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It’s amazing by JEM

This is a song I want to dedicate to all my students, both the present ones and the ‘ex’es! 😛

Remember: Nothing can compare to deserving your dreams! Make your dreams come true. Pursue Excellence!

Pay attention to all the lyrics!  Lyrics of It’s amazing by JEM

Can you find the metaphors? Are you reading my mind? I love you all so much!

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I like the background music!!! @v@
The song is amazig too!!! xd

Comment by Kelly 2C 3

The song and the singing ,method, is great ! I like it very muchhh;)

I think ‘You’ mean you -Mrs bouteiller. You are wishing we do our best on our homework.but we reject it .right?
now we won’t dissapointed you again 🙂 ~ !!!

Comment by Chloe


Comment by Chloe

I think it is a song to encourage us (students) to work harder and harder and don’t let teachers to be disappointed. I like the lyrics ‘Never give up, never let it die,’ because I think it is a great lyrics for encouraging us. Never give up and never let our dreams die! We are going to current our dreams. This song is meaningful! Although I don’t have a dream yet, after I heard from this song, I think I had to do some thinking for my dream and try to current it.
Mrs. Bouteiller, I think students who are taught by you will know your ‘heart’ finally! We won’t be misunderstanding you, we won’t reject you and we will know that all you did are for our own good! We will make your heart sing!! .\_/.

Comment by Janice WOng

I like this song, the melody is very good and easy to sing ,remember. I can’t stop when i am listening to, just sing myself “it’s amazing.”
The was to remind that what i was do before.
What is my dream. it can realize?
i don’t know.
but , after listen this song i will heart-searching.

Comment by Florence Tsang 2c ,34

Yeah!! I love you all!

Read my mind and start realising your dreams!

Yeah! 🙂

Muah muah muah muah!!!!

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

The song is soft and I am pleasant to listen this song.
Besides,I think the song is about that the singer want to encourage the people to deserving their dream and never give up.
Moreover,I can find some metaphors,such as
“Do it now.You know you are You feel it in your heart. And your burning and wishing”It means that people should have a heart that full of zeal and hope.

Comment by Sam 2a(2)

Yeah!! This is a meaningful song. I love it so much. Do our best on our dream. If there is someone who don’t care, don’t make you get up!! Even you must do better and better to make you stronger and stornger.

Comment by Emily 2A (7)

This song want to tell us we should harder harder.It was a responsibility for students.Getting high marks is not a dream,is not amazing.If we study harder and harder.So we can get high marks.This is a full of educability song!!!

Madame Bouteiller want us to understand if we encounter great difficulties, we should not give up.We should not feel frustrated.

Comment by Huen Ka Lun1D14 Jacky

YEA!This song is very great.i think that the sond want to tell us dont let other to destroy your dream.
And also you must tyr and do your best to be stronger and smarter and your dream is the best..
Is it that you want to say all have a dream and dont care abour other’s thinking

Comment by Charlie Mong

Charlie…. too many misspellings… not professional…… 😦

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

This sound was very amazing .It is a lovely sound.
This sound asked we don’t give up to do our dream, asked we to make the dream become true!!!

Comment by liao kong lap (1D)(24)

This song is very good. I like this song. This song make me feel relax and comfortable.
It tell us even though we have some unlucky things in our life, never give up. Our dream will come ture.We will be stronger and smarter.=)

Comment by Lam Hoi Kiu(1D)(16)

Yeah!!!This song is very amazing.The sound is very softly.This song want us keep you in the dream.The dream come ture.

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle1D02

I think this song is very amazing!This song can let us so amazing.It is so amazing!And I think this also this song so relax and very soft~It can let us think about amazing future too.

Comment by Christy Sham(1D29)

If you have a dream, you have to work hard for it. Nothing is impossible. That lies on did you put in all your heart to fulfill it, yet dreams do come true! I like the piano and violin song on the beginning of the song and the end.

Comment by Jeff Yu(1D)(37)

I think this song is good to listen. There are some rhyming words. I think it is meaningful because lyrics showed that we should be work harder in order to reach our goal. We should not give up our dream although we face difficulties. The lyrics of this song are easy to listen and the lyrics are very good. I like this song very much.

Comment by Leung Ka Man,Carmen

The rhywords are ‘care’ and ‘air’,’fall’

and ‘wall’.

The massage of the song is if we have

setback,don’t scared,must be brave to do it!

It is because if we know this song’s meaning,we

can do all the difficult things easily!

Comment by Hui Tung Lam(Kammy)1D.15

This song is a very slow song and the melody is a little bit sad.I like one of the sentense that is ‘ Nothing can compare to deserving your dream
‘.Yes,I agree with this because if you have a dream or have some idea , no one can change your mind .The only one is yourshelf.When we think about something , the other can disturb you but can’t change your mind , right?So don’t let others make you feel annoy.
I think Mrs Bouteiller want us to keep on on all the test , exam or dict .Because nowaday , if we don’t work hard now , I am sure we will regret.

Comment by Gigi

Oh!That ture,it is amazing.the song is very good,such as the melody,the rhying word are fall and wall and the song is telling about the dream are being ture and we need to work harder.

Comment by Owen 1D01

This song is very good and i know that I cannot giveup easily, I need to work hard in the 1’st term exam!

Comment by Laurent1D17

This song is very great. It is amazing. I think this song want to tell us keep our dream and try your best to make it true. Do not destory the dream.

Comment by 1D18Law Hung Sing

This song is very great!I think his song is related about live is a majic.the massage of this song is :If you work hard,Dream will come true!I think you tell us to have our dream,and do somethig to make our dream came true,don’t lose our chance.
Can I read your heart?

