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Composition Masterpiece!
July 2, 2008, 12:20 pm
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The following students are the remarkable ones chosen by the teacher. Their score is from 85 to 90! We should learn from them.

Check it out!

Bowie     CCK     Connie     Daisy     Jenna     Marco

Is there any areas of the above compositions that you like?

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It seems that they have got a good results. I think I am too far behind to catch up with/v\.My composition score always get e!!!!!!! I like marco composition most because I think he have thoughtful idea and have question to ask reader to make them think deeper:*)! It sound easy but I can’t do it in my composition. And also I think I should use more phrase word in my composition=p

Comment by phoebe

When I read my composition from the above file, I compared the handwriting with the other five students, my hand writing is the worse!=.=”

This is also the first time I get higher than 82 marks in composition test or exam. But,I have made some careless mistakes so I should improve more and look more other’s composition.

However, I like the third paragraph of Daisy ‘s composition most since it is the most thoughtful and it is very convincible.

Comment by Marco~2D

It’s glad to see that you guys appreciate the work of yourself and each other. 😀

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

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