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1. Saving our world is a collective responsibility


This is not for you to talk about how to save our world and live green!!!!

Focus –> collective responsibility –> everyone’s duty, why?


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Group Leader:Vincy

Our group has discussed that collective responsibility is everyone’s duty because we are all living in this world!The damages of the environment is made by us!So we should do something possible to save the world.We can start from now,all of us try to reduce the energy,use less plastic bag and so on.Then,it will spread to the other places in Hong Kong,and spread to the other countries little by little.If we just do nothing that means you are going to kill the world!We must get together and save the world by doing the things that we can do.On the other hand,the government can plant more trees in our city,glorify our city!If we don’t care about the world then who cares?No one can help to save the world,only us!So, remember saving the world is a collective responsibility!

Comment by Yvonne:)

Group Leader:Persephone

Our group has disscussed that everyone who are living on the earth. Can’t you hear? The topic is ‘OUR WORLD’. It us not enough to save our world by one person only. Everyone need to cooperate because we are now on the earth!! As you know, team work is the best power. Let eveeryone join in our ‘team’, and saving ‘OUR WORLD’ from now on!

Comment by B0W!E:)

leader: catffany
scribe: daisy
presenter: denis
discussant: janice

After our discuss, we think that stating serious problems happen nowadays, like global warming and ice melting in the poles, can be more persuasive to emphasis the theme. Moreover, we can also extend problems from Hong Kong, or even to the whole world!

Comment by da!sy

We have participate on destory the Earth. We need to save our world because everyone live on eath, If just oe or two people live gree. There are no improvement of saving the world. If we get cooperation together. Then there will be an obvious changes on our world.

Comment by phoebe

We have participate on destory the Earth. We need to save our world because everyone live on earth, If just one or two people live green. There are no improvement of saving the world. If we get cooperation together. Then there will be an obvious changes on our world.

Comment by phoebe

Group leader: Coco Chung
Scibe: Grammy Chong
Presenter: Jerry Man
Discussant: Natalie Lam

Topic: Saving our world is a collective responsibility

Our world is in trouble, we should take serious about it. Saving our world is everyone’s responsibility because everyone is a part of the world.
We suggested everyone should take action to save our world. For example, we can use our own bag instead of using plastic bags, use both sides of paper helps a lot too! A little help of everyone makes great differences!

Comment by Grammy

Today, we are going to talk about ‘Saving our world is a collective resporsibility.’

Nowaday ,our world is polluted by many pollution.It’s worst and worst! Everybody need to protect it, save it. We can’t do it individaly, we should save it together!
Not only find out the issues and the problem, we need to do is a action!
We can ask the government to pass the lord, saving the energy, 3R etc.
Why should we need to do it? Because we are living in this world! We have responsibility to protect it.
Start the action today !: )

Comment by christy :)

Group leader: bryan
Scibe: Christy
Presenter: arthur
Discussant: karina

Comment by christy :)

Group Leader:Stella

Today,our group has disscussed that saving our world is a collective responsibility.It is because earth is our home and all of us need to live there.I think our school may lead us the plant some trees.This activity can let the studengts know about that saving our world is a collective responsibility.

Comment by KATRINA 2D(1) :]

Group Leader:Secret

Today our group has disscuessed that saving our world is everybody responbility but what should we do and why it is our responsibility. We live in this world but we don’t protect it and keep on hurt it. The earth is everybody so when we see our earth is need our help, then we should help and protect it. As everyone, we can use recycling bins to separate the rubbish and reuse the things that can be use again. As students, we can use less papers and use both side of paper. As adults, we can go to work by public transports such as bus or minibus. As housewife or lady, we can use our bag when we are going shopping or buying things and less use plastic bags. The government should propagate more environmental problem to enhance the eco-awareness of the people.

Comment by Amy

scribe: Marco
presenter: Wesley
discussant: Bonnie

After our discussion,we all agree that save our world is a collective responsibility. Since the world is belongs to human since we live here. Our world just like our home. We keep our home clean and we always tidy up our home. How about our world? We live in our world so everyone have responsibility to save our world! We have participated in destroy the world. We should something. Action is more important than just speak or suggestion. We can start from our school first! Certainly, we should this action such a habit for all the time. Our world is sick!

