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ERS Group Discussion Tips

Group Discussion Tips

Make sure that you have the following format when you submit your script:

e.g. ERS Group of Anita, Nelly, Lily and Icy

Anita: Today we’re going to discuss the book called ‘A weekend in Paris’. Let’s discuss our first impression towards this book first. What do you think?

Nelly: The Eiffel Tower on the cover is very eye-catching. I imagine that the story is going to be very romantic in Paris.

Lily: I think so too!! I can’t wait to read about how the weekend in Paris is. Are there really cafes everywhere you go in Paris as the cover is illustrated.

Icy: The choice of letter color on the book cover is just blue, white and red, as same as the color of the French national flag. Have you noticed?

Nelly: …..

Anita: ….

Icy: ….

Make sure that

1. your script lasts for 5 minutes and it doesn’t have to be in an absolute order of who is going to speak next.

 2. you use your real name for your homework this time so that we can check who has done their work.

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ERS Group of Michelle, Catffany, Phoebe and Natalie

Michelle: Today, we are going to discuss about the book called ” The Christmas Carol” First, does anyone know about Charles Dickens?

Catffany: Yes, I know. He is the author of The Christmas Carol. And he also has written lots of famous great stories.

Natalie: Yes. Such as Pickwick Papers, Oliver Twist , Nicholas Nickleby and The Old Curiosity Shop.

Phoebe: And The Christmas Carol is a fable.

Michelle: Well, Let us discuss about the first impression of the book first. What is your opinion, Phoebe?

Phoebe: When I look at the book, I think the ending of this story must be happy-ending. It gives me a feeling like that.

Natalie: Yes, I agree with you. The text and the background color use light color. It is very warm and happy.

Catffany: The cover picture has a lot of people inside. I think this story may be related to lots of people.

Michelle: Maybe the story is about the man who was at the centre of the story book.

Phoebe: I like the illustration of this book, the people are very realistic.

Catffany: Yes, I think so.

Michelle: What do you think about the book, Natalie?

Natalie: The story is about Christmas. I think it is the old man has some special experience at Christmas.

Catffany: The experience may change the thinking of the old man toward Christmas.\

Michelle: Or the old man is a bad person but at last he became a good man.

Phoebe: Perhaps the story may have a special meaning want to give out. It must be related to Christmas.

Natalie: Yes. The story is telling about Scrooge, the main character who does not like Christmas. But some ghosts visit him. They show him his past life, now life and future. They change the attitude of Scrooge toward Christmas.

Catffany: The story was very special. What is your favorite character of this book, Michelle?

Michelle: I like Scrooge most. He is the main character in this book. I think he is a good man. He does not like Christmas just because his eyes were closed by money.

Phoebe: Yes. He became a person who just cares about money because he was hurt by others when he was young.

Catffany: I think Scrooge was very poor. Although he has lots of money, he did not feel happy. Then why he still needs so much money?

Natalie: But my favorite characters were the three ghosts. It is because they were very funny and give the back way of Scrooge. They give a chance Scrooge to become a good man.

Phoebe: Yes. The three ghosts were very interesting.

Michelle: Well. Let’s talk about the meaning or the massage the writer want to give out from the book.

Catffany: I think this story may want to tell us we need to care about our family and friends more.

Michelle: When we talking about Christmas, many people may think up Christmas trees, the dinner, present or the firework. But do they understand the real meaning of Christmas?

Natalie: Many people think that money was the most important thing of our life. But the writer wants to through this story to send a message to us. That is money is not the most important thing.

Phoebe: Yes, I think so. Christmas is a happy holidays. We can share our happy to our family and friends to make them happy to enjoy the holiday.

Catffany: And I think the happy of holiday it can be have many religions. No matter you trust which god, you can still enjoy the western or eastern festival.

Michelle: Everybody have the change to get happy in the festival. No matter you are which country people, you can feel happy in these festivals.

Phoebe: I think the writer write this story very good. No matter when you read this book, you still can feel the trust meaning of Christmas.

Natalie: Hong Kong people should think about are they very care about money? Do they have enough time stay with their family? I think everyone should read this book, to help them find the meaning of Christmas.

Catffany; I think family is more important than money. I will spend more time with my family.

Michelle: Yes. I will care and love to my friends and family.

Michelle: That’s all for our discussion today. Thank you everybody.

Comment by Michelle

ERS Group of
Kwok Yin Kwan,Yvonne
Hon Ni,Erica
Ho Chun wang,Joel
Leung Tze Fung,Rephael

Raphael:Today we are going to talk about the book called “Our teacher is missing” ,the author is Mary Srancif Shura.Let us discuss the first impression and the expectation of this book first!

Yvonne:OK,the colour of this book is very eye-catching,colourful and also attractive,right?

Joel:Yes,I agree with Yvonne,the title has already caught my attention!How come a teacher is missing in the class?

Erica:Yes,also there are two students sitting in the classroom who is a boy and a girl,I think maybe they will save their teacher finally.

Joel:I agree!They may be the main character,don’t you think so?

Rephael:You’re right!I imagine that the teacher disappeared when she/he was correcting the exam paper because there are a lot of exam papers on the desk!

Yvonne:Oh,It sounds great but why the students didn’t know such as this big problem?Is there some magic things happen?

