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Love is free by Sheryl Crow

I have a song dedicating to you all this morning! Check it out!

My love is free. EVERYBODY! Come and collect it here!

(The following is a cheerful song. I’m sure all you can decode the message of the song in your own way. :-))

Any metaphors? Any associative meaning have you got?

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wOw, her voice is so unique, the part when she sings in the intro, impressed me lol after watching this vid, makes me wanna play this song with my guitar`
This song is spreading the message of peace and love. Think about it, if we’re living in a world with no money, do u think the world will filled with love and peacfulness instead of hate and jealousy?
“Devil take your money, Money’s got no hold on me, everybody’s making love, cause love is free”

The music video is pretty funny, especially the piece of wood that the old man is holding “BE NICE OR LEAVE!”

Comment by MiKE 2C28

Your ‘cm’ is always unique too!

Money is, after all, one of the essential ‘tools’ to live for human after civilisation. No one wants to go backward to be a barbarian again, exchanging a fish with a bag… ๐Ÿ˜›

The point you’ve mentioned is one of the unpleasant circumstances happened under the umbrella of capitalism and rapid growth of competitions in our world today…

Being a student/teacher nowadays is not easy ay… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

People fight with money, and this song spreads message of peace. The singer wants every one in this world love each other, and ‘throw’ all the money. Moreover, the ‘happy melody’ of this song is helping to spread the message too! If there is no more wars, everybody will be much happy, right??
The ‘happy melody’ makes me want to hear the song again and again! ><

Comment by Janice WOng

Yeah! I love peace! No more wars! Smiley everybody!

(My ‘wars’ refers to all fights from family, friends, schools and teachers to globe-wise rivals among different countries.

Remember the English version of the Chinese proverb I asked you to recite last year? ๐Ÿ˜›

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

When I was watching TV, “Love is free”‘s MV showed on my TV screen. What’s a lovely song and I love it! The MV is funny. Men are playing the instrument, a girl is sitting on a boat, the singer is playing guitar, etc.

This song is talking about peace.
The MV started, no longer, a piece of paper appeared on the screen, written on: MAKE LEVEES NOT WAR.
At the end of the MV, a boy is holding a piece of board, written on: BE NICE OR LEAVE.

Comment by YauWaiMei-WINDY2a37

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