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Howie Day by Collide

Try another song to enjoy another quiet day off.

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Wow~I like the Disneyland prinese , all of them have a romance story .The most profound is the mermaid , some of the people said that she was die finally but some of the people said she get married with the prince .Why the good person die very early(the musician , the singer >.<)so mother always said don’t be a famous people otherwise you will die very early.

Comment by Gigi

(The thirdteenth Comment) above

Comment by Gigi

Disney: )
The princess and the prince.
They accompany we in our childhood.
The fairy story is worderful,although is not real in reality.
Fantasy is really good and I day-dream everyday because in the illusion,everything is worderful and good.
Everything that you want will be appear:D

Comment by yuk 2A(18)

This song also is a love song.And I think the song is gentle.The blackground,we can see alot of love fairy tale story.And it show,it must have happy time and unhappy time when you is together with the companion.It will not is all happy or unhappy time in the love.And I guess Chrissie is a sentiment people

Comment by Taururs Wong2C39

When I listen the song again, I felt I am in the children’s sky. I remember when I was small, I loved Disneyland very much, especially in the cartoons. Disneyland gave me a lot of memories. When I watch these cartoons again, I yearn very much for the time I watch them in the past.

Comment by Roger

It is about prince and princese.They fall in love.And when they stay together they are very happy.And the song is good.

Comment by Angela 2A(10)

I enjoy this song very much.I remember lot of romantic stories’s scene in disneyland during I listening to the song.I also thought the memory about my first time go to Disneyland. It amazing!It take away my unhappy things.

Comment by Sam 2a(2)

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