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Simon’s cat in ‘TV Dinner’
July 17, 2008, 4:02 pm
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This is my favourite video of today! Are you like this cat sometimes? 😛

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This video make me laugh:)
I love this cat^3^

Comment by phoebe

The cat is so naughty!

Comment by Angel

I love the cat’s ‘meow’!
It is so cute.

Comment by Chloe

haha,it is very funny although i don’t know the meaning or the message of this story.But the cat is very cute but naughty,it always bothers his master when he is watching tv,however,he didn’t get angry easily.Besides,i think that the imageof the cat and its master is simliar.

Comment by Choi Chi Hin

I think it is a funny video. The metaphor in this video is nowadays the young people like us always ignored by their parents. When I was studying in the last few years, I saw many of my classmates like to play around without any adult’s looking. It was dangerous if they were harmed or deceived by the unknown people. But their parents need to work in the office, they were not free to take care of them, because of their lives were supplied by the money, by working! I think it is a serious problem to us.

Comment by Johnny

I think this video is very fun. The master is very kind to the cat. When he was watching TV, his cat scratched the sofa and even scratched him.
When the master’s telephone was ringing, the cat didn’t go off his legs. After the master picked up the phone, the cat didn’t move away on the sofa. When the master was enjoying to the TV, the cat switch off the TV and ate the TV controller. If I am its master, I think I will close it into a cage and continue to watch TV.

Comment by Pang Wing Yi 1D 28

Simon’s cat wants its master play with it. but simon ignored the cat used all the methods to stop simon watch tv. the cat and simon are quite selfish.the cat only wants simon play with it. simon only wants to watch tv. they didn’t care about each other. hence,they are not happy at the end.

Comment by Chloe

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