Comment by Marco fish~2D

Leader: Janna
scribe: AdriAn
presenter: Jenny
discussant: yu

today our group has discuss that saving our world is everybody responbility, because we all live in this world, so we need to protect this world together. the way to protect our world is to saving our environment, we should use less energy, like switch off the light when we don’t need it, use electric fan instead of using air-conditioner. also we should saperate our rubbish and put it into different recycling bin, so that it can reduce the greenhouse gases produce from burning rubbish. save our world is a collective responsibility, we should do it together!!

Comment by AdriAn

Group Leader:Harry

Today we have discuss that saving our world is a collective responsibility.And we think that all of us have responsibility to save the world. Because we all live in the world also we have produce some of the bad thing for example some polltant which is harmful to the world. Therefore we need to do something to save our world to cahge our habit and make our world become better. For example, indiviually we can turn off the ight. In a group of people we can plant tree together. So all the thing is also related to us so we need to do the best to save the world because it is our responsibility.

Comment by Jason

Leader: alex
scribe: shirley
presenter: raphael
discussant: cathy

hi! everyone. today we are going to talk about the topic”saving our world is a collective responsibility”

ok, let’s start will a little activity.if there are sitted a boy beside u, try to tough his hair, are there any hair gel? if yes , that’s mean his is not help saving our world.

we all live in a same world, but it will be damaged one day, so we need to protect it to live in a beautiful world.

firstly, we should use less energy, in order to burn less coal.then, we should also teach our parents swith off the idling engine.i think the government should ecucate the student about this.

let’s work together and live in a beautiful world.

thank you!

Comment by alex


Today we are discuss about saving the world.In the world,there are a lot of pollution.Like:Noise,air,food,goods,etc.
How to save it?For:
Noise:Don’t shout loudly.Always keep in 60dB.
Air:Don’t make many carbon dioxide.Plant the trees.
Food:Eat all the food.Think how much you can eat before having dinner,lunch and breakfast.
Goods:A lot of plastic bag or lunch box.We use our boxes and bag to take what we need to take.

Comment by Marco

Group Leader:Candy

Today our group has disscuess that saving our world is everybody responbility becaues we all living on the world and the environment was our property,so we need to protect it from today.
We living in this world and we don’t protect it,also to discredit it,the nature will disappear more quickly,and it may harm for our life as well.
The earth is everybody so we need to protect it.As everyone, we can recycling the rubbish by the right way and reuse the things that can be use again.
For the students, we can use both side of the paper and reduce it.
For the adults, we can go to work by using public transport such as bus.
For the housewife,we can bring your own bag when we are going shopping or buying things without using plastic bag.
The government should advertisement more environmental problem and the influence to increase the eco-awareness of the people,so that we can protect our world.

Comment by karen

Group Leader: Fiona

Today we have discussed on the topic called “Saving our world”
To save the world , we can do it by two ways.
Firstly , all the nations have to be united .
Then it will be more easiler to save our world.
The first way is not more wars.It is because large amount of carbon dioxide will be produced during the explosions produce by the bombs.So the
speed of global warming which is geting more serious with a very scary speed will be slow down a little bit.
The second way is that the government can set up
laws to control the amount of electrity every town people can use every day.Also don’t use coal to produce electrity.
We are the people who are living in the earth.So protecting the earth is a must,also it’s our responsibity.

Comment by LEo

Group Leader: Channy
Scribe: Joel
Presenter: Karen
Discussant: Alvin

After our group discussion, we’d like to explain how strong the power can pull everyone together to protect our environment.
Saving our world is not easy. Climate change is a global crisis that many people are facing. Its results are ecological, as well as economic and political in that the problem is also linked to challenges such as poverty, economic development, and the increase of world population.
Many people blame it on global warming. There are a lot of solutions of saving the world, I am sure you have them in your mind. Facing the results of global warming, which is of concern to us all, individual action is necessary. Everyone can, at every moment of his or her daily life, contribute to facing the problem, through our daily behavior. We have to limit our consumption of water and energy, choose environment-friendly products, and use renewable energy as much as we can.
To increase the collective power, we can spread this news to our neighborhood, friends and families. If everyone don’t care about the environment, then the Earth will be gone.

