Edutainment – Bouteiller’s English Teaching in Hong Kong

Aimi Kobayashi

Guess how old she is?!

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A young and talent child!

Comment by Marco@3A

If just look her looks,i think she only was 6-7 years old, but, when she plays the piano, she should be an adult.

let me tell you a interesting news^_^
Barack Obama ,should be spell like this!
you spell one more “r”. =]

Comment by Florence Tsang 2c ,34


Comment by phoebe


Comment by Law Ching(Nicole)-2C24

This girl was great ! ! ! The piano for her was very large , I was ashamed that I thought that the flute for me was very difficult because it was too long so I always blame that and do not want to practice it so that I can’t be a good flute performer , I think I need to study her .(The seventh Comment)

Comment by Gigi

I think the girl is only 4 or 5 years old. She is so young but can played very well and outstanding from the same age children who are doing the same thing!!! I play the piano for a long time and the little girl played better than me, I must more hardworking~~

Comment by Phoebe Tam ( 2A 32 )

This little girl can be pluck the piano so excellence, but I think she maybe only 2-3 years old. In fact, if we love in it and always practice for it. Every foolish person can be very clever. We study English for several years, but we didn’t speak much well. It is because we didn’t love it and interest in it, so, if you really want to study well in English, you must be love it first.

Comment by Roger

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