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I’m yours by Jason Mraz

I like the way it sounds… relaxing summer days…

I would like to travel to America, chilling out like him too. Where would you like to travel to this summer?

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It is relax song~:p The landscapes is beautiful.I would like to learn how to swim to pass my swimming exam.

Comment by Channy:]

Learn learn learn!!! I support you!

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

1) Can you find any metaphors in the song? What are they refering to?
1) Yes, I can find any metaphors in the song. I suppose this song is talking about our life.
2) Whom is the singer singing to? Does the word ‘yours ’ refer to something else in one’s life?
2) H is singing to his loving girl and the word “yours” refer to love and the care of someone who love him.
3) In which situations the singer couldn’t hesitate anymore?
3) The singer wants to get something so he couldn’t hesitate anymore.
4) What is the message of the song and what does it remind us?
4) It refer please don’t hesitate and look into your heart and you’ll find love.

Comment by Emily (Chiu Pui Man)

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