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Human Tetris
September 24, 2008, 6:26 pm
Filed under: Elect 2 - Modern Life

I’m only good at the 2D version of the game of Tetris. Are you good at the 3D version?

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Haha!! It is too interesting! A human 3D form Tetris!! A line will be disappeared when there it has been form. And it got real background music too!! Someone sing the background music by ‘moom’, and one of them laugh it out!! People’s design is very careful! There is a place for the next Tetris! Haha!! I would like to play this if there is a chance for me. Where is it from? May I have a fly to there?? =]

Comment by Janice WOng

I think nowadays people were become more and more creative and they invented a lot of different entertainments.I think this 3D ‘Human Tetris’was really interesting and disverting.It needs privity between each people and the creativity of them,otherwise,how can they did this kind of good game?Will they invent other games?

Comment by Danny in 2A

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