Erica:I think so!This book is really entertaining!I expect that the teacher will be save and investigate the truth!

Joel:In fact,this story is talking about the process of how the students save and find out the teacher!That little girl is called Eliza,the teacher who is missing is her favourite teacher!

Rephael:That means there will be a lot of exciting events inside,won’t it?

Yvonne:Yes of course!This book included some colourful pictures,clear context,wonderful content and so on.

Erica:Also,the personality of different characters is very stand out!It must be a point for attracting people to read it!

Yvonne:After i read this book,i’ve got a lot of ideas such as the firmly believe and patience.I learn a lot from this story book!Then what is your comments?

Rephael:After I read this book,it let me understand something is that we should never give up!It really effect me a lot!

Joel:Yes,that’s right!Eliza and her classmates never give up and finally save the teacher,it shows this spirit is very important whenever you do anything!

Erica:I also have this feeling because when i was reading the half of this book I wanted to stop since I thought I can do the book report,I thought the content that I knew is enough!But lastly I still finish reading the whole book because of “never give up”!

Yvonne:Oh yes!The theme of this book is let us to understand this spirit!We need to reflect ourself.Are there anything that we’ve missed and backed down before?

Rephal:It let me introsepect myself,I always give up easily before but now,I will never let it happen again!

Joel:Yes,we must try our best and never never give up til the end!More efforts we paid more gains we got back!

Erica:Is there anything that is not very well in the book?

Yvonne:I think the plot is too far away from the real world,somethings that is impossible to happen.

Joel:Yes,that’s true.But I savored the well creative ideas from the author!That is amazing!

Rephael:Yes,now is the time to let us sum up our discussion!

Yvonne:The content is great,attractive,greatabundant.

Erica:The theme of this book is very healthy.

Joel:The characters in the book is profound.

Rephael:So,this book is really good and we want to recommend it to all of you!You can borrow it from our school lilbrary.Hope you all can enjoy reading this book!That is the end of our discussion,thank you 🙂

Comment by Yvonne:)

Jenna: Today we’re going to discuss the
Book called ‘The Turn of the Screw’. Let’s discuss our first impression towards this book first. What do you think?
Angel: I think this book the picture is horrible and terrible.
Karen: I agree to angel.
Amy: The type of this book I think is ghost
story. Do you agree?
Jenna: I agree to you.
Karen: How about the cover? What you think?
Angel: umum…I think it is colorful.
Amy: I don’t think so, it just use yellow
and brown.
Karen: I agree to Amy. This cover was so
dark and colorless.
Angel: Also I think the girl on the cover
was so lonely.
Karen:Right!I think no one like her, because
in the picture was no one stands with her.
Jenna: How about the author?
Amy: I think the author is not famous,
because I haven’t heard it before.
Angel:Yes,I also haven’t heard it before.
Karen: What you feel about the contents?
Jenna: I think it is so horror to me, and I
was scared of it.
Amy: I agree with Jenna, when the first time
read it, I saw the picture I was very
Angel: what you have any comment of this book?
Jenna:Yes,I think it may more colorful.
Karen: I think it must have a happy ending at the end.
Amy: I agree to Karen, this book’s ending was so sad.
Jenna: But…what you want to change?
Angel: I think the boy at the end will not die is a good ending of this book.
Karen: Totality agree what you say!
Amy: If the ending gone be this is good!
Jenna: I agree as well.
Angel: This the end of our discusstion,thank you!

Comment by karenbut

Group member: CCK (6), Jason (16), Ella (27), Natalie (28)

Ella: Today we’re going to discuss the book called ‘The Olympics’. Jason, what do you think and feel about when you first time look at the book and the book name od=f this book?

Jason: This book the cover page is cover with Olympics flame and it gives me a feeling of the world is full peace. Also the flame is never goes out and I think that, this is represent the sportsman never gives up in the competition. Therefore I think that it will bring up some important message from it.

Ella: At the same time when you look in the book it is full of colour and the picture is brighter. Therefore I can look more details of the picture and know more of it. And I believe all of us will have more interest about it.

CCK: Yes, also this book is a biography book it is about the history of Olympics, the skill to play different kind of sport and the break record of the entire event. So that do you all agree that it is a biography book?

Natalie: I think all of us will agree that so let me introduce the content of the book. This book has totally divided into four main parts. The first part is about the history. Why there are Olympics and the games in the past it has also talk about. In the second part it has talk about different kind of skill of different sport. For example, in this page it has talk about the type of swimming.

Ella: In the third part it is about the record in the past and all of the record is really horrible.

CCK: And in the last part, the most important part is about “Never Give Up”. All of the sportsmen have put a lot of effect on their job and they are very hard. Also when they are break down they will never give up and try it again to do their best. Therefore I think that this thing we all need to learn from them.

Jason: Oh I see. In Olympics there is lot of thing that we can learn, so we also need to give more effect to do anything. In this year is Beijing Olympics what expectation do you have? I hope that the Olympics can go on smoothly and be safety.

Natalie: I hope that in Beijing Olympics China can get the most metal and the sportsmen can break many records as they have.

CCK: I hope that it can be hold on peacefully because Olympics is represent peaceful that just the flame is represent and Jason has talk about and.

Ella: I wish that China can really hold on a Green Beijing Olympics because I think that we all should care on the pollutant problem.

