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my Kung Fu Panda review
June 29, 2008, 8:42 pm
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After waiting for and promoting the movie Kung Fu Panda for so long, I can finally smack the series of incredible animation and superstar voice cast in the IMAX cinema this afternoon.

Animation, illustraction and the character design can’t be any better. I do appreciate all the hard work that DreamWorks has put in. This foreign producer did spend some time on the research of Chinese – from the idea of a ‘spooky’ broken vase to a myth of ‘secret ingredient’ – Chinese philosophy. I can enjoy a belly laugh as well as the meditative messages behind the movie.

Some people may find the message of the movie too trivial and the movie is just stupid enough to entertain children. To me, I’m inspired by these statements brought out in the movie:

1. Yesterday is history; Tomorrow is mystery; Today is a gift. Therefore we call this – Present

2. There’s no secret ingredient. (When you look at the blank dragon scroll, you can only see yourself) All you need to succeed is simply – to believe.

I’m facsinated and motivated to work after watching this movie, especially when I have been facing a lot of obstacles and frustration in life during the last few months.

Jack Black did an exceptional voice cast in Kung Fu Panda. How can we not watch the English version? I wonder if the Cantonese version can produce the same SPIRIT, atmosphere and feeling to the audience as the orignal version. To watch the Cantonese version, why not on a Sunday morning discount session?

Jack Black, the Kung Fu Panda

Fans Review

Kung Fu Panda Red Carpet

Kung Fu Panda the Game

However, the movie could be longer… I feel it’s a pity. Because the characters are so well-designed, their characteristics could be expanded in the context instead of just having a team fight and going home when the shifu was in trouble.

Well, when will you watch it?

Warwick Avenue by Duffy

Is there anybody who knows where Warwick Avenue is? 🙂


Hurray! My husband’s comic book- GORDO is published today! Check it out!

Here is the Monkey’s blog! (Is it a French monkey or an American one? or Spanish? No mas! :-P)

Beverly Hills Chihuahua!
June 25, 2008, 6:16 pm
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Can’t wait to watch Kung Fu Panda? Here comes another one—-> CHIHUAHUA!

What moral message do you think Walt Disney is trying to send out from Chihuahua this time? :-O

Crazy by Nelly Furtado/ Gnarls Barkley

Stress makes you crazy? I’ve got the same feeling recently.

I like Nelly Furtado even though the original version of this song is by Gnarls Barkley. Let’s compare and comment!

The official video can’t be posted. Check this out:

The Nelly Furtado acoustic version:

Postcapitalism Kidnapping
June 17, 2008, 6:43 pm
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Just came across this great art gallery holding this FREE art exhibition. It captures how our modern life makes everybody work hard to go after famous brands. Postcapitalism=> Shopping/Kidnapping?

We should check it out after the stressful examination and learn more art/culture for ourselves. I’ll go with my husband there one day too! See you there! (maybe we can catch up for a cup of coffee together in one of the cafe in Central too! :-P)

Official sites:



Notes for your composition exam tomorrow
June 16, 2008, 11:45 am
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For S2 students,

Revise ALL the composition types we’ve done in this term. Make sure you are clear and show the correct format!

Study the 20 different sentence making patterns and try to apply in your composition tomorrow.

Question tag is always nice and easy to use. USE IT!!

Don’t forget all the phrasal verbs you’ve recited. It’s your time to show off what you’ve got!!! (Choose and recite some of them. Write them on your question paper as soon as you’ve got it. Then try to use some as you write.)


For S1 students,

Pay attention to the tense you chose for your whole passage.

Past Event = Past Tense!

Story = Past tense!

Your dream? ===> Past tense too!!! (:-P)

You’ve done the the 20 different sentence making patterns too. Try to apply in your composition tomorrow.

CONJUNCTIONS!! It’s the time for you to use what you’ve learnt for so many lessons. Remember making a lot of sentences out of them (because, because of, although, even though, despite, despite the fact that, in spite of, in spite of the fact that…)

How about the prepositional phrases? It’s time to show off!!!!

( To my surprise, fed up with, excited about, instead of, indifferent to, get rid of …

Choose and recite some of them. Write them on your question paper as soon as you’ve got it. Then try to use some as you write ) 


For both S1 & S2,


Review your English notebook for more vocabulary! You’ve learnt and copied so many new words during lessons every day. It’s time for you to make use of them.


Try to spend some time to gather all the vocabulary to make your own vocabulary list on a big piece of paper or in a Word file.


Divide your vocabulary list into different topic groups, like news, fashion, environment, sports …

Then indicate the form of the word, like noun, verb, adjective, adverb…  


Learning so much vocabulary is the preparation for your English writing. Make use of all the every single bit of your effort put in earlier on your notebook to your exam!


Good luck!


Contact me if you’ve got any problem.