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Trapped in the 4 minutes!

Madonna and Justin Timberlake attracted back in the hall of fashion show. Doors were ‘human-locked’ by 2D girls at one side and ‘chubby’ Jason was dashing to block the other door! I will remember this moment forever!! Trapped! ><

(since the official version is a bit too explicit for here, let’s share this one here for now.)


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non stop shout your name,scream and just getting crazy->my throat is not very well now but i still need to go to the mini concert tmr(choir)/_\

Comment by Yvonne:)

you look like a model ….

Comment by Arthur

I prefer Madonna with Manchester United 3stars Rooney,C.Ronaldo and Teves.

Comment by Marco


Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

haha,Tiffany and i were so clever.We knew that you will escape,so we ‘human-locked’ the door>V<

Comment by Persephone

2D girls are so powerful, right?
After you come, you can never get away anymore, unless you listen to our order.Haha~(just for the fashion only!Don’t use this way to revenge~=p)

Comment by Melody

~(just for the fashion show only!Don’t use this/other way to revenge~=p)

Comment by Melody

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