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Watch Phantom of the Opera now!

It’s on channel Pearl now! You can miss this wonderful piece of musical!

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Comment by phoebe


It was originally written by French.

Le Fantôme de l’Opéra!

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

I like it.
I watched it twice
I think Christine is very beautiful and her singing is very good.
Phantom of the Opera!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Law Ching(Nicole)-2C24

I’ve watched it last night.It’s a fatastic musical
I love the song of it very much.

Strage and mystery phantom.:-#

Comment by Chloe 2c29

I have watched it. It is very nice!!

Comment by 2a,39 yeung yuen ting(alice)

I watched it last night, too. It was melodious. The man with a mask was ugly, but he sang well.

Comment by becky(2a25)

watch before !!

Comment by sum

the songs on it are so nice and they sing so well.

Comment by PearlyKwong (2c19)

I was watching this programmer too!! I love it so much!! I would like to talk about the song in this movie. Among the songs in this movie, I like the song ‘Think of me’ most. It is because the melody of this song is really soft and I like songs’ melody, which are soft or slow.
This song spread that the singer would like his or her lover will think of him or her. Although he or she is busy, when they’ve got time to stop and think of the singer. Moreover, the singer said that he or she wouldn’t forget his or her lover. He or she will recall the things they did before. He or she don’t think that their love will be evergreen or forever, but he or she wants they will think of each of them even though they were not ‘stay together’.
What a sweet song!!! ><

Comment by Janice WOng

The musical is really good.And their voice so good so they sing very well.And I love this musical because it is good and famous.

Comment by Angela 2A(10)

I have watched it ,too!That’s fantastic!
Besides,I love Phantom very much.Although he has a disfigured face,he is a musical genius.He is a composer,architect,vocalist,and magician.
Lamentably,he cannot have a happy life because he have a ugly face.

Comment by Sam 2a(2)

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