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Areas to pay attention to when you write your last Letter to the Editor
May 26, 2008, 6:56 pm
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1. Letter format: Block format please! That means start writing everything from the leftmost.

2. Dear Sir/Madam

3. pay attention to the environmental problems/issues

4. set/impose the law => pass the law => implement the law

5. make the public know it is important  =>raise the awareness of the general public to live green 

6. live green = be eco-friendly , environmental friendly

7. Everyone is responsible to save the environment in Hong Kong. (Everyone and Everybody = singular)

8. living place => (write) residential area

9. take great effort to improve our living standard;

exert great effort to improve our living standard;

put great effort on improving our living standard

10. breathe dirty air  (write)=> inhale the polluted air

11. USE QUESTION TAG if applicable

12. USE PHRASAL VERBS if applicable, like put into action, carry out the policy, stand by (idle) and so on

13. Don’t write etc or ……. Write and so on/ and the like.

14. Use vocabulary like dramatically, collective responsibility if applicable

15. PROOFREAD before you hand in to gain more marks for language

16. … Government’s proposed law to ban on idling engines

17. Although it is difficult to monitor, but we still need to implement the law.

18. bad gases (change it to) => harmful gases

19. Drivers should be considerate to the pedestrians in the street.

20. Instead of the word ‘make‘, you can write:

Idling engines generate harmful gases to the pedestrians in the street.

Abuse of plastic bags produces a huge sum of domestic wastes.

21. The air pollution is serious. It is getting severe. The high air pollution index shows how severe the problem is.

22. let people to  get the plastic bags

23. ‘every day’ in 2 words when it serves as an adverb

24. let customers to buy plastic bags

let customers consume plastic bags

25. Use gerund to start a sentence like: Educating the general public is important.

26. Rewrite the proposed law to make people separate their waste so that it can be recycled is useful =>

It is useful to propose a law to make people separate their waste which can be recycled.

27. Rewrite waste time => time-consuming

It is time-consuming to separate our domestic wastes.

28. important vs importance

It is important to bring up children with environmental awareness.

We can’t overlook the importance of keeping our environment green.

29. Your name should be :

e.g. Miss Cheung, Mei Ling Daisy

(Check your HKID to see where the comma is if you have a doubt.)


31. Yours faithfully,


NOTE all the above!!!! Good luck for your test tomorrow!

 Submit you composition corrections to



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