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Your love is a lie by Simple Plan

This song is dedicated to all Simple Plan’s fans, especially Marco. (Thanks for your support and consistently left me CMs!)

If you think you’re in love with anyone, make sure that you really love each other and try your best to help each other to become a better person. This is what love is all about. Don’t you ever lie to your love one!

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hey, i love this song too;-)
why don’t you post on the official one?!
it’s exacyly draws the lyrics out=]

Comment by da!sy

I’m sure many of you have watched the official one. So why don’t we watch another one? There’re always many different versions on youtube that we can see how creative and competitive netizens are nowadays.

Without a doubt, the official one is always the significant one.

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

It’s unique one. It is quite special when compare with anothers. Thanks Mrs. Bouteiller.(haha! My favourite S

Comment by Marco~2D

It is really a nice song.:) Love is wonderful.
I love you,Mrs Bouteiller!:]

Comment by Channy:]

ha =] i love the movie more than the song
it’s the online game called ‘runescape’
i’ve been playing for few month =D
it’s funny to give out the lyric by this way.

Comment by alex

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