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Reminders for S2 students
May 12, 2008, 8:00 am
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How’s your long weekend so far?

Just to remind you that you will have 3 book reports to hand in on May 21. (Proper S2 book reports, not how you used to write but the type you learnt last time)

You will have a very busy week full of dictation and grammar quizzes after Monday. You will have a Letter to the Editor to write (due on May 21)  as well as your Formal Speech for your speaking exam handing in on April 16 Friday.

Therefore, spend your remaining weekend wisely and start working on your book reports. I hope you can spare some time to finish your book reports instead of asking me to tell you when and where you can finish your book reports after school on the due date. (This is why your class is not doing the letter to the editor like the other classes this weekend.)

Stay Cool!

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