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my Kung Fu Panda review
June 29, 2008, 8:42 pm
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After waiting for and promoting the movie Kung Fu Panda for so long, I can finally smack the series of incredible animation and superstar voice cast in the IMAX cinema this afternoon.

Animation, illustraction and the character design can’t be any better. I do appreciate all the hard work that DreamWorks has put in. This foreign producer did spend some time on the research of Chinese – from the idea of a ‘spooky’ broken vase to a myth of ‘secret ingredient’ – Chinese philosophy. I can enjoy a belly laugh as well as the meditative messages behind the movie.

Some people may find the message of the movie too trivial and the movie is just stupid enough to entertain children. To me, I’m inspired by these statements brought out in the movie:

1. Yesterday is history; Tomorrow is mystery; Today is a gift. Therefore we call this – Present

2. There’s no secret ingredient. (When you look at the blank dragon scroll, you can only see yourself) All you need to succeed is simply – to believe.

I’m facsinated and motivated to work after watching this movie, especially when I have been facing a lot of obstacles and frustration in life during the last few months.

Jack Black did an exceptional voice cast in Kung Fu Panda. How can we not watch the English version? I wonder if the Cantonese version can produce the same SPIRIT, atmosphere and feeling to the audience as the orignal version. To watch the Cantonese version, why not on a Sunday morning discount session?

Jack Black, the Kung Fu Panda

Fans Review

Kung Fu Panda Red Carpet

Kung Fu Panda the Game

However, the movie could be longer… I feel it’s a pity. Because the characters are so well-designed, their characteristics could be expanded in the context instead of just having a team fight and going home when the shifu was in trouble.

Well, when will you watch it?

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It is really a nice movie. I could not control myself and I watched it before it performed in Hong Kong, so I could only listen the English. I also deep think “Yesterday is history; Tomorrow is mystery; Today is a gift. Therefore we call this – Present” this sentence for a long time. I think this sentence is meaningful and it can edify us in our lives, but I still didn’t know how to spell ‘mystery’ because I didn’t know its meaning until you typed the word in your blog. Now I know it. Thank you.^^

Comment by Roger Ho

I could only watched the subtitles of the Chinese version before ‘昨日之日不可留, 明日之日未可知, 今日之日勝現金, 那就是為什麼叫作”現今”了.’

Comment by Roger Ho

I’m happy for you Roger! It’s glad to hear that you’ve learnt.

I’m still trying to figure out the gift of today… 😛 In fact, I’m still feeling blue… 😦

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

i will watch it with my friends tomorrow!! =]]

Comment by Janice WOng

Which version did you watch? What do you think?

I’ve just watched the Cantonese version of the trailer. It can’t bring out the spirit and the original vocal charm of Kung Fu Panda. I won’t watch the Cantonese version now. >< Trust me – Jack Black did an exceptional and uncomparable voice cast of the Panda in English!

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

I was enjoy to watch the panda with bright facial expression!It is interesting!KAKA!The sound that send out from it when it is going to fight such as “WAH AR” is very interesting.It really like a person who very good at kung fu.

Comment by Channy:]

ithnk that your fashion designing is very good and i would like to be a fashion designer myself could you please get back to me asap mant thanks tyler x

Comment by tyler marson

really interesting Xd”

Comment by `MIcHaEl〥〃

I have watch this film before with my friend.
I watched the chinese version.
Because my English is poor!
After watch this film, I have learn something.
Every thing is easy.
The main point are try and believe.
Just do it!

Comment by Cathy(2c.22)

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