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Weather and mood Unseen Dictation Revision
May 5, 2008, 11:27 am
Filed under: S.2CD 2007-08, School Annoucement

1.          sunny       

2.          cloudy, not much sunlight (‘sun-light)         

3.          rainy, drizzling, raining cats and dogs (rain or shine, e.g. Don’t worry! We’ll be there – rain or shine.)

4.          breezy, windy, stormy, blow the umbrella inside out

5.          snowy, frosty

6.          stormy, a storm with thunder and lightning, typhoon

7.          foggy

8.          hot, sweltering, unpleasant or horrible weather, sweating

9.          chilly, cold, freezing, trembling

10.      warm  

11.      bored, tired

12.      happy, delighted, excited

13.      annoyed, irritated, in a bad mood, grumpy (easily annoyed, bad-tempered), grouchy (bad-tempered, esp. when one is tired), angry

14.      depressed, unhappy, upset, sad

15.      embarrassed, blush (v)

16.      worried

17.      surprised/ shocked/ frightened

18.      puzzled, confused

19.      sleepy, drowsy

20.      snobbish





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