Natalie: So, this book is really good and we want to recommend it to all of you! And also learn the sprit sportsman. Hope you all can enjoy reading this book!

CCK: That all for our group discussion. Thank you.

Comment by Jason

ERS group of
But Ngai Ting
Lau Nga Sze

Comment by karenbut

ERS Group of
Hui Po Yu, Bowie
Yeung Sze Kei, Vincy
Ting Tiffany
Ng Chan Chau, Channy

Ting Tiffany: Today, we are going to discuss about the book called’ My Work’
Ng Chan Chan: Everyone has his own work. I know teachers’ work is to teach knowledge to students.

Hui Po Yu: Students’ work is to obey the rules at school and hand in the homework on time.

Yeung Sze Kei: My parents work are to earn the money and provide us a suitable environment for studying.

Ng Chan Chan: And we can know that the main character in this story is a football player.

Hui Po Yu: This is true story written by T.L.W.

Yeung Sze Kei: The colour of this cover page is colourful. It can represent the innocent life in shool.

Ting Tiffany: My first impression is that they are having a very violent football competition. I feel very nervous with them!

Hui Po Yu: When I saw this picture, it remains me that when I was small, I have had a football competition with my kindergarten friends, it was really funny and exciting!

Ng Chan Chan: Oh, this sounds great! I expect that I can have a football match with you!

Ting Tiffany: This story is talking about a boy called Leslie. He is a justness prefect and no one like him because he always tell the wrong things did by his classmates to his class teacher.

Ng Chan Chan: In fact, he is so poor.

Yeung Sze Kei: Yes, that’s true. But one day, his has got a great change of his life! A football teacher found him and he became the football team leader of his school!

Hui Po Yu: Actually, he is really a lucky guy.

Ting Tiffany: Yes, I agree with you. But he is a team leader doesn’t mean that he is a good leader. He faces many problems that he has never through before…

Yeung Sze Kei: Mm… so, what’s the problems faced by him?

Ng Chan Chan: In fact, his football skill isn’t very good at all, so his team members don’t want to listen to him.

Hui Po Yu: But they’ve got a valuable friendship, haven’t they?

Ng Chan Chan: Yes, you are right.

Yeung Sze Kei: They become more and more united and practice day by day and finally they’ve got the champion of the school football competition.

Ting Tiffany: So, what’s your feeling or reflection in this story?

Hui Po Yu: I think the main character Leslie is really a brave boy. ‘ Never give up and ever heat up’, I think this is the story wants to tell us.

Ng Chan Chan: Yes, that’s true, and another point is that we need to build up the confidence between our group members, that’s an important point in winning a group competition.

Yeung Sze Kei: Yes, because we’re not in alone, we’re in a team, and team work is the best power!!!

Ting Tiffany: This is the end of our group discussion, hope that you can understand the real message in this book , enjoy and have fun in reading!

Comment by B0W!E:)

ERS Group of Sum, Monn, Kiko and Serena

Sum : Today we’re going to discuss the book called ‘A christmas Carol’. Let’s discuss our first impression towards this book first. What do you think?

Moon : The cover of this book is very special.There is an old grandpa in a big house. The funiture is ancient. He is sitting on a dirty chair. He is very lonely.

Kiko : I agree.It is very horrible. There is a ghost. His body is colourless. His eye is miserable. He is just like dancing,with a lot of chain on his body.

Serena : From the cover, I think the story is about these two man and from the title, I think this story is happened in the Christmas.

Sum : The main character is Ebenezer Scrooge. He is a greedy ,old and rich man.
He is cold blood. He hate Christmas and do not like happy things.

Moon : This is a fairy tale. At a christmas day, three spirit came to Ebenezer Scrooge’s house. The past spirit brought him to the past and back to his brith place. He saw his sister loved hime very much.

Kiko: Also, he saw how he loved money more than his wife. This broken their marriage. Besides, the present spirit brought to see how poor people celebrate the Christmas.

Serena: The future spirit brought him to the future. He saw that he died lonely and no people care about him. These things melt his cold heart. He became very kind.

Sum: The cover design should be change. It is the original cover of this book is too horrible.

Moon: I think the ending of this story is quite good. The ending is very touching.

Comment by kik0:D

ERS group of Bryan,Arthur,Harry and Andrew
[Sorry about that, we haven’t read the book yet,
but We will read the book within this week,Sorry!]

Arthur: Today, we’re going to discuss the book called ‘A time to kill’.
Harry: Before we talk about the content of the book, what do you feel about the cover?
Bryan: Let me talk bout my feeling first. The colour is dark. I think it is scary and mysterious. There are 3 characters in the cover, their eyesight is very horrible. The middle one looks like the killer!
Arthur: Oh, I think so, the cover attract me to read the book.
Harry: Any other ideas about the cover? For example, the tittle, expectation, etc?
Andrew: The title is red in colour, just like blood. For the title ‘A time to kill’ , I think it may about kidnapping.
Bryan: Oh, It seems like exciting!
Arthur: For the type of the book, I think it is adverture story. Do you agree ?
Bryan: No, because the woman and the man with glasses look like to investigate the hints to solve the case.
Harry: Yes, I agree your point.
Arthur: What do you think of the expectation?
Andrew: I think it should be a happy ending, the child can be save.
Harry: Do you know about the contest?
Andrew: Let me talk about the content of the story.(beginning + climax ,also the own idea)
Arthur: Can you tell me the ending? It is exciting!
Bryan: The ending is that. ( ending , also the own idea )
Arthur: After we read the book, I think (feeling) , any other comments?
Bryan: own comment
Harry: own comment
Andrew: own comment , Oh, would you recommend to others?
Harry: Yes, it is because the idea of the book is exciting, and we can learn many new words in it. How about you, Arthur?
Arthur: No, I will no recommend to childred to read. The story is quite long and it’s difficult for children.
Bryan: Seems we all knows more the book! This is the end of our discussion, Thank you! ^^
(Oh… So tired -.-)

