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Workaholic or ‘Blogaholic’?
October 5, 2008, 8:42 pm
Filed under: My Weekly Journal

After assigning the ‘CM:TV’ homework, my head has been stuck on different TV channels and the ‘CM’ section of my blog. I do enjoy reading one comment after another and seeing everyone of you have learnt something new and fun this weekend. By 20:30 on Sunday now, I can’t deny that I’ve been pondering whether I’m a workaholic or ‘blogaholic’.

Couch potato doesn’t seem precise enough to describe my whole weekend lying on my bed in front of the TV all the time. How about Mattress Skeleton? ><

(I’ve put a lot of my effort and written pretty much in my weekly journal this weekend. I expect more from you, my 1D class!)

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Which programme(s) have you watched?
What is it about? What is it in details?
It is about a bad man takes a ‘stone’,it can make the energy lost, so the people want to get back the ‘stone’.
Whom did you watch it with?
I watch it with my sister.
What do you think about the programme? Why?
I thing it is interesting because I like films with some danger.
What can we learn from the programme and how is it related to our life in Hong Kong?
It is interesting so it can related our life in Hong Kong.

Comment by Laurent(17)1d

Blogaholic lol
I think it was a so nice to spend the whole weekend on watching different tv prgrammes on your bed=]

Comment by MiKE 2C28

Drink beverage , have a desserts on the bed was the most enjoyment of ease and comfort thing in the world . In your writing , I can see that you have really given much thought to the matter , we make you disappointed but I hope we can make you take 1D pride in!!(The second Comment)Gigi

Comment by Gigi

After I read your commets,I am so happy to see you that you enjoy to read our TV commets because you pay much efforts than us in the commets.I think it is good for us to see the TV on the weekend because we can learn more english.

Comment by Jimmy 2C40

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