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The Dark Knight & Joker on YouTube
September 30, 2008, 10:02 pm
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Are you going to be a Joker for Halloween? 😛

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hah, that was interestin’ =)
yeah, lots of people are gonna put on the Joker’s make up for halloween, some of my friends are plannin’ for it too. but, not for me. i think it’s kinda stupid lol
However, I love the Joker’s voice impersonation in the video, especially the laughing voice, it’s halarous! haha

Comment by Lo Wing Chun, Mikael(2C28)

Yeah! I’ve extracted Joker’s voice from the movie trailer and made it as my message ringtone. I can listen to Joker’s voice whenever I receive an sms on my mobile now. It’s really hilarious!! 😛

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

haha, that’s crazy! u made Joker’s voice as yr msg ringtone?! You probably would laugh at it whenever your recieve a msg lol
anyways, that’s really cool~

Comment by Lo Wing Chun, Mikael(2C28)

I like the joker too.I always use this name in the online game~~~

Comment by JackyLaw 2a14

(The sixth Comment)
Joker’s appearance made people feel very scare . Also , I heard a pieces of news said that he was die by eat so much psychiatry’s medication . Therefore , It made me feel more terrified .

Comment by Gigi

I am not going to be a joker for Halloween. It is because I afraid of ghost and I do not want to scare anyone. It is because I know how terrified when other people scare another one. So I am not going to be a joker for Halloween and I will not scare anyone.

Comment by Angela 2A(10)

i didn’t watch the’Dark Knight’last summer.But I don’t want to be the joker.Because his apperance is ugly but he attracts the people.I want to be an evil and sly charcte(eg.vampire) to scare the people.Haalloween is coming soon,I hope our class can hold a horrible party and terrify our classmates.

Comment by Choi Chi Hin

Halloween is a very interesting festival. We can threaten to our schoolmates without any punishment. We can act something strange and terrible faces. I remember that when I was small, a ‘ghost’ was threaten me and I ran very fast away and hid behind my mother. Luckily, I did not urinating at that time.^^

Comment by Roger

I think the joker is not horror enough .So I won’t be a joker in Halloween .I am going to be a horror killer in Halloween. I think it is more horror than joker.

Comment by Sammi (1) 2A (12)

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