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4. If I were _____ for a day, I would ……
May 30, 2008, 4:30 pm
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Our students always have fascinating ideas. Let’s check it out!

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Good morning everyone. Has everyone every dreamt to be a special person or had an execllent job to do when you group up? If you have one day to realize you dream, then what will you do ?

Today I will talk about if I were something or someone for a day, what would I do? I want to be the chief executive of Hong Kong because this job is very interesting and challenging and I think it is very powerful too. If I have one day, I would have a acitivity to visit the people that live in Tin Shui Wai in the morning because they are very poor. Then I would a meeting to solve the problem that our society have and also cover in the 2008 Olympic game. I would set some constitutions that help the unemployed people, old people and teenagers. For unempolyed people, I will set more jobs in the government department to them to do. For old people, I will give them more money. For teenagers, I will give them more holidays. Of cause it is impossible. Do you think that I am very silly? I know being the chief executive, it is not a job or game. We must have a heart on our society, be confident, active, and have a clear brain to manage the special things. There is a serious earthquake in Sichuan. It cause many people died. Be a chief executive of Hong Kong, we must give a helping hand to them and keep the contract with China government to know the news.

Is the job of chief executive very easy to do? In fact, other jobs are not easy to do either. If you want to have an excellent job to do when you grow up, then you must work hard now!

Comment by Amy

Good morning everyone!
Have you ever read The series of Harry Potter or watched its movie? If you were a wizard one day, what will you do?

What can a wizard do? Flying in the sky with a broomstick? Say some magic words with the ward? Be invisibility?

Now I am a wizard, I am going to tell you my planning today! Or I can change the world!

I am a wizard but I’m still a student. So I decide the show up in 2C classroom immediately so that I can become the fastest one and also sleep more 15 minutes! I think if I take out my ward and use magic in school will make a great mess, so i just use magic secretly, like making the books lighter to carry to locker…etc.
But when I leave school, it’s almost the half of day. So I would like the use my time-turner and go back in time. I will make myself invisibility and ride on a broomstick and fly around the world. Flying must be amazing and wonderful!
But I will go to Sichuan and use magic to help the people there. Just after that then I go flying to fly around the world!

My last time to use my time-turner is to change the world. Now OUR earth is full of pollution, disaster…and rubbish. I am going to make an error to all electricity and cars, airplanes…etc. stops all damage in the world, and action of human. I think if these things stop for one day will make a great change in the world!

In fact, we all can perform this magic by the three magic words: reduce, recycle and reuse!
Remember, we are all magical!

Comment by Secret

Good morning! Ms Betty and my dear classmates.
Before I start my speech, I would want to ask you all a question. Start using your imagination now. If you are a superman for a day, what will you do? Will you fight with the monsters? Or may be singing the theme songs of the cartoon?
Today, I’m going to talk about ‘If I were a superman for a day, I would…’. I think you all know what superman is. They have special strengths and power than others, such as being larger and larger, flying in the sky, fighting with the monsters, and so on. If I were a superman, I thought I would fight with monsters, the monsters which is polluting our earth. I would save the earth. For example, saving the people from difficulties, stopping any wars from happening, so that everyone would become friendly and kind. Don’t you think,if we are just a superman for ONE DAY, just for one day, is it enough for saving our earth?
Let me give an example first. Do you remember the earthquake in Sichuan last Monday?The powerful earthquake toppled the buildings and schools, and killed more than 20,000 people. Many children became homeless and they lost their parents. If I were the superman in a day, I would fly to the Sichuan and save the all people. Maybe I can save some of the people from the collapsed buildings. I don’t have enough power to save the people who are injured or killed in this natural disaster. If I just have ONE DAY, how could I cover the whole Sichuan in ONE DAY? Although I didn’t enough power, I would also try my best to save people.
Let me suggest another situation. We are facing a serious problem in the world — Global Warming. Nowadays, people generate electricity by burning fuels. People don’t try to save energy so the earth becomes sick. Even though I’m a superman, it is difficult to fight with the ‘air pollution monster’! How can I win over the monster? Eat them all? Send them to the space? On the other hand, air pollution cannot be solved in a day. Therefore, I may be not winning the air pollution monster.
As the result, we all know that depending on one superman is difficult and hard to save our world. And after all, it’s all my imagination.
My conclusion is that, even superman is so powerful and strong, he doesn’t have enough power to change the world in A DAY either, because the power of one person is cannot never enough to change the world.
So, superman need your help now. Two hands is better than one. Finally, the power of the whole world will generate the most powerful force. The only strong power in the world is love and care, from you all.
Can you help the superman?
Thank you!!!

Comment by bryan

Good morning everyone! First of all, I want to ask you some questions. What do you think when you see a bird? Freedom? Exciting? Or interesting? And what will you do when you were a bird for a day? Flying all the time? Or having a special experience to have insects for lunch? Today, I am going to share with you my idea “If I were a bird for a day, I would…”

In my opinion, birds are free to fly in the sky and they can find many interesting things which happen in human lives because they can see everything from the sky to the ground, even into the sea.

If I were a bird for a day, although I can’t fly through the earth for a cycle, I can fly slowly to enjoy having a pair of wings, and drop by wherever I want, to find out interesting things from people. Maybe people are having lunch, maybe people are having fun, and maybe people are doing nothing. But whatever they are doing, they cannot be as free as me.

In the afternoon, I feel hungry and I need to find food to eat. Since I am not a human now, I can’t go to any fast food shops or restaurants. So, I’ll try to find food by myself and look around everywhere to find some insects to eat. I think the taste must be terrible and disgusting but I don’t have other choices because I am not a human. So, I can only have a special lunch of eating insects.

After the horrible lunch, I would fly to my school; I’ll fly to 2D classroom and stop outside the classroom. I would see the teachers are teaching students with their heart, I see they have prepared everything for the students. I feel different of my teachers between being a student at school and being a bird now. In my memories, teachers are just giving us homework and quizzes, but I never care about why they need to do these kinds of works and they just what us to memorize the things we have learnt.

In conclusion, I think humans are very fortune because we have delicious food to eat, good education to learn and best friends to gather with. Although we are not as free as birds, we still can have much fun in our daily lives. So, I hope all of you will enjoy being a human. At last, I want to use a poem to end my speech. It is ‘Enjoy
life’ by Jerry Abrahamson,

Some people around today
Don’t seem to really
Enjoy life to the fullest
In our everyday life.

Let’s enjoy our life now! Thank you.

Comment by Melody

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