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Sports Commercials
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I am surprise how creative the commercials makers are. They made the commercials that are attactive, this can make us(people who watch television)interested at their product, and we are enjoyed to see the unrestrained ideas. I think the sport commercials’ slogan taught us some philosophies like ‘impossible is nothing’. It taught us we can do anything when you really work hardly with your full attention.

Comment by Johnny

i have watched the first sommmercials which talk about football.There are many football star eg.raul,henry,gerrand…
I love this commericals not only there are many football stars,it tells us that ‘nothing is impossible ‘ by using humour method.But the advertisment isn’t bordcast now,i have only watched it for only serval times!

Comment by Choi Chi Hin

Sport is good for our health.And the video use sport is quiet funny.And I love sport and maybe I am sporty.

Comment by Angela 2A(10)

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