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Flower Power
October 4, 2008, 9:53 am
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Just found out the English name of this flower – Calla Lily

It’s my all-time favourite. This picture pumps up my ‘white-calla-lily-possessive-impulsiveness’ for this weekend! I really want to dash to the Flower Market at this moment. Get my head together!

Isn’t it stylishly taken?

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though i ain’t so interested in plants and flowers, but this photo is so stylishly and nicely taken. i like the photo. beautiful flower too =]
I’ve tried so hard to plant, and without killing them so quickly lol

Comment by MIKE

I miss my plant in my mom’s home. Before I went to San Francisco last time, my mom has taken care of watering the plant for me since then. When I got back two weeks later, the plant had grown up ‘wildly’! It’s approaching the length of my legs now!

But what is my plant?

‘Funny-how’, I have no ideas! 😛

Whenever I came across any seeds of the food I was eating, I dug it a home in my pot! Sometimes it’s orange; sometimes it’s lychee; sometimes it’s kiwi, papaya, cucumber…… Wow, my sister described it as ‘wild grass’ in Cantonese. ><

BTW, is this Mike the Mike who promised to send his xanga to me thru email?

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

haha, alright, this is it : arlo008, check it out.
i lost my intranet password, so i gotta get it back from Mr Lo later.

Comment by This is THE Mike =]]

Lilly give people feel graceful and elegant but I like SUNFLOWER most , although they are not very beautiful but they can give people full of youthful vigor and vitality like 1D because 1D is the most united class in the school!!!(The third Comment)Gigi

Comment by Gigi

Although my favourite flower is not lily, I still enjoy it because I can smell the fragrance of the lily.It is so nice.Although I think this flower is not so beautiful,it still have it own advantages.

Comment by Jimmy 2C40

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