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Connie Talbot – Over the rainbow
May 18, 2008, 10:11 pm
Filed under: S.1A 2007-08, S.2CD 2007-08, Students' Sharing Space (SSS)

shared from Jason, 2C; but I prefer this one:

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i think connie talbot is really gifted
although her vocal is raw and unpolished, she has won millions of people’s heart, because of her sweet and childish=]

Comment by da!sy

‘Over The Rainbow’.
When I am in primary school,we have an activity called’English Drama’.
In my six years primary school life,I really think,English Drama is the best drama club.We have a good teacher who listen us carefully,we have the best actors,we have the best story.
One day,we have a story about the small girl went to a magic land,she met tin-man,grassmen,tigeer(I don’t really remember the correct name.) and many many people.
Finally,the song is Over The Rainbow,this is a meanful song for me,I hope everyone will like this song too!

Comment by sara lee1D21

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