Comment by Pinky Tang,1D(31)

I think this song is talking about when we have some question or problem,we should learn how to patience.We should have some frustration,ability know how to grow up.Also,when we do some mistakes,we should know what mistakes did we do.In the song,the rhyme words have:’care’and’air’,’fall’and’wall’.
I love this song very much,because it can know how to confront the frustration.I think this song can give me a urge.

Comment by Wong Ka Man(Karen)1D35

This song is quite great. Is the song having a little bit rock?
There are two pairs of rhyme words: ’air’, ’care’ and ‘fall’, ‘wall’.
This song wants to tell us nothing can compare with our wonderful dreams. I think you want to tell us don’t give up and forget our own dream.

Comment by Lee Hoi Ting,Jessica1D(20)

I think the message of this song is about only you know your dream and soon as you discover your dream,you should action immediately.It’s up to your action if you wish your dream can come ture.We should not give up easily although we become frustrated when we are trying to make our dream come ture.
I think Madam bouteiller want me to understand if I have the target on 1st term exam,I should action now.Don’t worry about if it will success,it is depends on what you have done and how much effort did you pay.

Comment by Lee Sze Wing,Cindy(S1D 22)

This song want to tell us we should study harder and harder.This is a responsibility for student.Getting high mark is not a dream, not amazing.If we try our best, we can do that.

Madame Bouteiller want us to understand if we encountered great difficulties , we cannot give up.In future, we will have many problems.We need to solve.We need to work harder and harder.TRY OUR BEST!!!

Comment by Huen Ka Lun1D14 Jacky

I think this song’s message of is you want us can choose a ture dream. And from now on, we design our dreams now. Remember this message to design our dreams. I think you want to tell us this message.- –

Comment by Tommy CHeng 1D(6)

I think the massage Mrs Bouteiller want to give us is we need to have our dream, our target!Only you know your dream and your target, if you don’t setup your dream, no one can help you, you need to setup it by your real heart!

Comment by Rocky Chan 1D(3)

The rhyme words of this song is’wall’ and ‘fall’

It’s amazing is really a meaningful song!Although the melody of this song is fast,it tell us many things about our dream.When we have our dream.Just do it!The dreamwill achieve or not,it’s up to us.Yes!Achieve the dream is really amazing.But why we can’t achieve it?If we can patience and never give up.Nothing is impossible.Now i am achieving my dream!

Comment by Cheuk Tsz Yan(MIKA) 1D`8

this song is very great! and the melody is very noce! i love it very much. i think mrs bouteiller want to give us the massage is if we find our own dream and nothing can compare with it. only oreself can knoe our heart. if you can discover your dream, it is a amazing thing!XDD

Comment by ashley yue suet ying 1d(39)

The song is good because the song’s melody can make people feel competable and relax.Also,it has a great method.The method noticed me that anyone should has their own dream and target.And then,we need to work hard to get the target and dream.

Comment by TsuiChinPang(ALEX)1D,33

The song have some special meaning.Teach us something,keep your dream to do some difficult thing you may success.Have some setback don’t abandon you may give up.You can create amazing effect.So give up!!!

Comment by Chang Hiu Yan,Renee1D(5)

I feel that the song is encouraging us not to give up when difficulties come. Work harder and harder. I think that Mrs Bouteiller hopes we can overcome difficulties and become stronger and smarter in future.

Comment by Fung Kei Ching

This song’s music is very good.Make us very relax!!!Also the lyrics is meaningful.It tell us
not to stop to do our dream~!I think Mrs.Bouteiller also is going to to tell this to us

Comment by Ryan Ng

I think the melody of this song is soft and relaxing(-u-).and the rhyme words are(>o>):①air>care,②fall>wall and the massage is:Don’t be afraid to face your future,if we be brave to face our future,and we can get a wonderful future.

Comment by jeremy1d(36)

1. The rhyme words of the song is do, you and fall, wall and air, care.
2. I think the message of the song is to tell us to work hard now and you will enjoy in the future,
I think Madame Bouteiller want us to understand we can do thing amazingly if we want to. Patience the frustration and work hard NOW then you can get back something in the FUTURE. Where you fall down and where you need to get up by yourself then you will be stronger and smarter

Comment by Selena 1D 38

I think Mrs bouteiller want me to understand that although we meet some setbacks, we should not give up our dream. Dream is important for us. When we have a dream, we can have a target to improve ourself and let us succeed our aspiration.
This music is very great and meaningful!

Comment by 1D19 Cherry

Sorry, Mrs Bouteiller. The previousone is worng.
1. The rhyme words of the song are do, you and fall, wall and air, care.
2. I think the message of the song is to tell us to work hard now and you will enjoy in the future,
I think Madame Bouteiller want us to understand we can do thing amazingly if we want to. Patience the frustration and work hard NOW then you can get back something in the FUTURE. Where you fall down and where you need to get up by yourself then you will be stronger and smarter

Comment by Selena 1D 38

rhyme words:



Comment by 1D19 Cherry

This song melody is very lovely and great. This song is a meaningful song and very quiet too. The message is tell us we need to work harder and harder. Nothing can compare to deserving our dream.
rhyme words:fall+wall&do+you

Comment by Emily Tsang(1D32)

You’ve got the most important line of the lyrics:

Nothing can compare to deserving your dream.

This is what I want everyone of you to bear this in mind!

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

This song is a good song. It makes people relax. I think it is talking about everyone have a dream and everyone can get the dream too.

Comment by Macro1D,04

I think it is a good song.this song is very soft and relax.Also,it can make people comfortable.I think many one like it because this reason.But I think the background is not good enough.If it is good,the song will be better and I will tell it to my friend to listen to.Beside,this song,s method is also very good.It tells people we need to have a dream,and work harder and harder to get it.

Comment by Ricky Shek 1D(30)

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