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7. When I’m 64 …

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Good morning, every one! Have you seen the elderly before? If not, I think it is terrible! If your forehead is full of lines, what will you do? For me, I will think it is time for me to relax!Maybe you will think it is ugly and want to remove it, but I think it is a kind of symbol for being an elderly. For us, a 13 or 14 students do not know what 64 years old person is thinking about. But when I am 64, I will try my best to do thing that I have not tried before. Although this thinking may be a bit crazy, it is a chance to enjoy our lives. As we know, people in Hong Kong are very busy and do not have much time for enjoying lives. When I am 64, I must have my retirement before and have my fun this year, because I may die accidentally. If I did not retire, my partners may be worried about me, I will not do things that influence the others. When I am 64, people may think I am old and cannot do things that are excited or travel to places that are far away. But! I think a people who is 64 is not equal to he is disable for everything. If saying a person who is disable is totally unfair to them. When I am 64, I must tell the whole world that old does not mean rubbish!
There are many people still think old people are not used in the city. Lastly, I just want to say, don’t look down on the elderly. When I am 64, I will still need love, I will still be strong, I will still go on with my life! Thank you!

Comment by Mon:)

First of all, I want to ask you a question. Do you think that you are young? Yes, you are. However, you will get old. Have you thought about when you are 64? Today I am going to talk about the topic of ‘When I’m 64’. Now, can you imagine how you look like when you are 64? Remind the same as now? No! But never mind how you look like. At this moment, I tell you what I think when I’m 64.
When I’m 64, I think that I will lose my hair. Also I will become shorter and all the skin will be like a gofer. All my teeth will not be as good as now and cannot eat some very stiff food. At that moment, I will feel very tragic because I won’t be able to eat lots of food, such as candy. Therefore now I protect my teeth.
Second, I will think about what I will do. If I’m 64, I will not stay at home all the day because it is quite boring. I don’t like it. I would like to travel the world. Suppose I will have saved lots of money when I am young. I want to know more about other countries, such as their history, features, buildings and so on. After traveling around the world, I will keep studying. Why? Now knowledge and technology are updating every day. I don’t want to be outdated.
Then, I would like to be a basketball coach. In fact, I want to be a basketball player. But when I’m 64, I think that I don’t have any power and the figures to be a basketball player. Therefore, I would like to be a basketball coach to teach some skills to someone who loves basketball.
I think basketball will never be off in my mind because basketball is my favorite sport. I will never give up basketball.
After that, suppose I have children and grandchildren. I think I will look after them when I am free. I think that’s not too hard because it’s just like an entertainment. When I see them smile, I will be very happy. I think lots of you will do the same when you are 64. Am I right?
Finally, have you heard a song call when I’m 64 before? It sang by The Beatles. The lyric of the song is like that “When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now; Just like what I have mentioned.
I think the rest of the song is talking about love.
It talks about when you are 64, will your lover leave you and what she/he will do with you.
Are you afraid that you will be alone and unhappy when you are 64? What is your plan when you are 64? Why don’t you start thinking about it while listening to the song? Thank you.

Comment by kit@2c

Good morning teacher and schoolmates. Have you ever thought that when you get older losing your hair many years from now? Will you be still counting on your parents or friends? Is there any changes of your life after 50 years later?
In my brain, there are many questions about my future. How about you?
I think most of the people also have their own dreams, but usually some of them are just thinking and thinking only. How can we imagine our lifes? Therefore, I will catch up all my time to do the best now. So that I can have, a comfortable live after 50 years later. All right, today, my topic is when I am 64.

First if I also can still live in this world when I am 64, I am a very lucky person. Because in these few years ago, there are many natural disasters, such as the Szechwan earthquake which killed more than sixty thousand people. They lost their family, property and all most their life. It teaches me to love and take care the people who are around me. Therefore, when I am 64, I will not just stay at home watch television. I want to be a volunteer to help other people as much as I can, for example the elderly, the disabled and the like. They need our help and it also make my life more meaningful.

Besides, I imagine our world will change my appearance a lot too. The transports, places, electricians what would they be like? Will no more four seasons ,spring ,summer, autumn ,winter in our world? What can the people do at that time? However, I just hope that our love and friendship will not be change, because I think love is the most important thing in my life. It cannot be bought, cannot sold, it is a priceless treasure! Although I was 64, I will still go out with my friends and family, instead of being a workacholic. Keep our love forever, no one will get lonely!

When I am 64, I hope that I can still a healthy person, still have a warm family, an amazing life, and a peace of world. Finally, I want to use a few words from song to be my conclusion. Will you still feed me? Will you still need me? When I am 64? I hope that everyone can to care for each other even though they are old.

Comment by kik0:D

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