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A day tour to Paris with jazz

Letting the music take you for a while is not a crime!

Various types of music evaporate upon unique places on earth every day. Our world is too beautiful to be forgotten, sometimes, isn’t it?

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Long time no see,haha
Miss the happy period that you taught 2D last year:D

Comment by Yvonne:)

I miss you too! You were quietly sitting in the middle of the classroom providing us with accurate answers at all time!

I love SpongeBob and listening to 4 in the morning every day now! 😛

It’ll be exactly a year tomorrow. Time flies…

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

I feel relax when listening to the music.
It makes me sigh with emotion.@@

Comment by yuk 2A(18)

The scenery of the Paris is very beatiful.Although scenery of the Hong Kong at light is the most beautiful,the Eiffel tower,the shop,the road,night scene,some house like Castle, etc,also beautiful.And I can see what the people do at night in Paris.For example,a man plays the guitar.It makes me want to go there.But I think the airplane ticket are not cheap.

Comment by Taururs Wong2C39

Paris is a city that full of the culture of ancient period and modern times in France. This show that the people are creative and they know it is important to keep the buildings which have high historical value, and I think the art is a symbol of Paris. But in China, the publics do not protect the this kind of buildings and daub of the wall! I think the government is responsible to educate them.

Comment by Johnny

i always want to go to these places
(long time no see:)

Comment by sum

i always want to visit these places .
( long time no see:)

Comment by sum

wow, I feel excited when I listen to this song.
It makes me feel relax. The picture on the video is funny and creatively. I want to travel in Paris. The views are very beautiful. When you have time, share some intersting things and photos of your journey in different countries with us. Haha!

Comment by Kwok Ho Yiu Yoyo 2c 17

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