Comment by bryan

ERS group.
Daisy (5)

D: Today, we are going to discuss about the book called ‘The gunshot grand Prix’.

S: Once I saw this book. I was attacked by the dark book cover. It is a man who is on a racing car. He was on the racing track with a high speed. What do you think, Liska?

L: The audience were watching him and support him. The cover was not a picture but is a photo. How about you, Janice?

J: It is unique to a story book. And I got interested by the book title:The Gunshot Grand Prix. This title brought me an impression of adventure story of a gunshot. What is the story about,Daisy?

D: I think that this book is about a car race. May be some lawless organization is going to distroy the race and get some goods in it. The story may start by some cars race. Any other ideas?

S: The driver of the car ‘TIGER’ play many tricks while the races. He have many skills to help him to win the race. What is your idea, Liska?

L: This shows that he is experienced, skillful, knowledge, educated, smart, intelligent, clever. What do you think .Janice?

J: He is well understood with his car’s pros and cons. He makes use of the good points and cover the weakness and get the fastest record. What is your feeling about this book, Daisy?

D: That’s right. And it is exciting and nervous. The main character may have some life crisis. I expect this book is full of excitement scene. Sherman, what do you think?

S: When I read this book, I was absorbed by the breathtaking shooting scenes! The gun holder want to have free of their teammates. How about you, Liska?

L: I think they were not so evil than I was think. The just want their teammates back. Do you agree?

J: Yes, I agree with you. The friendship between is great and valuable. But their way to find solution may be is too force and danger. Daisy, what do you think?

D: After I read this book. It is quiet readable and entertaining. The scene was exciting and full of spaces to let readers to think what is going to be held next.

S: He participated in the race with heart. So he gets good results. Also that is happening in our lives. He paid great effort on it, so he gets great result. What do you think , Liska?

L If L am the author, I may want to bring out a theme that is ‘force can’t solve problem’. May
be a theme can make the story more valuable.

Comment by Janice

Marco -Today, we are going to talk about the book called”Mr. Bean”

Alex -it is written by Andrew Clifford and Robin Driscoll

Danny- Andrew Clifford is very famous and written many different crews

Wesley -Robin Driscoll is also and other famous writer, he also acted in many different films

Alex -Hey!Do you know that the book is published by Penguin Readers?

Marco -It is a very famous publisher which published many story books for different age of children and student. I have read many books that published by it.

Danny -The cover of this book is in a dull way but very funny and really attract readers!

Wesley -The background of the cover is in white and Mr. Bean is standing

Alex -Ya, it let Mr. Bean become more out-standing!

Marco -On the cover, Mr. Bean is smiling, seems to attract us to ready the story book!

Danny – The character, Mr. Bean, played by Rowan Atkinson, is a slow-witted, sometimes childishly selfish who brings connivances to everyday tasks.

Alex – He lives alone in his small flat in Highbury, North London, and is almost always seen in his trademark tweed jacket and skinny red tie.

Marco -The brown jacket and the red tie was really printed in my heart!

Wesley – Is Mr.Bean a good person in the stories?

Alex – When faced with life’s problems, he’ll always be sure to come up with something inventive to assist him.

Marco – It also armed with his teddy and famous green car

Danny -Mr. Bean needed to find a job in this story.

Alex -he should only sit into a room and look after the painting.

Marco -But he can’t do what he want, he often fall asleep!

Wesley-there came a difficult job to him!

Alex –Then a painting of a famous France artist was sent to the gallery and he needed to look after it

Danny -but Mr. Bean felt interest about it

Alex- But he destroy the painting!

Wesley- How is the ending of the story?

Marco-aA last, he restore the painting by his “poor hand drawing”

Alex -the artist love his drawing style and everybody forgot about it.

Wesley- It sounds a funny story!

Danny -Ya! I can’t stop laughing when I reading it

Alex I really hope that I can finish my work as a child’s way as Mr. Bean!

Marco -I think we can’t .we should finish our work seriously

Alex -But there is one thing that we can learn from Mr. Bean—– is to think positive!

Marco-yes, I agree. If we always think positive, we can live in a colorful way.

Wesley – I must read this book!

Danny – It is really a book that all people should read it!

