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“‘Tofu’ gag” of the day!
June 5, 2008, 10:01 pm
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I’m so happy today! Thank you for all my students! Thank you for supporting me! I felt like being a film star this afternoon! 😛

I told my husband everything about my students of today as usual. I said that all my students are very polite and well-educated. They can finish conjugating 100 verbs (300 conjugations) in or before 15 minutes. Some of them even got ALL CORRECT out of 200 verbs (600 conjugations) with 20 minutes! I thought that they couldn’t wait to see me off on this last school day of the year, but they were so sweet and nice to me! (even kissed me twice right on my face!! :-P)

The most adorable statement to show my students are polite and well-educated is the following:

‘Can you shout at us, please?’ the boss said.


Send me all the pics!!! to my gmail please!! I love you all and definitely miss you all too!!! I’m seeing you all very successful persons when you grow up! **** muah muah muah muah **** 🙂

Thank you Alex! You’re going to get good marks in the proofreading section!!! Yeah!

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Mrs bouteiller, thank you for you to teach us for this year. In fact, when I met you at the first time, I was worried and had a troublesome feeling because I knew that you didn’t speak Cantonese to your students. I worried about I can’t communicate with you and cannot learn anything. Times flying, you already taught us for a year and we already built up a deep love on you unwittingly. Recollect everything happened in this year, there is an indescribable feeling. Friendship, the older it grows, the stronger it is. I have heard a meaningful sentence, “Loving you is a wonderful thing, that is worth to spend a life time”, I think this sentence can be to describe the feeling of all 1A students. Hope you will teach us in F.2.
We are Chinese, ought not to speak a lot of English to communicate. Oh, change language~
阿煲老師, 其實你個名煲啲野, 係煲啲乜野ar? 煲冬瓜? 定係煲番薯ar? 唔係, 係博啲乜野先岩xd

Comment by Roger Ho

I want to ask what is ur MSN Mrs.Botuteiller?

Will u teach us in Form.2 ?

You are a good teacher!

We will miss u!


Comment by Danny

Dear Mrs.Bouteiller :(^u^)

Will u add me in MSN ?

My MSN account is !

Comment by Danny

Mrs.B0uteiller: Thx for you teach us for about one year. Actually, I didn’t like you at first because you gave us much homework to do. I thought that you were evil! When we were going to have the first term examination, you also gave us much homework. I felt very unfortunately to have an English teacher that gave me 15 pages of worksheet that two-sided of paper were full of words and blanks. But later, I knew that you were a good teacher! Although you always asked 1A to watch the TV programmer, you just want to improve our English level. You were very angry when you knew us plagiarism because you didn’t want us to be dishonest. And I also knew that you cried in the lessons because you were too worried about us. So, I was glad to have such a good teacher and I want to say ‘thanks’ to you!
多謝你!’博’D 野老師=] 希望出年你都可以係度教我地啦!

Comment by jEnNY cHeuNG

proofreading :
second paragraph, first sentense

‘I told me husband everything about my students of today as usual.’

should be : told my husband

Comment by alex

Mrs Bouteiller,thank you for teaching us this year.First time,I think you are a serious teacher but,,,,Now I think that you are a friendly teacher.This year,I learn a lot of things in English.During the english lesson,I think it is very interesting.Time flies,you already teach us for a year.It was really a unforgettable experience.Hope you can teach us in F.2 .
Michael Wong


Comment by `MIcHaEl〥〃

ha =D
i hope so

Comment by alex

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