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Ninja Knowledge
September 11, 2008, 11:22 am
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Are you still at the stage of web 2.0? Ninja’s web knowledge is web 4.5! 

Check it out (you, fanatics of bloody ideas!!)

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such a interesting video~
The Ninjas are very cute!!!!

Comment by Christy (2c 16)

What are u saying?Christy.=.=

Comment by Chan Chi Ho

I like this film very much.A reporter is asking a cute ninja about “ninja
knowledge”.And the ninja is very ooperation to answer the question.And it
has a lot of funny picture!In the beginning,it have not any “gag”,only
just like a “Q&A”.But in the finally,the ninja said he wanted to kill
the reporter,I like this very much.Really a”Hiding a dagger in a smile”!

Comment by WongHoChingTaurus2c39

This viedo is very interesting, especially the people. This is about the ninja knowledge. There is a person(I think is the reporter)ask the ninja questions and I think the person who dub the ninja is very funny(the way he speak.)=]

Comment by Phoebe Tam ( 2A 32 )

A funny movie!There have many funny picture,why Mrs. Bouteiller you haven’t lets us see this cute and funny Ninja?I think we will laugh at everytime!Are there have a real blog about the Ninja?I am looking forward to see it!

Comment by sara lee1D (21)

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