Comment by alex

ERS group

alex (2)
macro (40)
danny (26)
wesley (13)

Comment by alex

The discussion report just posted by Alex missed the list of group members.
I add it now.
Alex Cheung(2)
Danny Se (26)
Wesley Hung(13)
Marco Yu (40)

Comment by Marco Fish~2D

ERS group:
Jenny (22)=j
Li yuen ting (24)=l
Candy (20)=c

j: Today our group are going to discuss about this book that called The Boy Who Was Afraid.The author is Stephen colbown.
this book is an adventure story.The cover is not colourful.Drawing is ugly.I think the two dim green objects sre marble statues.

c:All the plant are green in colour.
l: but also a bit dim in colour……
j.:the sun is very little & the sky is purple red.
j:I think the title is very sharp.’cause the background colour is very dark and dim .it makes a large differnce.
l:this book is about a boy who called Mafatu.he is the son of the chief of a small island in Polynesia.He will be the chief of this island afterwards.
But he is afraid of the sea. Can he be the good chief of the island ?
j:The ending said he overcomes his fear , of course!!~
j.:And the pictures inside also tell us that he fight with the shark and find food himself !!!~
l:He is with a dog in his adventure… …
j:we can know many kinds of animals and food in this true story
l:it’s ’cause in this book there is a note that introduce many animals that we can’t see in city.
j.:he overcomes his fear . that’s brave.don’t you agree , Jenny?

Comment by Jenifa

ERS group of Connie, Karina, Christy and Viyoko.

Connie: Today, we are going to discuss a book called ‘the sound of Music.’
Karina: Let’s talk about the feeling of the cover!
Christy: I think the woman gave us a comfortable and close feeling. She looks so holy and pure. Her arms “stressing” out and her body form a cross.
Viyoko: I think so too!!! Moreover, the colors are painted in pale green white in the mountains and sky. Simply but unique style of nature and made me feel that she’s such majesty person.
Karina: yes, as all of you mentioned, I can’t wait to read this book. Also I think all of you have watched the movie of it before. IT’S SO FANTASTIC!! 
Christy: I hope that its story could give me more detailed information of it and give me the best ending.
Connie: Right. So as all of you have said your opinion towards the cover. I’m sure that all of you must be so interested on this book, right?
Karina: Yes! As I said, the movie is fantastic!
Connie: This book is a type of biography because…
Viyoko: No! This is a real story because biography is a book that the author is talking about herself.
Christy: I agree with Viyoko since the author is not the main character … you may know this from reading its back cover for its main idea of story (summary)
Connie: The action takes place in the town of Australia.
Karina: In fact they were so poor since they don’t have the love which a normal family should have and they don’t have freedom.
Christy: I agree with you.
Viyoko: Actually I think they are poor since love is greater than money… and all the other things…although they had money they lack love.
Connie: And so, When the Maria goes there, the whole trap has a great change. I think the major reason is that they realize what love is.
Christy: Yeah. Now we finished the content part, so let’s share our feeling towards this book.
Karina: I think this book is very attractive. The content of this book is interesting and meaningful but won’t let us feel bored.
Viyoko: I think this book is so true to life and educatable.
Christy: After reading this book I think its cover fits its content because the woman is kind.
Connie: That’s the end of our discussion.

Comment by Karina;)

ERS Group:geoffrey,adrian,kit,alex

kit:today we are going to discuss [the woman who disappeared]. How do you think about the cover.

geoffrey:The cover is dark. A private detective called Sammel lan sit on his chair in his room.

adrian:Are there any other characters in the background?

alex:yes,a woman is knocking the door of Sammel.

adrian:is she the woman who disappeared?

geoffrey:i agree with you. I expect it will cover about how she disappear or how clever is the detective.

kit:you are wrong! The woman who was knocking the door was finding her sister.

geoffrey:i think Sammel Lan can’t help her.


geoffrey:As you see, the detective was very free and putting his foot on his table, maybe he didn’t get any case.

adrian:may be the prize of Sammel fee was too high.

Alex:Or he is poor at searching information.

Adrian: Let’s us discuss about the content of this book. Why the woman need to look up her sister.

Kit: She said that her sister was disappear with no reason.

Alex: Sammel find her sister everywhere, such as apartment, office, night club.

Geoffrey: He broke into the apartment . But he was beat by two criminals, Jo and a tall men.

Kit: Why did they hit him? For money?

Adrian: may be the apartment was the hidden place for them!

kit:you are wrong! The woman who was knocking the door was finding her sister.

geoffrey:i think Sammel Lan can’t help her.


geoffrey:As you see, the detective was very free and putting his foot on his table, maybe he didn’t get any case.

adrian:may be the prize of Sammel fee was too high.

