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John Titor

Has anyone here read this book?? I’m really curious about this book… Any ideas?

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I haven’t read this book, but I know who is John Titor. His prediction is so scary..:(

Comment by Karina:)

What about his predictions? No more Olympic games?

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

He said that that will be World War III, 30,000,000 people will die!

Comment by Karina:)

i’ve read the predictions of him. But i think there are many unreliable mistakes. how can disclose the secret mission of the U.S.Department of Defense? And why he just went to 2000 and announced the news about president in 2004?
if there are someone living in 2036, why the people in the further future do not come here?
i think the “story” is not true.

Comment by John Titor

=.=,please tell me you name.
Don’t use some stupid name

Comment by John Titor 2

I think it is stupid and not logically to turst on this man. The reason is simple- if he came to this world and left his first step on the world at that time, he will change the scenes forever, when he was seen by any people who know him, then he will be famous and all the newspapers, cover should have his stories and his photos. Why he had a website only?
The most important is he said the Beijing Olympic Games could not successfully start, but now it has already finish? Actually he is lying? I think we should think logically, don’t faked with other people. Seeing is believing!

Comment by Johnny

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