Comment by Joel

Leader: Keith
Scribe: Angel
Presenter: Geoffrey
Discussant: Tebby

Today, we have discussed about “Saving our world is a collective responsibility”.
Nowadays, people have their business and their own works. Recently, scientists find that our earth is getting worse, he is sick! He feels hot and gets the global warming, because the carbon dioxide becomes more and more. Moreover, the acid rain appears. But what is the reason of these phenomenon?
It is because the Third World countries always use coals for electricity and cooking. The content of the coals is sulphur. When they burn coals, sulphur mixes with oxygen and becomes sulphur dioxide. More sulphur dioxide, more acid rain appear.

So, how can we save these problems?
The followings are the methods to solve the problem:
-4R: recycle, reuse, reduce and replace
-use your own bags when you go shopping, so less plastic bags are used
-use public transports when we go out
-students do not always buy the take-away food, so less polystyrene boxes are used

There are many different ways to save our world, let us try our best to save our own world!

Comment by Angel

Group Leader:Danny
Today,our group have discussed why it is collective resposibility to save our world.That is what we know everyone’s duty.Since the environment of the earth worsens continuously and many pollutions are appeared,and we all have participated in polluting the earth,so we have the responsibility to save our world and protect it.

Comment by Maggie:'>


Today,we have discussed about“Saving our world is a collective responsibility”.
We live in a same earth,same planet so we need to save the environment together and keep our world beautiful.
To save our world.It have some different method.Frist, we can use bag to replace pictic bag when shopping.Next,we can recycle the pictic luchboxes in school.Also,the goverent can spend more money on the adv. to tell the people to environmental friendy.
If all of us save our world,there will be less polution.Also,we can get a beautiful earth for us to live .=)

Comment by Shirley

Group Leader:Moon
Today we are discuss about saving the world.
Nowaday, many people have use many plastic. This is to the environment. We must protect the environment.
If we save energy by ten people. It is no improve to the ennvironment so, we must everyone to protect the environment. One power is not enough. If you together do it. The environment
will be good.

Comment by Andrew

Group leader:Jing
Today we are going to discuss about saving our world is a collective responsibility.
Have you ever thought that when the earth is die , who can save us?The answer is no one , the god also. Nowadays , you look around at Central or Causeway Bay , the buildings all around us .Hong Kong is developing very fast , so , the people forget to protect the earth , our home .Not only is Hong Kong , there are many develpoed or developing country also not pat attention on the earth , lead the global warming more serious . But there is a good example of protecting our earth , it is Japan . The government rlued the people need to plant plants in the top of each buildings , up to now , it really can readuce the temperature in Japan ,it is a very successful example ! A few people can’t to protect the earth , we need to hand in hand , to save uor home. There are many methods can save our home , such as recycling paper , use towel instead of using tissue , etc.
I hope that our earth can get well soon because of uor effort!

Comment by Ella

Good morning to the teacher and my fellow classmates. Today, I am going to give a speech on the topic, “Saving our world is a collective responsibility”. Now, I am not going to talk about some very advanced knowledge nor any complicated theories. Also, I am not going to talk about what data or survey, like how the air is being polluted in the past few years, or how many trees had been cut down. I am not going to talk about all these, saving our world, let’s start from the basic, which is also our environment.

Now, I would like to ask you to look around first. What did you see? Classmates. That’s true. Where are you now? Classroom. School. Earth. You’re right, but I want to tell you where you and I actually are. We are actually in a big prison! Prison?? You’re shocked, right? We’re not in any normal prison, we’re in the prison of concrete buildings.