Comment by geoffrey

ERS Group of
Ho Ka Wai

Mary:Today we are going to discuss about the book called “You Shouldn’t Have To Say Good-bye”First of all, let’s come across the cover page.
Ho:The illustration have been coloured warm colour.That make me link to family.Do you have any idea?
Karen:I saw there is a photo in this drawing, there are two ladies. Ithink one of them is mother and the other one is daughter.
Katrina:Oh!Yes!I saw the photo too. Maybe the book is talk about the love between mother and daughter.
Mary:I see…but can you all see the daughter is looking through the window sadly?
Karen:Arh,she look like very unhappy and fastruted.
Katrina:Is there anything happened at her monther?
Ho: Let’s find the problem out from the book.
Karen:I found out something but I’m not sure it is correct or not.
Mary:Let’s share with us what you discovered please.
Karen:One day while Sarah back from school, she find that her mother is sick and staying in the bedroom…
Ho:Wait a moment please, that’s nothing. We all will stay in bed while being sick.
Katrina:Hey!Have a look, here said that hermother don’t like staying in the bedroom, even she feel sick.
Mary:That’s the point.I found one more key point here.Her mother has got one kind of cancer.
Karen:Oh I see.Then how Sarah feel after she know it?
Mary:She didn’t know it through the whole story.Her parent haven’t told her about that.
Katrina:Her mother get into the hospital for the treatment.
Mary:From that time,Sarah have to take over her mother’s housework because her father have to go working everyday.
Ho:They go to the hospital look for Sarah’s mother nearly everyday.
Karen:And keeping like this until the Chrismas.
Ho:Why is Christmas?
Katrina:Because Sarah’s mother know that not so many days left.
Mary:She want to celebrate the Christmas with her family especially Sarah.
Karen:Few days before ther christmas, Sarah’s parents want to exchange the Chrismas presents with Sarah,but Sarah don’t want exchange on that day.
Ho:Sarah want to exchange the presents on the Chrismas day,right?
Mary:Sarah’s mother want to see Sarah get the present and open it in front of her.
Katrina:But Sarah ran to her room immediatly and crying in her room.
Ho:She don’t know that this is the last time she talk with her mother.
Mary:Her Dad come and told her her mother is died already.
Karen:Then that’s the ending of this story.It’s a sad ending.
Ho:I feel very sad and even cry out while reading this few pages.How do you feel ??
Mary:I have the same feeling with you, but sarah is the saddest one.
Katrina:Yes,she is only a secondary student and her mother passed away while she is as young as us.
Karen:I think Sarsh will be stronger after this accident.We should be like her too.
All:We all recommend teenagers to enjoy this book.
Mary:That’s the end of our group discusion,Thank you very much!!=]

Comment by Mary

ERS group of Tebby, Mon, Kathy & Yu.
Tebby: Today we’re going to discuss the book called” “.
Yu,how is the cover look ?What is your imagination when you look at the cover?

Yu: The book cover shows……….
The colour is…….
The background….?
How do you feel with the cover,Mon?

Mon:It ‘s …..It make me feel’s………….When I saw the …in the cover,I think the story is about….
How about you ,Kathy?what is your expectation to the book?

Kathy: I thing is talk about…
The author is …..He has wrote few story.They’re “ “,” “,” “ & “ “.
Tebby: I see,the author has writen different types of books so what type of book is it?Iis it a…….story?
Mon: You must be joking!It is a …….story.
Yu: You’re right.It is talk about………..
Kathy: Yes,and………
Tebby: True and another thing is……..
Yu:Really ,how is the ending?
Mon:” The ending”
Kathy:Perhaps you could change the ending,how would you rewrite?
Tebby: What I mean is……what is your comment?
Yu: “comment”
Kathy:”what is the story link to our lives?”
Tebby:This is the end of our discuss ,thanks.

Comment by Tebby

ERS group of Leo , Keith , Ted & Marco

Marco:Today , we are going to discuss about the book called “A scandal In Bohemia”.
Firstly , how do you think about the cover?

Keith: On the cover there is a man , the background is the sea and there are some rocks

Leo:It’s colourful!Also the man is holding a pipe.I think he may be the main characterof this book.

Keith:He seems like thinking about something, I think he is a detective.

Marco:Yes,he is Sherlock Holmes.

Ted:Sherlock Holmes is a detective.So the type of this book is detective story,isn’t it?

Marco:Of couse it is.

Leo:I expected that it is about the scandals of kings.




Leo:Let’s discuss on the content.
The characters in this story are the king of bohemia,Sherlock Holmes,Irene Adler,Godfrey Norton and a priest.

Marco:The king of Bohemia was going to marry the princess of Scandinavia.

Leo:Five years ago,the king of bohemia fell in love and wrote certain letters to a lady called Irene Adler.

Keith:Also she kept a photograph that they were both inside.

Marco:The king of bohemia was afraid of her.


Leo:The king thought that she was still in love with the king
so she wanted the king to marry her so that she might try to stop the marriage.

Ted:How can she do that?

Marco:The king of Scandinavia was afraid of any scandal.
If she send the photograph to him,so he may stop the marriage.

Ted:And the king found Sherlock Holmes to help to solve the problem?

Keith:Yes,Sherlock Holmes tried to went into her house and steal the photograph.

Ted:Did he succesed?

Leo:No.Adler noticed that and moved to France with her husband,Godfrey immediately.

Marco:But Adler left a letter to promise that she will not send the photograph to the king of Scandinvia.
Also she left a photograph of her.Then the story ends.

Keith:If you have read other books about sherlock holmes,
you will discover that Irene Adler is the only person who has ever beaten Sherlock holmes

Leo:haha!My expectation is correct!It is very exciting that how Sherlock Holmes get into her house.
How about you?




Leo:This is the end of our group discussion,thank you.

Comment by leo

ERS book discussing group:
Fiona, Jessica, Selina, Secret

Fiona: Today, we’re going to talk about the book called,” The Great Disaster”.

Jessica: What do you think about the cover of this book?

Secret: I think the cover is quite terrible, because it shows a explosion of the ship.

Selina: I agree, I feel a little bit afraid after looking at the cover, there are lots of black smoke coming out from the ship.

Fiona: I also agree, I think the cover is quite frightening, I can’t imagine what will happen if I were in that ship.

