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Song appreciation – So mad by Frente!
October 10, 2008, 7:39 pm
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In poem interpretation, there is no absolute right or wrong answer. Your version can be totally different from mine as long as you have your own reasons.

Don’t just focus on the ‘conceptual meaning’ of the lyrics (basic meaning of a word from dictionary). Find your own ‘*associative meaning’ (words stimulate you to think of other things from your personal experience) from the lyrics to make up your own verison! 

*Associative meaning of a word refer to various associations or connotations that a word has. Connotation refers to the ‘personal’ aspect of meaning, the affective or emotional associations a word elicits (Kreidler, 1998).

Then we describe how the poem and the melody match together in order to generate certain type of feeling or mood to achieve certain purpose in a song. This is why we always have the same song but sung by different singers/bands in a different melody. It is because they want to build up certain kind of mood for us to feel when we listen to the song.

When you can analyse and make up your own version of interpretation (poem+melody), then you can call yourself possessing the quality to appreciate a song.

This is how I interpret the song ‘So mad’ in my own way. 

So mad by Frente!

you’re sleeping I’m not sleep and there’s miles of night

Recently, I couldn’t sleep at night. I have a lot of sleepless nights. Therefore I look like a ghost! Woooo….. I wanted to go to bed at 10 and wake up at 6 so that I have 8-hour sleep every day. However, how some of you didn’t put in effort on your homework can be washed away from my brain. I’m still worried and puzzled how I can push you guys to bring your brain and heart whenever you do your homework. I keep thinking and thinking. I can’t sleep. My night is million miles long.


I see something shining where there is no light


The ‘something’ shining refers to the problem I see. ‘No light’ means no directions to me. I’m seeing many of my students are not trying their best when they do their homework. This problem is just too obvious. If they continue like this, I’m really seeing ‘no light’ in their future. The problem is here, but I have no directions how to solve this problem…


I just want to bury it and throw away the weeds when they grow


‘Bury it’ means to give up on you to me. When you are growing, if I give you up, then I just treat you like weeds being thrown away. I don’t want to do that. My students deserve teacher’s help to grow and blossom one day. I can’t give you up but I’m frustrated, and then, sleepless.


what makes me so mad?


I really feel confused and lost, not knowing what to do. I thought I have tried my best already, but still feel bad….


that scream to wake the birds is only my heart beating


In my sleepless nights, all I can hear is just my heart beating loudly like scream to wake the birds. Why is my heart beating so much? Maybe it’s because I’m worried and nervous, about how to lead you all to live the fullest life. I do expect you all can be outstanding and successful as you grow up.


(let me tell you the rest next lesson. It may be too exhausting for you to read so much of my writing! :-P) 

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Mrs Bouteiller,
Thank for your teaching, we guarantee that we will try to do our best in homework which you like.Let’s make happy monment in everday.

Comment by winnie 2a 9

Mrs Bouteiller,
Thank you for your heart teaching.And I will enjoy my English lessons very much.

Comment by Sharon 2C(12)

Sorry Mrs bouteiller.We make you scared in the night.Thank you for your good teaching.I think we can enjoy our English lessons.I will also pay more efforts in my homework.

Comment by Jimmy 2C40

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