Look around, buildings here, buildings there, buildings everywhere, seems like buildings have already been a part of our life. But, the problem is, do you like to be surrounded by buildings? I guess not. But you may ask, what can I do? Even if I did do something to help save the world, it wouldn’t help a lot. Or you may say, if I don’t do, someone else will do it, I am not the only human being in this world!

Of course, you’re not the only one, maybe you are just in that 0.000000001% of the whole population in this world. But imagine, if everyone did help to save the world, how many 0.000000001% it has? Every single one counts, don’t try to quit. You are living in the world and you share the responsibility for saving our world. You want our earth to be green. You want to make the air become fresh. You want fewer cars in the street. Go and do it, take action. Even if you think it is just a minor action, it counts. You can’t change the world alone, everybody should help. Your future living environments, your choice now, take action and save the world.

This is the end of my speech, thank you.

Comment by Fiona

Saving our world is a collective responsibility
Hello everybody! I am very pleasure that I can have a opportunity here to share with you all my opinion on today’s topic, Saving our world is a collective responsibility. Where do you live? Do you live in Ho Man Tin? Do you live in To Kwa Wan? Nonetheless, you all are living in the world. Have you ever paid much attention to the place where you live? Have you ever discovered that the environment of our world is getting worse and worse?
General pollutions are air pollution, land pollution, water pollution etc.
Pollutant gases produced by vehicles and burning of fossil fuels in factories and power plants will causes air pollution, which affects human respiratory systems. Moreover, the chances of occurrences of acid rains will greatly be increased.
Sometimes, you and I also cause pollutions. Have you ever bought take-away food? Have you ever thrown anything into drains or seas? If you pay more attention on our daily life, you would discover that we had used many non-reusable things. In fact, we can use some reusable materials to replace them. For example, polystyrene lunch boxes can be replaced by bowls from our homes.
Actually, who has the responsibility to save the world? Is Government or Environmental Protection Department? Everyone has the responsibility to save the world because saving our world is a collective responsibility.
We have to take best care of our world and help our world escape from dangers. We have the ability to pollute our world, why don’t we save our world with power and spirit?
Best wishes to all of you, thank you!

Comment by Jing

Good morning, teachers and fellow classmates. Do you notice that the world’s climate has been changed for the past years? Do you find that the global pollution problem become more and more serious nowadays?

According to the scientists’ research, the global temperature has risen year by year. This causes most of the ice in the polar region melted and lead to a rise in sea levels gradually. Horribly, many lower farmlands and coastal cities have been drowned. Moreover, numbers of lovely polar bears and other creatures lived in the polar region have died and become extinct due to the result of polar ice melting. Besides, irregular climate changes may also lead to the occurring of more flooding, typhoons, and infectious diseases too. All of these phenomena alert us that we should stop to damage the earth. In order to stop and solve these ill problems, we should bear responsibility to save the world immediately.

The relationship of abnormal climate changes and the pollution is closely related. We need to pay serious attention, especially to the air pollution problem. As you know, many respiratory diseases, such as asthma and bronchitis are directly and indirectly caused by the polluted air. If we want to breathe fresh air, we want to have a clear and bright sky, as well as a healthy earth. Please bear your responsibility to save our world and save yourselves.

The earth is our home; everyone should have the responsibility to love it and to keep it well. We should put all our efforts to protect it from harm. Remember to save the world is a collective work. From this moment, we should set an example by personally taking part in the work. Don’t create waste but recycle waste, save energy and reduce the emissions of poisonous gases. We should try our best to let everybody understand that it is highly important to preserve our environment. Please let us hand to hand to improve and to save the world. Don’t let the world go worse. Thank you.

Comment by CCK

Title: (1) Saving our world is a collective responsibility

Good morning everyone. Today I am going to talk about saving our world. Let me ask you a question first. What do you think about our world? Is it just the environment only? I think the environment is important but apart from it human is a big part in the world. So we also need to know more about it to save the world. Therefore I am going to talk about how we can save the world from the environment and human.