Jessica: How about the colours in the cover?

Selina: I think it is quite colouful and I think that this picture is quite real.

Secret: I think so too, I think the picture is quite real.And we can really imagine of the title ‘”Great Disaster” after looking at the cover.

Fiona: What do you think about the content of the book?

Secret: I think the book is very interesting, because there are lots of different real stories in this book.

Fiona: Which one impress you most?

Jessica: I think it would be the sinking of the Titanic.

Secret: I think so too, I think the Titanic must be the most impessed one.

Selina: Yes, the sinking of the Titanic is really impressive, because it was quite a big accident happened in the past.

Secret: Have you ever watch the movie of the Titanic?

Fiona: Secret, we are now talking about this book!!

Secret: Oh yes, I am sorry.

Fiona: It’s ok!

Jessica: We are going to continue about the sinking of the Titanic.

Fiona: The invenor of the Titanic was once said that the Titanic would never sink. But, it is actually not like that.

Selina: Yes, I think through this incident, we can learn about the we shouldn’t be too sure about something.

Secret: I do agree, sometimes we cannot be too full in ourselves.

Fiona: What are your comments on this book?

Jessica: I think that this book is very interesting and it can teaches us a lot.

Secret: I think this book is good, because there are enough examples to show the title:”Great Disaster”

Fiona: I think that the cover can show the title, the true stories inside are very detailed.I think it is really a nice book.

Selins: I like this book very much, and I will surely recommand this book to all of my friends and classmates, and I hope they will love it!

Fiona: This is the end of our disscussion, thank you!

Comment by Fiona


A: Today, we are going to discuss the book called “P.S. I love you”.

D: On the cover page, we can see that there is a lady wear a big red dress.

B: The whole book cover is red in colour, so I think the story must be full of love.

C: My first impression of the book cover is romantic and happy.

D: When I first look at the book title, I expect that the book is a romantic story about a happy couple, but after reading the introduction of the book, I was surprised.

B: Yes, the book cover and title are totally different from the book content.

C: I was impressed by the man (Gerry) Loved the woman so much and planned her life after his dead.

A: Gerry is not selfish, he planned holly to be took care by another man, but not letting holly alone in the world. He had thought about the future of holly, but not just thinking how ill is he.

B: Yes, I agree, but also I think that the mother of the woman(Holly) is so cooperated, she promised to send the letters one by one to Holly, I appreciated her cooperation with Gerry, her cooperate makes a good life of Holly.

D: What is the content of the letter?

C: Each letter contains a task for Holly to complete, each letter brings Holly to a new life.

A:So,do you like this story?

D:No,I don’t like it because it makes me cry.

B:Although it makes me cry,I love this story very much.It’s so romantic!!

C:Yes,I think so.It’s so romantic and the ending surprised me.

A:Oh,I agree.I love the ending and Gerry is great.

B:I must recommend it to my friends as it is a wonderful story!

Comment by coco

ERS Group of
Wong yuen ying, Maggie (38)
Li Chau Yin, Shirley (19)
Tsang hon ting, Stella (32)
To Ho Yi, Cathy (31)

Cathy: Today we’re going to discuss the book called ‘I’m Too Fond Of My Fur!”. First, what means by “fond”?

Maggie: Yes, I know it. It is just have the meaning similar to like or love.

Cathy: Okay, I understand now. Then, let’s look at the cover page. What can you see, Stella?

Stella: There is a mouse being caught by a big hand!

Shirley: The mouse was a famous cartoon characters which is called Geronimo Stilton. The author was famous because of this book.

Maggie: Yes,the books that this author wrote has been changed into many kinds of languages too! He was really famous!

Cathy: Then look at the cover page again, I can see the mouse was in a place which full of snow. And the big hand may be is the hand of a monster.

Stella: That’s ture. And let me talk about the main character – Geronimo Stilton. He run a newspaper but his ture passion is writing tales of adventure.

Shirley: He lived in New Mouse city, the capital of Mouse island.

Cathy: So, what is the story about?

Maggie: It’s about once a time Geronimo’s old friend Professor von Volt called Geronimo to ask for help.
He agreed and it meant trekking halfway around the world to Mouse Everest!

Stella: The trip was long and dangerous because he was kidnapped by a yeti!

Shirley: Oh, I think the yeti is the monster on the cover page.

Cathy: I argee with that. At least he and his friend came back to the New Mouse City in safety.

Stella: The story was full of fun and excited!

Maggie: Yes. There are many interesting pictures to make the book more fun too!

Shirley: And also the font of the story was originality. For example, the word ‘ very cold’ in the book was in blue and just like ice.

Stella: It’s really creative!

Cathy: Yeah~If we become mouses and have the trip with Geronimo , I think it will be very funny!

Maggie: I think this book is quite easy to read too. I think most students can read it.

Shirley: That’s ture. So I may introduce this book to our classmate. I think they will like this book too!

All: That’s the end of our discussion. Thank you!

