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English Class Grouping
September 8, 2008, 12:32 pm
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Form your own group of 4 and sit accordingly each English lesson.

We will start our lesson with 5-10-minute discussion every lesson.

Each of you in your own group will have the following role respectively:

1) a leader – To start the discussion by saying ‘Today, we’re going to talk about (topic). Do you have any ideas?’ and make sure the group is on task and that every member contributes.

2) a scribe – jot down notes and type it out on the blog after school on the same day. (member names, no. and roles)

3) a presenter – report discussion to the class.

4) a discussant – question member’s contribution.

* Rotate roles in each lesson.

Subject leader will check at 8 am the next day and hand in the name list of completing this task.

Term mark will be counted for this.

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leader:Ho Cheuk Fai
scribe:Chow Kin Fung
presenter:Fung Sui Yeung
discussant:Choi Chi Hin

Apple is all in dancing and pop music.They think that it will be parting ways with long time chip supplier PortalPlayer.The campaigns include television commercials, print ads, posters in public places, and wrap advertising campaigns. All of these advertising techniques are unified by a distinctive, consistent style that differs from their other products.
Their target audience is pop music fanatics,especially young teenages and youger adult.

Comment by Chow Kin Fung

presenter:Lo Wing Chun
discussant:Ng Hing Yu

Today, we had discussed something about apple ipod,
how is apple different from other brands?
why the advertisement use graphic to do an introduction ? And who is the target audience?
After completing the discussion,
we had thought some point why the people will buy it,
the shape is more beautiful ,
especially, the volume is so strong, extremely stronger than other mp4.
Therefore , the teenagers like that, we thought if pop music incorporate with dance , the teenagers will even more like it, maybe, the ipod designer think so,
another important thing is the teenagers always like to have something same to their friends.
Presently, apple ipod is on the cutting edge of trends that spread nationwide.

Comment by Florence Tsang 2c ,34


Today,we’re talking about what will you bring if there has the earthquake.
We all think,the first important thing is bring our families to a safe place.The second important thing is bring our money.But that must be we can be safe at that time.Therefore we can bring out some money.
But I think,if there really have a earthquake,I think we don’t have anytimes to bring anythings.

In this action,I know that,our families are my important thing!

Comment by sara lee1D21


today i am going to present to all of you
what do we need to bring when it is a evaucatru.
First all of us will bring money and moble phones.Because we are greedy and we can context each other.And than Michelle and mika will bring money food and drinks.Because they need to eat many food.Next Charlie will bring money,pens,dolls.Because all of them need to use money to buy.finally fiona will bring her home key and her families .Because she loves her prents very much. This is the end of my presention.Thank you!

Comment by Cheuk Tsz Yan(MIKA) 1D`8


Today,i’m talking about what do wo bring when it is a evaucatru.
Amy and Cindy will bring money when it is a evaucatru because we can use money to by things we is inneed.
Sara and I will bring families because it is important than everythings.
It is the end of my presention,Thank you!!!

Comment by Hui Tung Lam(Kammy)1D.15


Today,i will talking about what do wo bring when it is a evaucatru.
Amy and Cindy will bring money when it is a evaucatru because we can use money to by things we is inneed.
Sara and I will bring families because it is important than everythings.
It is the end of my presention,Thank you!!!

Comment by Hui Tung Lam(Kammy)1D.15

Group leader:Tse Yee Lam(35)
Scribe:Wong Hing Yee(38)
presenter:Wong Ho Ching(39)
disscuant:Ng Woon Ting(30)

Q1-How is Apple different from other brands?
Q2-Have you ever thought of the reason why they produce their products and advertisements in this way?
Q3-Who is their target audience? Is it you?

Our conclusion:

Apple produce products for different people and they think of something, which is fit to the customers.

We think the reason of why they produce their products and advertisements in this way are because they want to attract people more. In the commercial, the background is colorful, we think they want us to know when we are using the Apple products, and our life will be colorful. Many people dance in the commercial, they are all teenagers. Therefore we think the target audience is teenagers. Moreover, they are listening to the pop music, and we think their target audience is music fanatics too.

Comment by Janice WOng

Group leader:(17)
presenter:Wong Ho Ching(24)
disscuant:Ng Woon Ting(23)

If we need to evacate ,We will bring our relatives first.It is becuase the family is the most important
thing.Our family attend we lots of time so we need to bring them awaythe dangerous.The second thing is
money because in this world ‘no money no talk’.If we have nothing money. We cannot buy anything.this is
the end of my presentation.

Comment by liao kong lap (1D)(24)

Group leader:(6)
Today,we are talking about what do we bring when it is a evacuate.Kary says she will bring money and NDS because she can use money to buy something.Tommy says he will bring his model because he can play with them anytime.Gigi says she will bring money,her pets and her family because she wants to save her family.

Comment by Cheng Ho Lam

After doing some group homework such as listen to a music the write a report of the music or type the answer on the blog.I think It is very important.Do you know why i think it is important?Because it can improve my listening.If our Visul art failed.Listening can help us to make the result average.

Comment by cHOW kIN fUNG

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