Let’s talk about the environment first. The number of waste in Hong Kong is one thousands million tones last year. The waste is produced by us but we didn’t save our environment but still keep polluting it. The pollution will bring up some serious problems, for example, the global warming. Do you think it is our duty to save the world? At the same time the pollution will cause the valuable animals to loss their homes which can’t find a suitable place for them to live anymore. Some of you might ask me why the animals are important. I will tell you that animal could help the environment to keep healthy but if animals are getting extinct, how our world can be saved? And how can our next generation and valuable animals live?

Next there are a lot of things happening every day and all the things are about human. Have we cared about it? The children and women in the third world are homeless or in famine. Have we helped them? Don’t forget that they’re also a part of our world! But some greedy and selfish people just earn their profit and don’t care for the world. People who needed help need our care.

As we have learned the poem “Survival”, it has told about what human have done to the world and environment. As we want to survive in the world, let’s start to do some basic things first. For example care about the news around the world such as Sichuan earthquake and we can try to find some ways to help the people in need. For the environment, we can consume less energy and plant more trees. These are all easy things which can help to save the world. So starting from now, let’s save the world together because it is our collective responsibilities!

This is the end of my speech. Thank you.

Comment by Jason

Good morning everyone, today i will talk about saving our world is a collective responsibility.
World, our world, it is destroying by us!
Before, our world is a beautiful place. In the space, the most lively, heavenly bodies. It is beautiful, interesting. But now, there are pollution contains by people.
First, there is air pollution. Hong Kong has been facing two air pollution issues. One is local street-level pollution. The other is the regional smog problem. Vehicles are the main source of street-level pollution. Smog, however, is caused by a combination of pollutants from motor vehicles, industry and power plants both in Hong Kong.
Second, there is water pollution. The local water pollution source comes from human, the industry and the poultry feed farm, the authority right now carries out many plan reduction level of contamination.
Third, Noise pollution, usually called environmental noise in technical venues, is displeasing human or machine created sound that disrupts the environment. The dominant form of noise pollution is from transportation sources, principally motor vehicles.
Noise, water, and air pollution is destroying the health of the world.
There are animal world, plant world and insect world.
Before the animal, plant and insect worlds are healthy, happy. On the other hand, the animals are going to become extinct. Just like some tigers, lions and panda. The environment is destroying. Why? It is because the human pollution.
World let people live, people let the world die! It is unfair! I think we should do something to help and redeem the world.
What can we do?
There are four main courses.
The first is recycle, just like using the recycling bins.
Next is reuse, the plastic bag can reuse.
Then is reduce, use less the things that cannot recycle.
Last is replace, the bottle can replace the vase.
Saving our world is a collective responsibility, hope that we all living in a healthy world forever.

Comment by moon

i thought that this is a very good work to stop pollution and global warming .this is the work of all citizen to stop global warming.i appreciate this.thanks

Comment by omaima masood

Although pollution has been occurring throughout the earth’s history, the rate by which the human species have contributed to the amount of pollution that has entered our environment over the past several hundred years far exceeds the earth’s inherent ability to heal itself.

Along with pollution, the mass deforestation of the world’s old growth forests has also posed a growing problem to the health of our environment. The clearance of forests without sufficient reforestation has gradually wore down nature’s natural defense against air pollution, desertification, and soil nutrient loss to the point that we are now facing a future world without trees, which would ultimately mean a world without people.
The global issue of the Environment encompasses many diverse matters of interest some of which will be discussed throughout these Global Issues pages, which include: Animal Rights, Climate Change, Natural Disasters, Sustainable Development, Biodiversity, and Green Spaces.
Water is fundamental to life. We are made of water; we consume water; we depend on water. Crops grow because of water and oil is extracted with the help of water. Computers, cars, paper, pots, cosmetics and more are manufactured using water. There is no way to escape the fact that we are utterly, and ultimately, dependent on this resource.
For generations, we have been able to find clean, abundant sources of freshwater. With growing populations and increased agricultural and industrial demands,
As citizens, we must work to ensure that everyone, everywhere, has access to clean, safe water. It is in our best interest to know what is in our water and how we can ensure that it is safe to drink and use.

Comment by omaima masood

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