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Solar energy technology breakthrough!
August 15, 2008, 12:32 pm
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Dessert=energy?! Hurray to Israel!

I kept clapping my hands when I was watching a Mandarin/Putonghua TV program introducing solar power products and technology one after one. I was amazed by all the innovative and environmental-friendly solar energy technology breakthrough.

Here are some of the technology introduced:

Solar Powered Car!

Students are young and cute, but they are doing a great big solar house project in New York! Will you be doing big projects like this when you are about 19~20 years old at university?

Solar Home Community in Germany

Let’s see how the young couple make money by buying a solar house

Rotating solar house cited from

There are still some more solar energy products introduced too, like a solar power laptop, but I can’t find the related video… 😦

Our planet is not dying! We have hopes! Will you be in solar energy development industry when you grow up? 🙂

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Wow!! So creative!

Comment by Danny in 2A

Nowadays,human were facing a great serious problem–leak of energy sources!More and more fossil fuel were used up and they were harmful to the earth,wildlife and the nature but also human.So we must find another kind of fuel or energy sources which does not cause harmful effects–alternative energy.They were not fossil fuel but came from the nature such as wind power,solar power,tidal power,geothermal power…Solar power is the most efficient way to obtain and to use without affecting the nature.So that solar power were wildspread to the world and become a common efficient way to generate electricity.

Comment by Danny in 2A

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