actively, make me want to dance too! XD

Comment by selena yu (1D 38)

I think the French are love dancing,especially the step.They are pay more attention in steps.
The melody of this song is softly. But I think they take a special place to dance.The MV use the colour in white and black,so it makeks the listeners think this song is old.I think this song in French will be a romantic song ,but in my mind i don’t think it is.

Comment by Sharon 2C(12)

The singer sings softy. The song is relaxed. This song is different with the song I did CM before.

It is a song include dance. I think the singer and the other actor are dancing funny. They dance like children.

Comment by becky(2a25)

I agreed with you. the song is sung gently and softly.But I think that the singer is a bit too soft and the whole song is soft so it makes me feel a bit boring. although it is a bit boring , the soft voice can make a romantic mood to us.I like the backgroud music more than the singer’s voice because it let us feel relax.the instruments are appealing to the ear. i can feel the feel the aura of French culture.i think we can hear it before we go to sleep. i think i hear in a good time(before sleep)!:]

Comment by Chan Tsz Kei -2C(2)

It is a very beautiful and romantic song.I like the aura of French culture ,because it can present our mood easily.If I am happy too, I will also dance.

Comment by Calla in 2A

I can fell it.Although I don’t like this mood,but I think it is soft and slow because it can let people to revel in it.

Comment by Jacky Chan 2C01

i think tihs song is smooth’y’ & gentle . i like this mystery , secret style.but i don’t like to watch the mv because it is so boring.*-) it’s not for my age :)(i think)
this love song is about sb love another one w/out selfishness and he/she can do anything for his/her lover.
their love was broken .however one of them ask for one more chance actively…they may “re-love each other” .ha~

Comment by Chloe

I can feel it.Although I don’t like this mood,but I think it is soft and slow because it can let people to revel in it.The voice is small because it will make people feel hot and not romance if the voice is loud and the mood is fast like some H.K. singers songs.

Comment by Jacky Chan 2C01

This song is romantic and soft.The lyrics are meaningful.There is a contrast”Angel” and “Devil”
I think it is mean love can leap all of the perplexity.Although angel and devil are enemy, they both love each other.This is the wonderful point of love.

Comment by 1D19 Cherry

This song is soft but I think the voice of the singer is too small. Their dance is very funny, and not exciting actions, they dance and singing for relaxing themselves when free also. Besides, romance is a symbol of French culture, so the romantic songs were popular at that time. I am interesting at they could dance in a restaurant! Nowadays the other people by sides may think you are crazy. They actually enjoying their lives, included love. I will be happy to join them!

Comment by Johnny

This video is quite fun and let me know more things.Because I haven’t seen that kind of dancing before.This song is soft, butI don’t know what is the aura of French culture, so I can’t feel it.

Comment by WONG HANG TAT

This song is soft.I think the people dance very well and funny.I felt very excited but it is not
crazy.The voice is small and lovely.If the voice is loudly.I think it is really better.

Comment by Ricky Shek 1D 30

I think this song is very romantic and soft.
I like this song very much.Because the beat is very slow.

Comment by Pinky Tang,1d

This song is softly.
The singer’s performance is great!
But it is so quiet.
It makes me become sleepily.
I think this song can make me sleep well.
If listen the song and watch the music video as the same time will be better and funny.
Because the music video is interesting.
It will attract me more.

Comment by Cathy(2c.22)

I think the song is very special!the singers softly.Besides,I think the culture of French is to enjoy the life.
Moreover,I want to travel to this romantic country.
This trip will be enjoyable!

Comment by Sam 2a(2)

After I hear this song ,I think they dance very good; but they dance are very bored.

Comment by Laurent(17)1d

The song is feel very soft ,and the three people dance very well!But the colour is black and white, it is not very good,I cannot see very clear.

Comment by carry 1D 7

While I was listening this song,I thought the singer sang quite good.But they danced a little bit bored and silly.Possibility because I listen a lots rock music,I am not used to listen this kind of music…
Before I listened this song,I thought ”Dance with me” is a fast,rock music.The effect is that she sang softly and gently…
Her voice is nice and sweet-natured.The song make me relaxed…
My favorite band is ELLEGARDEN!
Although the band is Japanese,they sing a lot of English music.They sing quite well too!^V^

Comment by TAM CHAU WING

This song is so romantic, but a little bit make me fall asleep.>,< The woman want to dance with the man. But it is a little stranger. Let’s dance in my world of fantasy amd take a chance to dance with me.

P.S. I want to see that movie.^*^

Comment by Emily 2A (7)

I think this song is romantic and special because there have three people danced,the beautiful girl dance very well.i think it is interesting too since i think the girl has many energy,she can dance for a long time.But i think it is a bit boring because the people always dance for the same steps.i also enjoy this song

Comment by Debbie ho (2c 14)

I like this song so much. Because it is so softly. And I also want to sleep… I think the girl likes dancing very much. When the men was tired, she continues to dance.

Comment by Emily (Chiu Pui Man)1d12

at the first,the two people is very funny,als they dance very well.this song’s melody brisk,i think this is a romantic song.but it is not like other sad love song,this song is tell us the two people is very sweeet and very love each other, it can make people happy.

Comment by Lo Yik Hin 1D(25)

i think this MV is so reminiscence .the dance of the people in the MV is funny .i think the people ‘s eyes hadn’t any there a restaurant?
but i think the singer’s voice is so sweety.i like this song too!^^

Comment by KAREN LIU 2c 27

They dance very well!

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle1D02

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