Comment by Cathy-)


P:Today, we are goiong to discuss the book called’Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire’.I am sure all of you have read this book before.This is a really fascinating story that impress everyone in the world.
M:I’m agree with you.I am one of the super fanatic of Harry Potter and I have read the whole sevies of Hong Kong already.I agreed that’Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ is the one gained most of people attention.Sorry that I don’t really remember this bool much.Could anyone mention the story to me?
D: Sure,the auythor of this book,J.K.Rowling.Pun lots of effort on this book.First of all,the book cover is designed by a famous British illustrators.Giles Greenfield.This is a really fantastic picture.The sky is brown and dark,just like full of fire,make me feeling this is a big trouble for Harry Potter to fight against the monster.
J:When the story begin,Harry Potter is a 14-year-old student is Hogwalts.At that time Prvfessor Dumbledore announced the Triwizard Tournament.This inclubed three difficult.
P:In the first mission Harry Potter have to retrieve a golden egg from a dragon.And after a hard fighting,Harry Potter fisinhed his first mission.However,the second mission is more difficult and cruel.The second task to get something important to each champion to each champion.
D:I can remember it now,After these two task.Harry Potter went to the maze.Every competitor had to find the Goblet in order to win.Unfortunately the slave of the Lord Vodemort changed the Goblet to the Portkey.After Harry torch the Portkey and then.And then he appear to the graveyard with Vodemort.There two suy started fighting very soon.Finally Harry Potter won the fighting by his parent love.
D:I think you remember the story now.Let’s talk about your own feeling.
Time is up This is the end of our disscussion.Thank you and we should go our seets now.

Comment by Michael

W: Water
A: Ashley
L: Alvin
K: Ken

K: Hey guys! Let’s discuss about the book called “Silver Blaze”.

W: Blaze? What is a blaze? Is it a dog’s or cat’s name?

A: Of course not! Blaze means a white mark on an animal’s face. But in fact, Silver Blaze is really the name of a horse which is a white horse, and he has won many prizes, just as shiny as silver.

L: Then what are you feelings when you looked at the book cover?

K: I read this book just because I thought the two men on the cover are very handsome and cool. The colors of the book cover are black and brown. They made me feel a little bit sad. Let it be… How about yours Ashley?

A: At the first, I thought that it’s boring until I saw a name-Conan Doyle. Because I had heard his name that the stories he writes is very interesting. So “Silver Blaze” is the first book I’ve read that is written by him. Since then, I put a lot of attention onto Doyle’s stories.

W: Well, I just think the two guys are going to have lunch.

L: Oh, I see. Then, what are your first impressions about this book?

K: Mmm…I was very excited about it because I knew it’s written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I like his stories so much!

W: Well, I didn’t be attentive to this book. But after all your feelings about it, I think it sounds like very interesting.

A: Yes, me too! I always like to read the detectives stories, especially those about Sherlock Holmes.

L: These days I want to read more English stories books. “Silver Blaze” is first chance, it’s just because I think the word “blaze” is very mystery.
K: Mmm… Now let me test you guys. What is the story “Silver Blaze” about?

A: Wow. You are quite smart. Actually it is about a horse which had been hidden by a man called Silas Brown…

W: Is it related to horse-racing?

L: I cannot remember the rest, why did it do that?

K: Okay, just let me finish the story first. He hid the horse until after the Wessex Cup just because he wanted Capleon’s horse to win…

W: But why?

A: Because this could help him to earn large amount of money. Did he go to the jail? I can’t remember this.

L: No, he did not. Holmes forgave him and kept this secret. Oh my! He’s really a nice and kind detective.

K: I think so. Then why do you like Sherlock Holmes this character so much? I love him because he’s very smart and cool.

A: I like him because he has an excellent and amazing brain. It is almost impossible to find a more guy just like him.

W: Well it seems that this person is very skillful in detection.

L: If there is a real case in the real world, can we solve it?

K: I think we can’t. We are not skillful enough and we are too small. We should practise our brain and learn more about critical thinking in Liberal Studies.

W: Oh, I see.

A: Oh, the bell is ringing. Let’s go back to the classroom now. Bye.

Comment by KEN

Louie Alvin , Water , Ken , Ashley

A : Today we are going to discuss the book ‘’ . This is a detective story about a guy call Sherlock Holmes. He is a clever and brave detective and he has broken a lot of cases. We are going to talk about one of his cases, ‘’.
W : Oh , who is the author of Sherlock Holmes??
K : It is Conan Doyle. He has written almost a hundred stories about Sherlock Holmes. He was born in Scotland on May 22, 1859 and died in England on July 6, 1930.
L.A.: He started to write a series of stories about Sherlock Holmes in 1887 and the story was named ‘A Study in Scarlet‎.’
W : When I saw the cover of this book, I thought it is quite boring because there is a man and a horse on the cover. But later, when I finished reading the book, I find it is very is very excited and interesting.
K : I love animals a lot, so when I saw a horse on the cover of this book, I immediately borrowed this book in the boxes.
L.A. : I have read several stories about Sherlock Holmes before, and the stories in this book don’t make me disappointed.
W : Which characters do you like most??
A : Of course is Sherlock Holmes. He is clever and brave and broke many cases.
K : He is also attentive person. When he was trying to break a case, he careful found something that are helpful to the case.
L.A. : I prefer Dr. Watson to Sherlock Holmes. Although Dr. Watson isn’t very clever, but he also help Sherlock Holmes a lot and he was also the best friend of Sherlock Holmes. He was a helpful man and he has many knowledge about things, and his knowledge helps Sherlock Holmes a lot.
A: This is the end of our book discussion.

Comment by Alvin

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