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Tofu song!
September 28, 2008, 9:33 am
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Tofu = metaphor = ? ><

Why Tofu?!

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I remenber ur tofu gag x]

Comment by kwokjoey


Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

Where did you find this song ?? The song was interesting and hilarious … but why it play again , again and again ?? But the most interesting is the people use the ToFu to metaphor the leg ?? so funny>>>>>(the tenth Comment)

Comment by Gigi

I like the hot pot which is in this song/film.It is very cute.There is a lot of “Tofu” in the song.And I see some Japanese word in the song.When the hot pot know it has to find a tofu.It was very scare.But when it sees a “Beautiful tofu lady”,I think the hot pot begin “love” she.But the song is always”tofu”
“tofu” and “tofu” ,so I don’t very like this song.
And this song is a “Tofu gag”?

Comment by Taururs Wong2C39

The video is very funny.The Tofu is very good and is it a gag?Atlough I do not know what is the song singing about,I like it.

Comment by Angela 2A(10)

Amm…this Tofu song is very funny.
I like eatting Tofu very much and it is very healthy.
The japanese are so creative.The drawing very
Colorful.So amazing

Comment by ChancheukyinOwen

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