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Journée de Gourmet(fine food & drink; both French & English); Day of Gourmet!
June 1, 2008, 11:19 pm
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Last week was a drama to me. Not only was I busy marking all the formal speeches and S1 writings and attending English enrichment courses at university, but also did my week end with the rumour of listening exam paper, but seeing this chance is absolutely the right time to educate students’ interpersonal communication skills. After all it’s not so bad. I just felt exhausted and stressed with the exam papers setting ahead.

Since it has been a long time that I haven’t had a day off with my husband and today is the first day of the month, okay, the Element, here I come!!! I was well-prepared for any fancy fashion boutiques’ membership aquisition, but this time, I was carried away by ‘SUPER’ GOURMET!!!

We started our ‘Journée de Gourmet’ with Spanish Tapas and Sangria. Fred was so glad that I’d order a glass of Baby Sangria as he knew that I was not going to finish which he would have to finish 2 glasses. He loved it.

In the evening, I wanted to eat lobsters. Where could we go? We wandered among restaurants and got into the MEGU, a modern Japanese cuisine restaurant.

I’ve never tried eating ‘UNI'(not sure if the Japanese is right) raw from its shelf like this! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!!!


more appetizer: Jumbo Shrimp

Here comes my lobster!! This is the Grilled Miso-Marinated Lobster!!! Yoooooooooooooooooooo!!!


My dinner wound up with Matcha Tiramisu…. yum yum…….


Tonight, I also tried the ever-fresh wasabi! The waitress was scrubbing the wasabi in front of the dining table before putting a bit on our dish.

After tonight, I think Fred and I need to get onto ‘Mark 6′ for more Journée de Gourmet! 😛 (just kiddin’)

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wow! yummy/_\

Comment by phoebe

It sounds great;)
lobsters… yummy

Comment by B0W!E:)


Comment by ♥kw0kj0ey `

w0w`IS it very expensive?
Did you eat the sea urchin?

Comment by jEnNY cHeuNG

they look very yummy~

Comment by 。◕‿◕。Jenny Chan~

it was a great day!
i can see u 2 in the second photo which was the jumbo shrimp.(There is a mirror behind) =D

Comment by alex

That was really an amazing day~ =]
That lobsters really look very nice (I really fond on seafoods), it makes me feel hungry just by looking at it!!
As you’re being so tired in the past few weeks, let me wish you to have more great days to spent with your husband!!=D And don’t forget to upload the pictures if you have another ‘Journée de Gourmet’ !! =P

Comment by Fiona

Wow. It sounds great!!!!
The looks of the food are so beautiful!!

Comment by Christy Kong


Comment by ting>x


Comment by GLORIA.

Miss Bouteiller,
Thanks for you to teach us!We love you so much~
Hope you will teach us next year!
Please let us call you煲老師once!Once only!

Comment by 。◕‿◕。Jenny Chan~

Mrs. Bouteiller,
your Cantonese is good!!!
AR!you haven’t tell us the word that about your age~^^

Comment by Emily^^

Mrs. Bouteiller
I love you=]
Hope that you will teach us in Form 2.
博老師. 多謝你=]
by: A_ _ _ _

Comment by 1a 黃凱霖

You are so beautiful.=]

Comment by Alice

Mrs Bouteiller,
Thanks for you of teaching us this year.
All of us will miss you and love you.
Hope you can teach us forever!!!!
Well, same as Emily,please tell us the word that about your age. xd

Comment by Christy Kong

博博.我愛妳 ;]

Comment by ♥kw0kj0ey `

i love you !!!@@
I really enjoy your lessons.

Comment by Kelly

Mrs. Bouteiller
The photos are very beautiful, of course you are beautiful also.I love you very much!Thank you for your care!
煲老師/博老師 謝謝你

Comment by Calla

Thank your for your teaching”
i hope you will teach us next year=]
I won’t forget today “

Comment by KAREN

博博… 我好愛你=]
唔捨得你. 博博…
好想你Form2 繼續教我地
I love you!
BY: A_ _ _ _

Comment by 黃凱霖

好吾捨得妳牙 =[[
好想你form 2 繼續教我地.
多謝你用心既教導 =]

by janice wong =]

Comment by Janice

强烈希望升上 form 2你仲會教我!XD

你估吓我係邊個! A_ _a


Comment by 鍾思悅

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